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    Its a little unfair to suggest we are yearning for a past world, but I would say that we are looking for some re-ignition of nationalist values. That's not the EDL type thing but a celebration of being British and support of our traditional values. I do not want to be first and foremost part and parcel of an EU State, I disagree with that model. I don't have anything again immigration if done in a controlled manner, and that is irrespective of where a person is coming from. I still believe this to be nothing other than commonsense, where better to control the wrongful flow of people than at your borders? The idea of free movement between countries of similar economic standing is in principle reasonable subject to the above checks. The free movement of people from lesser economic regions is a fool hardy policy, and I can see nothing but damage akin to opening the lock gates without first raising the level of the water inside. A common misconception about UKIP and its supporters is that we are predominantly right wing. I have some right wing tendencies but also a lot of left wing ones too, and I think that is true of a lot of UKIP supporters. You mentioned NHS and staffing, well if a person here could actually get into nursing without finding that they had to pay for the privilege or that there wasn't enough training places that would help hugely. The idea of importing cheap labour can only have a detrimental effect on those working and living lets say the average Joe life with the average job and home etc. I can understand why big companies say its a good thing, and why wouldn't they when they can employ an Eastern European worker on zero hours contracts, pay the bare minimum, but that is not good for the 'ordinary person'. I fundamentally disagree with the idea that it will all sort itself out in time. We have a snowball effect in play, we need more homes, so we need more imported labour to build them, with more homes we need more Tesco delivery drivers, so we import more cheap labour, and so the model continues. I support UKIP because we need to stop the snowball take stock and actually ask the 'ordinary person' what they want rather than talk for them. We in this country never signed up for a federal EU, what UKIP have done very rightly is to give us a voice in this matter after many years in the wilderness. You do not have to be a flag bearing neo Nazi to believe there is another way.
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    Re the AMO that has been known and anticipated for many years. Joe B'stardi has been one meteorologist beating that drum for example for years so nice to see other studies. Re hottest years ever....since 1910...that says enough. More heatwaves....lets see how this hugely anticipated on next weekend plays out....looking a heat 'snap' at best currently BFTP
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    Update for the week to May 30th The current 5 day mean is on 11,844,200km2 while the 1 day extent is at 11,758,000km2. The daily anomaly (compared to 81-10) is at -927,650km2, an increase from -750,430km2 last week. The anomaly compared to the 07, 11 and 12 average is at -440,200km2, an increase from -337,470km2 last week. We're currently lowest on record, the same as last week. The average daily change over the last 7 days was -61.4k/day, compared to the long term average of -39.9k/day, and the 07, 11 and 12 average of -46.7k/day. The average long term change over the next week is -60.1k/day, with the 07, 11, and 12 average being -65.3k/day. The loss so far this May is the 8th largest on record. To achieve the largest monthly drop, a daily loss of at least 469.8k/day is required, while the smallest drop requires an increase more than 830.4k/day and an average drop requires an increase of 205.8k/day.
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    It could be worse, you could live in Peckham SE London, they have never seen the sun there and an assault rifle is compulsory. Don't buy one off Del Boy though.
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    I m running away to arebeau se saughne ,it sunny there ..
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    Muggers, chavs, druggies, drunks, Orcs, Sith Lords. Now most boroughs of London have their own gangs, apart from Richmond. The residents of Richmond are too busy admiring their bank accounts. No pound shops. The London suburbs are becoming one large Poundland. It sounds like Edmonton north London, although they closed the caves to stop the murderers from hiding in them.
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    troglodyte stockportis I would assume :0...
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    I'll see your high street and raise you one Stockport: http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/more-one-four-shops-empty-7781071 http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/homeless-woman-who-lives-stockport-9335036 http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/may/18/stepping-hill-hospital-poisonings-operation-roxburg-manchester-police-victorino-chua http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2012/jul/30/brothers-beheaded-man-set-body-alight ...I call it "bad news town", no other town of its size commands so many negative news headlines. Come on, where else has people living in caves?!
