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    If you are including my post in this accusation then I strongly refute it. It was merely an observation based on a lot of previous experience, and I standby every word. I felt it a moral duty to warn the unwary as it might help stop them getting immersed in a web of obscuration. In any case the accusation is a bit rich coming from one who has frequently sullied the thread with insulting trash, often quite personal.
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    I'd be wary of the 'look at this idiot that supports your side' type approach. After all, which side are the BNP, National Front, English Defence League and Britain First backing again? Oh, and George Galloway of course, which is probably more embarrassing than the above. Stones and glass houses etc.
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    had a huge mountainous cumulus building an hour or two ago, it just never got to the shower/storm stage and fizzed later
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    Me too: http://www.warehamwx.co.uk/cumulus/ewn/forecast.php It's definitely going to happen, because that graphs says so!
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    Just seen the weather forecast, need to start a new thread, Start of the week and midweek storm risk
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    Looking forward to seeing the videos and reports from the home team. Meantime, if its OK to post here, a super video on the Keraunos site. http://www.keraunos.org/actualites/fil-infos/2016/mai/tornade-wray-colorado-7-mai-2016-etats-unis-tornado
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    Not a bit of it Kent - what happens as far as I am concerned is that I try to explain my position to the best of my ability and add in a few more things as well only for it to come winging back with the same of questions being asked over and over again with rarely any effort to answer the questions I asked. In fact many of the points I do make appear to be ignored altogether even though they are pertinent to the subject. It is not a case of losing the argument, being human I can only knock my head against a brick wall so may times before it starts to hurt - so I dress it up in a slightly humorous way to indicate that I am not willing to play MIA's silly game any more. To be quite honest to see the insults being thrown back and forth it makes me think that to call a referendum in the first place was poor judgement on the part of our esteemed leader and it seems that it is causing ill will and trouble and will continue to do so after it has been all done and dusted. In my view it is more trouble than it is worth and far from drawing people together it is splitting the country. As it is myself and my fellow remainers never called for this in the first place and we would all have been quite happy had it never occurred.
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    It all depends who you speak with really, I suppose , just because people are genuinely concerned doesn't automatically make them xenophobic or racist , that's complete rubbish. I just offered a opinion on why it might be an issue to some people.There was a time that the subject couldn't even be discussed for fear of rabid accusations of perceived racism. Gordon Browns comments towards the woman when he thought that the mike's were turned off was proof of that
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    Pictures that I am taking on my phone, don't give a clear representation on how quickly these towers are going up! (And how large!) Should expect to see some precipitation in the form of showers on the next update or two.
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    The recordings of the stream from overnight are processing at the moment, I'll try to edit some highlights together later when they're done.
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    Didn't think you'd be interested in commenting on my post, so I'm overwhelmed that you think my post was good quality, thanks very much! To be honest, it's more Altocumulus cloud now rather than Altocumulus Castellanus, so not sure what risk there is today but it certainly does look better as you've said. We shall have to see.
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    Just a suggestion based on direct recent experience of independence referendums.... Outers: Try to post links to articles backing up your case which don't come from well-known rabid right-wing outlets. If you constantly link to the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Express, Spectator etc, you are going to put off anyone with the slightest moderate to left tendencies. It's self defeating.
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    Since when did you become the self-appointed spokesperson for 'most people'?
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    SPC have an enhanced risk for Sunday 8th May for Central/north OK and central KS. Not sure quite where T1 overnighted but think were aiming for the SLGT risk in NE CO/NW KS should should be well placed for tomorrow without too much driving.
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    Looks like it's back up now. http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=chaselive;sess=
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    It was turquoise...Get it right?
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    The comments on the story were interesting as well....
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    A few fantastic small scale cumulonimbus clouds here. Proper anvil heads and everything.
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    some nice convection all around here at the mo
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    some acas clouds moving through here.
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    That looks like the one that reed timmer got right underneath on his Twitter feed! Good pictures tho.
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    Concur there's some more instability showing now - initially this out to see in east Kent, now home in Bexley signs towards the west too. Very very warm here, car said 29C at one point, currently saying 27.5C and even if it's a degree off or so it is balmy for early May!
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    These towers beginning to gather shapes of showers now. If that makes sense...
