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    You really know so many Marxists, that you can have an opinion on their opions? I don't knowingly know any, although I suspect your definition of Marxist may include anyone to the left of Ghengis Khan. Anyway this "First domino falling". Do I take it, you want the Euro to fail along with the ensuing economic chaos & hardship that it would bring to ALL of Europe, not just the Eurozone? Seems throwing millions into poverty is rather a high price to pay, just so that you can stroll around, saying I told you so. What an extremely narrow-minded & selfish opinion. I hate this government & fear it will do great harm both to the people & economy, but I certainly don't want it to happen, I hope I'm wrong. Why on earth would it be in my or anybody's interest for that to happen? Some of you Kippers have a strange way of showing your patriotism.
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    Renewing an aqueduct https://vimeo.com/123723528
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    I did in 1992, 1997 and the first Scottish parliament, SS. But now I can't!
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    I just posted a (pro-union) Herald article. You'll need to take it up with them. I'm just watching with interest and have not formed an opinion beyond Carmichael (who I think really should step down [and stand again if he wants to] as is the opinion of many Lib Dems). Malcolm Bruce said they are all liars though. Does he include Heywood? --- Although I would have expected the PM of the UK, if honourable, to have immediately stepped in if he found out about the source of the leak well before the election. This was not normal rough and tumble, it was a false smear on the FM of Scotland and the Ambassador + Consul General of France coming from an office of his own Government.
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    Well I don't have any (it's a source of sadness to many that the knocker line will become defunct) but I'm quite sure a vast number of 16-17 year olds are just as capable of rational political thought as, say, the millions who read the Sun and the Fail. Did i say just as?..................tut.
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    So the average 16-17 yr old kid in the UK has enough knowledge about this nations inclusion or exclusion from the EU to be able to make a balanced and reasoned decision? Obviously this is a hot topic between chasing members of the opposite sex and the latest xbox title!!!
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    Doing your job is racist now, seriously getting worrying that left wingers are normalizing anything but a 100 percent love of unlimited migration being seen as racist. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/05/26/watch-immigration-officers-hounded-off-london-streets/
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    If the Euro ever collapsed then the UK would be Lettuceed, whether it's in or out of the EU. But fortunately investors are well protected against Greek debt default so Eurozone collapses aren't on the medium-term horizon although I can't say the same for Greece itself: the power lies in the IMF and the ECB. You posted a link from the Daily Mail, I'm sure you're intelligent enough not to trust it. If you actually want to pay attention to Syriza's ministers with whom you'd share very few political opinions then I'd recommend you take it straight from the horse's mouth: http://yanisvaroufakis.eu/
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    Indeed. Thatcher's government was almost universally loathed; so much so, that Tories needed to cover their heads with brown paper bags, when out in public! And, as has been largely 'forgotten', the Thatch's answer, when asked about the fate of all those whose jobs she'd stolen was simple: pay them benefits! It was Maggie that started the so-called 'benefits culture'. No one else! As is always the case with the Tories, it's money-men first, working people second!
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    Talking of 'balance', surely the official ENSO update is about as 'balanced' as one can get. Or do some folks think they know more than the professionals? IMO, the 'sceptics' idea of 'balance' reads rather like bias?
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    Latest weekly ENSO update here http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/lanina/enso_evolution-status-fcsts-web.pdf
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    Yes. Although I'm not sure you could describe the UK as constitutionally stable right now. If people had wanted stability, they'd have been better off voting Yes! Instead, we are likely to continue in constitutional crisis mode for years yet.* Obviously, I didn't say Scotland was a colony although I understand why you mentioned it in light of other iref situations. The relationship with Scotland and the British empire was more 'if you can't beat them, join them'. Of course the empire is gone and hence the union is unstable as the union was created for empire. Take away the point of a union and it will likely end. What initially held it together as the empire declined was a new reason; post-war pan British socialism / solidarity. If there was increasingly no empire, a new reason to stick together was needed. As that post war consensus was reversed, so we went from 52% Yes to Devolution to 74%. Then 45% for full independence. Now closer to 50% according to polls and generation related. --- *This is worth a listen. A man that knows what he is talking about: I'd tend to agree. We are looking at a perfect storm. Britishness in Scotland in terminal decline. SNP dominating in Holyrood and Westminster as the Labour party final collapses in Scotland. Tories back full throttle with swingeing cuts and poll tax team thatcher back at Scottish office (literally). A right-wing UKIP/Tory driven EU ref. Solid Yes to indy reaching the highest levels ever... The union is probably in more danger now than it was in September 2014. This is probably why that Yougov poll didn't find the SNP putting a new iref in their manifesto put people off voting for them. Scotland is hedging its bets?
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    Yes, Quebec is devo maxed. No sign of that for Scotland. Only this morning we have another group of experts saying the crappy Smith proposals would be very damaging for Scotland and FFA is needed at least. I know the two are often compared, but Quebec is pretty much a global exception in terms of independence movements. It's the only country to hold an iref (twice) and not become independent shortly afterwards. However, it may yet as the Yes vote did increase for the second one. Based on discussions with my family from Quebec (on Mrs SS's side), it is due to the fact Quebec is devo maxed (part of a federation) and the whole argument for indy has not really been political, but solely based on language/cultural distinctions. It was not civic enough, excluding the non-francophones too much. Furthermore, in terms of politics / economics, there is a point to the Canadian federation. It is a modern, functioning, federal country, with Quebec very free to make most of its own decisions over economy, welfare etc. In contrast, the UK is what remains of an empire; archaic and with increasingly no obvious point. The empire is over; pretty much everyone has left. Only Scotland remains in addition to a few bits and bobs (islands etc); the imperial rise and fall cycle has almost gone full circle. This is particularly the case given there is a much newer free trade union to be part of if that is what you want. I think if the UK union was to have a future, you'd need to be looking at broad support for it largely equally accross all generations. As we can see, this is not the case; only one distinct age group back it and ultimately, this is because they feel more British. It is essentially sentimental value. Given the current movement for indy is around 90 years old and has been building increasingly since the 60's, with this tied into the demise of the empire (the reason for union) and then demise of post-war pan-British solidarity (socialism and nationalisation), I can't see an obvious reason for reversal. --- Here is what I mean about the rise and fall of Britishness in Scotland; peaked in those born in 1944. The Generation Devo are very obvious, as are the baby boomers...
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    0.15% is 8000 people. The population of the Scottish Borders Council area is 114,000. Dumfries and Galloway 148,000. Northumberland is 316,000 and Cumbria 500,000. Most of the traffic across the border is these people going to work, visiting friends, going shopping in Carlisle etc. You are correct in that very few people live Newcastle yet commute to e.g. Edinburgh to work and vice versa; just too much of a distance to travel. This has contributed to a degree of geographical isolation of Scotland and England and is part of the reason they haven't ever merged into a single country in terms of identity etc. I find Scotland and England very similar to France* Germany, Denmark, Sweden... Not really much difference; people are really the same the world over; the just live in different countries with slight differences in culture, language etc. Geography has historically been the biggest single factor in creating different countries / nations / peoples. Has played a big role in the British isles for example (the more rural Borders and Irish sea being prime examples!). I'm closest to the Scottish Greens in what I think is best for governance, i.e. more local democracy and not big superstates (if I ever switched to anti-EU it would be for the reasons the Greens are, i.e. it was becoming too centralised and right-wing like the UK). The latter tend to separate people from politicians and wield to much power. Power corrupts and all that! That's a big reason behind my support for Scottish indy. HS2 is just another example of the problems of centralisation. The SE is already overcrowded / is favoured too much for investment, and here we go again. High speed rail from Glasgow south to England does have merit, but in the longer term IMO. Best first focus on improving internal rail networks in Scotland which are used for commuting and business etc. --- *France is my second country and by marriage / time spent their I do feel close to France. I could even be French national if I wanted.
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    This is only the case if you view polls putting the SDLP on ~50% as correct. It's far more likely that Thatcher was doing nowhere near as badly as the polls suggested and against the Foot manifesto, she'd have won anyway.
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    I'd hardly say 'BIG'. That makes me sound like some flashy executive rather than a scientist / engineer. I'm very specialised so there's not many of me; that's the reason I travel. Even then I don't travel much, but spend most of my time in a lab (including posting on forums because I might be 'virtually' in there e.g. at 23:00 on a Saturday night depending on what tests I'm running). It's not wonderfully glamorous, although 'quieter' than the middle of the North Sea in a gale I imagine. There are corporate offices in London, but as I'm upstream there's not much call for me visiting them, rather I go to actual producing regions. That and conferences / exhibitions which again tend to be held in producing areas (Aberdeen locally, then Middle East and Texas). Of course if someone works offshore in Scotland, then they will travel every few weeks from home to e.g. Aberdeen Heliport or the other way. HS2 would make no difference to them, but high speed from Glasgow to Aberdeen would be nice...
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    I've always wanted a pet bap.............I mean bat, can you post me one? Here is my address BURGER KING NORTH KOREA NORTH KOREA ROAD NK1 BAP
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    From the album: Astronomy Album

