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    Ok.....Go back and read my posts from 2,3 months back. I said repeatedly I expected a warm late spring and poss into June before a deterioration further in to summer. The posts are there somewhere...go find them. I can't be bothered arguing but just as some repeatedly said that a warm nino winter was odds on, I felt the same about summer coming off the back of such a strong nino. It was black and white for me. Just a shame you have to feel the need to ridicule those who happen to want to share their thoughts and take the time to at least try and explain why in even a simple fashion. Personally, (and some people really haven't grasped this), it makes little odds to me whether it's warm, cold, wet or dry. I merely say how I see it, yet some people tend to take offence to any prediction as if it were some personal attack to themselves. To make your argument even more devoid of any credibility, I predicted quite a good summer last year! So I don't always predict the same thing as some people would like to argue. It's not even like I enjoy backslapping...I wouldn't even bring up the fact I called it had it not been for people like you who seem to want to launch a 'but you got it wrong X amount of times' style attack at the mere hint of a forecast which goes against your personal weather preferences. I highly doubt you'd have said a dickie bird had I been calling for a 1976 re-run!
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    Sterling is worthless lol
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    What ever you do don't do that frosty,its small mined people who can't accept a individuals enjoyment of the weather,either it be hot old cold.Banter yep thats fine,but crossing the line to having a go due to someones opinion and enjoyment is out of order. Long may you remain!!
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    Exactly, I have been accused of misleading, hopecasting etc and the criticism hurts because it's my love of the weather that brought me to netweather and it would be a shame if the critical comments make me call it a day :- )
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    Well,i canceled the upload on the thunderstorm vid because i have just watched it and all i saw was a few flashes,oh well,better look next time meanwhile here is a few pics from yesterday to make up for it late morning convection early afternoon,i like this beauty wallcloud approaching,this i liked too late afternoon,Hull storm developing Lincolnshire storm forgot to mention this earlier but i did see another funnel,that's two in one day
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    Following England's defeat to Iceland, the FA have just announced a radical plan to improve performance...next tuesday England will play Aldi, followed by tough fixture with an away trip to Lidl's
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    england have left europe twice in 4 days....a new world record, well done!
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    Again for the 3rd time today can we please only discuss what the the 'Model Outputs' are showing and leave chit chat/bickering and off topic one liners to the pm system, Or if relevent to the Summer thread or posts will have start to go missing. Many Thanks.
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    Very much agree,it's not straw clutching,could be a hint of a change but next 5/7 days will firm it up,the models may be starting to slightly align but early days. But then again it could all prove the opposite as so often,but as like in winter everybody should enjoy the chase of their preference and not be criticised for this!!
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    Not posted in here for a while, as been lurking in the convective threads given the thunderiest June I can remember in my 40 years. But, my goodness, whatever happened to high pressure blocks in high summer that used to bring a week or a few weeks of fine settled weather? OK, I don't expect them every summer, but can't remember the last time we experienced them, recent summers seems to be dominated by cyclonic westerlies. The 00z extended EPS H500 mean showed a trough over the UK throughout to day 15, the current 12z GEFS H500 mean through to day 15 does, so expect the 12z EPS will do too. The weather is certainly reflecting the political mood of the country for now! But with 2 months of summer left and September, if you except the shorter days, plenty of time yet I guess...
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    Well my funnel cloud vid has just finished uploading,sorry about the focus going in and out as i did not set the camera in the right settings,had to record this strait away in case i missed it,here it is....enjoy here is a pic of a CB going up in the early stages of the storm and i didn't realise at first that there was a funnel cloud in there,i imediately zoomed in and took another pic then began filming straight away the thunderstorm footage is still uploading so will be a while and i will probabley have to edit it or i may post the whole ten minutes on here though as i am rubbish at editing lol i will also post some more piccies later for you all to druel on
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    I'm not saying this is correct by any means, just going by it as a guide: The storm risk seems to be on par with what convectiveweather.co.uk think. I still remain very sceptical about anything in the SW (England)
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    seeing as he's soon out of a job, I wonder if David Cameron will put his name forward....very well qualified, good at leading teams in failed attempts at staying in Europe 2016
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    There was lightning detected somewhere in the UK on 12 of the first 14 days of this month and on 21 days of the month to this point. Some of these days saw widespread storms, some saw disruptive storms. That is pretty good going by anyone's standards and has been in my opinion the most active June since I started chasing in 2004. This time 4 years ago we were staring down the barrel of what would go on to become one of the biggest storm days of the last decade
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    Yes I did see it thats what prompted me to take a look. Its interesting for me to see what happens with this forecast and it being a small area, its a learning curve. The deep layer shear is coupled with nearly 30knts of low layer shear. Would be well interested with this setup myself. Can understand the tornado risk. I looked at the surface winds and they were quite strong which prompted me to check the LLS. As always I would be cautious to get too excited but would be looking around with interest
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    No real slivers of light with the ecm and EPS ext and NOAA tonight. The 6-10 sees the UK still in the clutches of the trough so still unsettled with temps depressed. Moving into the ext period no real change although the trough does weaken and the ecm has it more negatively tilted so the HP does become slightly more influential, certainly for the southern half of Britain and if, big if, this trend continues we could see the Azores ridge pushing NE portending some better weather.