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    As we reach the peak of this current warm spell, the good news is there are still encouraging signals for generally settled and warmer weather from around the end of May and into June so we could potentially be looking at a very good start to the meteorological summer. In the meantime, it looks like staying on the warm side for most of the week ahead except when it's raining for any length of time but then a change to much cooler conditions from the north by next weekend with a risk of slight frosts before high pressure builds in which is what the Gfs 6z shows. Beyond that, it appears that a typical NW / SE split will develop with most of the changeable / unsettled weather across the northwest of the uk with the southeast seeing the best of the temperatures, sunshine and dry weather...and then a good start to summer for most if not all of the uk..hopefully!
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    hot, sunny, bbq, beer, agitated Cu field.......bliss
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    Con/Lib Dem coalition would have been the least worst outcome imo.
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    Well at 9am the temperatures were already around 19-21C across the region. I get the feeling we will break the 80F mark today.
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    Today is the high point of this warm spell and the Gfs 00z shows mid 20's celsius quite widely across England and Wales with lots of sunshine but a risk of isolated thunderstorms developing..enjoy it guys and here's to many more days like today during the next 4 or 5 months!
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    The area of rain pointed out by Ben has according to some lightning maps produced sferics but on others has not.
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    Well there is little point in me trying to change minds amongst leave because my reasons for wishing to remain in the EU are exactly there's for wanting to leave. Freedom of movement is a significant factor in why I will vote IN.
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    Had to share these from earlier today, incredible
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    This is a little old, but nothing has changed. I was talking about this with my students last week. The saddest part of the problem (for me) is the number of rapes on women who have to urinate in as secluded place as possible. The lack of sanitary towels and tampons is also a grim fact of life. Like all developing countries, India has the rich and powerful who never worry about popping to the "bog" and never worry about those who have not got one. It'll change, but very very slowly...
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    Easily marble sized hail now. What a storm!
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    I agree, as opposed to Springs that had lengthy heatwaves from March - May like 2007/2008/2011/2012 and by the time Summer came the weather became cool and wet. Also the Met Office currently hints at it becoming warmer and more settled once again at the end of the month into June
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    23.2c in London and Norwich at 12:00 23.7c is this years current high
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    May not be 7℃ for you lot inland but for us poor folk on the coast its absolutely awful.. http://www.southshields-weather.co.uk/Today's_weather.htm
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    That's all the pre-departure info packs sent out this pm, so please shout if you're on t2 and haven't had yours!
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    Of note, May 16th 1996, with a mean temperature of 5.2C, was the last Spring day to set a record low for the daily mean CET.
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    If I remember correctly, Ian wasn't expecting a SSW. The fact there was an early March final warming - the strongest in the limited record - has probably shifted the balance from the westerly angle. The resulting negative AO and NAO has also had an impact on the Atlantic SST profile: negative anomaly is warming out at present. I see he has made no mention of the rapid ENSO transition in his summer forecast - will be interesting to see where that goes as there are very few comparative analogues and none with a rapidly dwindling Arctic ice profile.
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    Probably to even more of an extreme.
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    Personally I would like us to be excluded from the whole sorry mess. Turks with visas and living with daily bombings and low wages will flock to the EU and just go underground with safe havens already established there. They will be exploited on the black market through business connections and those with more sinister intentions will just disappear for now anyway. Of course the outers are going to use whatever information is at their disposal to show why a brexit is best. People in the EU are beginning to wake up to the realisation that they have been conned. I have just read a report that 70 mosques in Germany are being monitored because of hate preaching there and watched a video of the German Justice minister yesterday being chased out of town by an angry mob of thousands chanting traitor whilst trying to give his May day speech. The cracks are widening for the EU.
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    I've only just started to read about about this TTIP agreement, not so good is it. No wonder its shrouded in secrecy........some of the details are enough to make your toes curl ....and Mike, before you say it - not sure our influence in the EU is going to mitigate here. Just one point of view http://waronwant.org/what-ttip
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    How does this work? If the sub-continent didn't exist the Himalayas wouldn't.
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    Whiteoot here. Was naff all earlier and I thought we'd missed out and just got rain overnight or something. Now Scott of the Antarctic conditions with about 1 cm down in a short space of time. 1.6 C. EDIT Soutra right now. Normally I'd be itching to drive over it, but new car has 'peak of summer hot dry day tyres' on it, so glad I'm not at work today.
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    Gorgeous lazy snow here just now, second night in a row for midnight Snow. Not unusual for April as some would have you believe
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    Yep, snowing in Falkirk, not exactly blizzard conditions but not bad for the end of April
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