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    Table of entries for June 2015 CET forecast competition 23.0 ... ... ... 3rd, 1947, warmest daily mean 22.4 ... ... ... average for last five days in June 1976 21.2 ... ... ... average for last nine days in June 1976 19.0 ... GOODBYE COLD WEATHER! 18.8 ... DANIEL* 18.4 ... BACKTRACK 18.3 ... 18.2 ... ... ... 1846 (warmest June) 18.0 ... ... ... 1676 (2nd warmest) 17.3 ... ... ... 1826 (3rd warmest) 17.1 ... ... ... 1822 (4th warmest) 17.0 ... ... ... 1976 (5th warmest) 16.9 ... SHUGGEE 16.8 ... 16.7 ... 16.6 ... 16.5 ... 16.4 ... GEOFF.W 16.3 ... 16.2 ... VIRTUALSPHERE 16.1 ... CAPTAIN SHORTWAVE, ED STONE, THUNDERBOLT_, DUNCAN McALISTER 16.0 ... NORRANCE 15.9 ... ATLANTIC.FLAMETHROWER 15.8 ... CORAM 15.7 ... SUNDOG 15.6 ... GAEL_FORCE 15.5 ... REEF, MULZY, GODBER 1, J10 15.4 ... BOBD29, BLUE_SKIES_DO_I_SEE, 95 DEGREES, DAMIANSLAW, MARCUS71# 15.3 ... HILLBILLY, DANCER.WITH.WINGS, SUMMER SUN, SNOWSTORM.1, STATIONARY FRONT, DON# 15.2 ... CONGLETON HEAT, LARGER THAN AVERAGE HOBO, EASY-OASY 15.1 ... STARGAZER, DEEPSNOW ... ... ... ... ... CET 2014 15,0 ... POLAR GAEL, DR HOSKING, MIDLANDS ICE AGE, DR(S)NO, GREAT PLUM 14.9 ... COSTA DEL FAL, The PIT, MARK BAYLEY 14.8 ... WEATHER-HISTORY... ... ... ... ... average for 2001-2014 14.7 ... I LOVE THE SNOW, ALWAYS EXPECT RAIN, RJBW 14.6 ... THUNDERY WINTRY SHOWERS, DAVEHSUG, EUGENE 14,5 ... SUMMER BLIZZARD, STEWFOX, DAVID SNOW ... ... ... average for 1981-2010, also for 1701-1800 14.4 ... WEATHER 26, BORN.FROM.THE.VOID, IAN.R, ADERYN.COCH 14.3 ... MARCH BLIZZARD, POLAR MARITIME ... ... ... ... average for all years 1659-2014, also 1801-1900 14.2 ... DIAGONAL.RED.LINE ... ... ... average for 1961-1990, also 1901-2000 14.1 ... STEVE.B, PJL20101, JONBOY, MILHOUSE, SYED2878 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... average for 1971-2000, also 1659-1700 14.0 ... ROGER J SMITH 13.9 ... SIMSHADY 13.8 ... SUMMER OF 95, SEABREEZE86, STEF 13.7 ... 13.6 ... ... ... ... CET 2013 13.5 ... ... ... ... CET 2012 12.9 ... 22NOV10BLAST 12.8 ... BARRY 12.1 ... WEATHERGURU.14 11.8 ... ... ... 1972, 1916, 1909 (tied 2nd coldest) 11.5 ... ... ... 1675 (coldest June) 7.3 ... 9th (1816) and 19th (1795) coldest daily means _______________________________________________________ 73 entries now (at 6:30 p.m. on Monday 1st June), median value 15.1 any later entries to be added ... check back later today ... time penalties have commenced but entries are still accepted until end of 3rd June. # entry day late
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    Burnham won't be in power while the Tories are making cuts so it's immaterial anyway.
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    The majority of Labour MPs are now sponsored by Unite; they wont let them shift too near to the Centre. Expect a period of in-fighting for the 'soul' of the Labour movement.
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    I can't see us making 500 more likely match the NZ first score.
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    HP, I really can't see where you are getting all this from - Less stress on NHS - there is an acute shortage of medical staff in this country and we rely on various people from overseas, Europe and worldwide to plug in the gaps. It has been that way for years. From your next few comments I take it that you are talking of immigration, both legal and illegal - let's take the illegal first, which in some ways costs us the most money and is the most difficult to deal with. Firstly unless the EU as a whole clamp down on people reaching the Med shores being at liberty to travel across Europe to reach Calais, where we will be tomorrow to catch the ferry, it will continue as before but if we come out of the EU, an important difference - we will no longer be able to count on the French to keep them their side of the channel; if anything I think they will only be too glad to get shut of them. Consider that the people traffickers are quite adept at getting them across the Med, they should not have too much of a problem getting them across the Channel or the North Sea, or they could get them to the Republic of Ireland and if Scotland leaves the UK but goes with the EU, there is another where previously people have been allowed to travel at will. Then there are the Airports where the illegals will destroy and discard any ID between leaving the aeroplane and reaching Immigration - Immigration would love to send them back but where to, they don't know their country of origin and they are not saying. In short we have a very long coastline which would be almost impossible to secure without spending absolutely vast sums of money, manpower and equipment for this purpose. They will still continue to leak like a sieve. So if you believe Nigel when he says he will take control of our borders I'm afraid you could be in for a shock. Legal immigration from elsewhere within the EU - I don't know whether you have noticed but the average age of the indigenous population of our country is getting older and it does need younger people to be able to do the work to support a more aged population in retirement. If there are not sufficient younger people for this we gradually go down the pan because there are not enough working people. In the main the Euro immigrants coming here are of a younger age group - some will return to their homelands but others will stay and help balance out the demographics a little bit and within the EU this is likely to be a continuing process so that one day your pension may be a little more secure. Not only that the freedom of movement within the EU does work both ways - I lost count of the number of English registered cars I saw today travelling up from Clerment Ferrond. For me it is a privilege and a right which I value strongly and I would like to preserve those same rights for my children and grandchildren and by having the right to work anywhere with the EU their chances in life will so much greater. It is not only just the UK but with the passage of time the whole world is becoming more and more homogenous and short of resurrecting the Third Reich there is little we can do about it, so we have to make the best of it and where ethical and possible take advantage of it. In general the UKIPPERS strike me as though they are yearning for a past world but that world is well and truly past and there is nothing we can do to bring it back. The only thing we can do now is to go forward.