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    It does look rather interesting for your neck of the woods William. Seems also to be potential for Ireland and later on in the day for Scotland. Equilibrium level for the southwest isn't as high (20 - 25000ft) but skew-t for Newton Poppleford has around 600j/kg of CAPE build up by 1800 with the current run. Lightning wizard has significant tornado parameters and up to 300 SRH although county of Devon skew-T has 191SRH at 12z down to 40 at 18z but that is still enough I think. It is a small area however and SRH may drop before storms finally get going so not sure how it would transpire if anything does fire there. Lightning wizard insists SRH for right movers will still be 200-300SRH at 18z. We shall have to see. Worth looking to any low cloud bases that you may be able to see for rotation and good luck!
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    I've set up a petition for a 2nd game.
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    No real signs from the GEFS anomalies this evening of any major alteration to the upper air pattern of recent days. Still the low pressure over northern Canada/Greenland with associated trough in the eastern Atlantic. Ergo remaining unsettled with the usual caveat of a NW/SE split and temps probably a tad below average for the period.
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    The GEFS 12z mean shows an improvement across the south early next week with some fine pleasantly warm weather, as per the op and longer term, there are again signs that the trough influence will reduce with increasing support for the Azores high (ridge) to build our way :- )
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    A better run from GFS with high pressure starting to get closer by ok no heatwave but its better than we'll be seeing at times this week! Ok this is D10 I know but it shows an improvement on the 06z Some light at the end of the tunnel? who knows but as D:ream- sang Things can only get better
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    I'm just reporting it as I see it, don't think that's straw clutching.
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    Thought you might like to see my tadders from two weeks ago - I expect they'll be hopping about now. I'm going to have a look at the weekend. The first one is in the main lake, and the other two are in the smaller overflow pond. I love the way they hang on to sticks and leaves floating in the water with their mouths.
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    Not seeing it myself. Steepening lapse rates hooking in to the SW later in the afternoon, CAPE is meagre, high PWAT. I'd go for some heavy bursts of rain with maybe the odd rumble mixed in the heavier ppn. I'd like to be wrong, but I can't envisage anything severe?
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    Just as an example to show how the Gefs 6z mean improves as we go further into July, here are the mean charts for this week and then further ahead and they do show a gradual improvement over time. I'm hoping I will have the opportunity to post some fantastic mean charts in the not too distant future! :- )
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    Nice stroll in the Warwickshire countryside this morning. Locals laughing and smiling, and feeling very upbeat.
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    There hasn't been a day with a max below 17°C, or a night with a min below 12°C or month, and I doubt there will be either now. For my location at least then it hasn't been that bad at all. Yes, a few rainy days but this is Britain, it's what happens, get used to it. I would hate to live in Spain, the same thing every day, boring. Variety and unpredictability is what the British weather is all about, and we should grasp it with both hands. The best thing about it is you never know what's around the corner. :-)
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    No appreciable change with the ecm or the ext EPS this morning. We are still locked into the LP over the Pole, trough UK and ridging eastern Europe scenario in the 6-10 period so unsettled and cool. Still much the same in the ext. period.
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    Looks like this summer is following the well-trodden path of the past few. The plume always forecast in 3-4 days time fails to materialise or gets batted into the Continent by yet another bloody trough.
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    Here's my photo for the photo competition!
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    at the moment small non EU country knocking out the Bigger non EU country
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    I think your reply is a bit screwed up. PWAT values itself don't effect lightning amounts, but higher PWAT values can leave you saying "Why isn't this cell electrifying?!"
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    Indeed so Frosty compared to a few days ago its a good deal better maybe some light at the end of the tunnel?
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    Feel free to grab this current rubbish weather if you like but I'd much rather grab days and days of clear blue skies, light winds and very warm /hot temperatures, after all it is summer! Yesterday was absolutely atrocious here and tomorrow is looking rubbish according to the models. One can only hope the models start improving soon.
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    Earliest available appointment 20th July ain't that great anywho Wimbledon is back...
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    15.6c to the 26th 1.5c above the 61 to 90 average 1.3c above the 81 to 10 average
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    Think tomorrow afternoon/evening will be interesting, very active cold front moves through with frequent heavy showers/thunderstorms after moving through fairly quickly, will be interesting to see what occurs.
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    The Gfs 6z op run was a vile trough fest and for a while I thought the 12z would be equally foul but later in Fi high pressure builds in and brings summery weather, especially to southern areas. :-)
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    Are you serious? I've never actually heard you predict a warm summer...and I'm pretty sure you were a long way wide of the mark regarding winter. If you predict something enough, you will eventually be right.
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    From the album Birmingham Weather

    Independence day sunrise over Birmingham
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    Quite a potent storm about 5 miles away about 1/2 hour ago over SE London with a lot of fast rising motion in the updraft area and was spitting out fairly frequent CGs
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    12z is another horror show all round. I think everyone better should look away for a few days, because this is about as bad as it gets.
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    No I haven't Jax will give it a whirl cheers. Problem is I've been using Coral for years and I quite like it and quite used to it. And it's already paid for!!
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    Have you ever met that one person that calls the monitor the PC or the person that presses alt + f4 because they think that its an anti-virus code or something,anyway, place your latest encounter with a TECHNOPHOBE and don't leave out any details
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    Hi folks Just my thoughts on these lists I know it would be difficult and time consuming but often it is not just the abreviation anyone learning wants i.e P.V = Polar Voretx ,but what is the polar vortex? there is several others down the line that really are not self explanetary Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this and it is very informative thanks
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    Don't do that: just treat it like a Wiki and be prepared to be corrected. I often remind my clients that it is easier to criticise than to build. Hats off to the builders!