    Some amazing Scenes on the Isle of Wight last night, as thick Fog completely covered the Valleys and coastal parts, we got a aboe the fog to capture the Moon, Jupiter and Venus above, this one is just with Jupiter as I wanted to get the fog in aswell
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    Me too. EU citizens vote in Holyrood; they even are MSPs! I think we should be able to transfer our vote to where we live and pay taxes etc. Of course we should only be able to vote in one country / at one address at one time though. I am very much a civic / liberal nationalist which promotes such concepts. It's all doable; currently is done in Scotland at all levels bar UK general elections / referenda where the Scottish government doesn't have the power to alter things.
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    From the album: Sunset Gallery

    Here you go guys, we had a very Intense sunset last night, I had no camera and didnt notice until late, so I sprinted to the Location I wanted to get too as I had this idea in my head, this was taken staight off my iPhone at the Sandown Boating Lake on the Isle of Wight
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    SB, if you know anything about history, you'll know that the Thatcher government was just about the most unpopular there has ever been, The Tories won the 1983 election due to the Falklands war, nothing more.
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    People said the same thing in 79.. Nostradamus has been dead quite a while.
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    How about a rude, pushy and loud eejit clown then?
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    From the album: Mothership

    Lenticular cloud ..

    © Mokidugway

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    So 8 Lib Dem MP's will soon become 7. Surely Carmichael has to resign over this, the fact that he blatantly lied when the leak first came out denying all knowledge. It's unlikely he would have saved his seat if those voters in his constituency had known the full story. The guy is obviously not just a blatant lier but stupid as surely he should have realized that an inquiry would have been initiated.
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    New footage has emerged of Berlin in the aftermath of World War II. The video, filmed in July 1945, shows famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag in ruins as ordinary citizens try to go about their everyday lives. The video, shot around two months after the city fell in 1945, shows the utter destruction the German capital underwent during WWII. Berlin had already been divided into four zones by the Allied powers, and signs in Russian had already begun to be erected in the Soviet sphere of influence. https://vimeo.com/126267047
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    You guys seen this one yet? Illinois Tornado April 9, 2015 - iPhone filmed - he was lucky to survive
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    Chandler Sullivanâš¡âš¡ near Shawnee.
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