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    And on the brighter side, this was good from Inverness Caley - who just won the cup - twitter.
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    It's the software - unfortunately, it is a known problem with the makers, IP Board, and hopefully the next update will fix it. Nothing anyone in nw towers can solve Rain123 - the known problem only affects posting/updating pictures into profile avatars/photos. You shouldn't be having problems uploading photos to the gallery or into posts?
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    I like many others are searching for the opposite answer, what does the average Joe gain from staying in the EU? Coming out I can see: Less stress on NHS / Less stress on local infrastruture / A better chance of housing for those already here / Less need to build on our Green Belt / Less people willing to work for peanuts and undercut those already here / Billions of pounds in our pocket / and the list goes on.............
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    I apparently made the mistake of including all British territory when talking about Britain of the past; hence the confusion with CMD. Sorry, but when I grew up, I was taught at School that Scotland had joined England (+Wales) in union for the purposes of building an empire. This was e.g. why in Scotland we had, e.g. the Unionist (and later) the Conservative and Unionist party; they advocated continued Scottish union with England+Wales within the British Empire. At no point was I ever given the impression that the UK was a country itself (in the conventional sense) and that the British empire colonies were not just another part of the empire. Research on the subject shows this to be correct. Anyway, we can of course discuss the whole of the UK leaving. However, I prefer to be pragmatic / not have my head in the sand and understand the implications that might have for the 4 home nations. If support for indy in Scotland hadn't increased since the iref to all time highs and the SNP hadn't just won the biggest landslide in Scottish history, I probably would give this part of the subject much less attention. As it is, I think it worth keeping in mind, i.e. that the UK leaving the EU might well mean the end of the UK as we know it. Note that the moment Westminster stops collecting my taxes will be the moment I retire from commenting on UK politics from my own perspective. Right now, it remains very keen to keep dipping into my pockets, so is fair game.
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    Hi I would say next Saturday is still looking good so far. Obviously its still a week away so keep checking but todays model runs are still showing high pressure and warm - Heres the ECM and GFS runs from the past few hours: ECM GFS So hopefully youll have a very nice day! Hope this helps
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    It does worry me that some people don't know whether its a joke or not Maybe that is reason enough to pull out of the EU?
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    I hear the German chancellor has said "vhere there is a vill there is a vay" Some footage of the PM returning from his talks with the German chancellor: They do say that history repeats itself don't they
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    2nd study in the last few months to find the gulf stream (part of the AMOC) is slowing and the AMO turning negative. The suggestion is that it could have some big impacts, especially in the north Atlantic. Global climate on verge of multi-decadal change A new study, by scientists from the University of Southampton and National Oceanography Centre (NOC), implies that the global climate is on the verge of broad-scale change that could last for a number of decades. The change to the new set of climatic conditions is associated with a cooling of the Atlantic, and is likely to bring drier summers in Britain and Ireland, accelerated sea-level rise along the northeast coast of the United States, and drought in the developing countries of the Sahel region. Since this new climatic phase could be half a degree cooler, it may well offer a brief reprise from the rise of global temperatures, as well as resulting in fewer hurricanes hitting the United States. The rest of the article is here http://phys.org/news/2015-05-global-climate-verge-multi-decadal.html#jCp And the paper abstract here http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v521/n7553/full/nature14491.html
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    Give it a few weeks and I believe Russia will do a full scale invasion of the east of Ukraine they need Mariupol big time to re supply. It's a good job we have a strong army, navy, raf...........oh no we haven't ...sigh !!!
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    Update for the week to May 23rd The current 5 day mean is on 12,274,800km2 while the 1 day extent is at 12,152,000km2. The daily anomaly (compared to 81-10) is at -750,430km2, an increase from -717,100km2 last week. The anomaly compared to the 07, 11 and 12 average is at -337,470km2, an increase from -278,530km2 last week. We're currently lowest on record, up from 3rd lowest last week. The average daily change over the last 7 days was -51.3k/day, compared to the long term average of -46.5k/day, and the 07, 11 and 12 average of -42.8k/day. The average long term change over the next week is -39.9k/day, with the 07, 11, and 12 average being -46.7k/day. The loss so far this May is the 13th largest on record. To achieve the largest monthly drop, a daily loss of at least 112.5k/day is required, while the smallest drop requires an increase more than 56.8k/day and an average drop requires a loss of 27.3k/day.
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    JMA model also going off scale in Nino prediction: this is unusual for this agency, normally quite conservative in ensemble prediction. Updated outlook. http://ds.data.jma.go.jp/gmd/tcc/tcc/products/elnino/gif/c_ens_gr_oni.gif
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