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    Ditto with the mini existential crises !! (and I'm not Scottish nor even allowed to vote for any of the Scottish parties as on wrong side of the border.) That wasn't a debate. It was a witch hunt. (I made a complaint to the BBC.) The only thing they didn't do was tie Nicola Sturgeon to a stake and all lob in lighted matches. The part of me that is cowed by aggressive-I-will-not-allow-you-to-answer-a question/point/accusation could barely watch but the part of me that respects someone able to keep their cool, assert themselves without sinking to the tactics of the majority and not end up throwing their designer shoes in frustration at the heads of their opponents loved it. You go Girl !!
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    RE the TNS poll, apparently they weight to the actual number of non-voters from the last Westminster election, which, given people's reticence to say they don't vote (especially after the referendum when a number of people who'd never voted before first became engaged), would mean that there's a proportionately high number of people who are disengaged with politics, which possibly explains the overly large number of undecideds in their samples. I heard there's a MORI one in the field at the moment so maybe this weekend or so before it's released. Also Populus, probably on behalf of Lord A, was polling in Edinburgh North and Leith, so perhaps another round or two of Ashcroft polling up here is on the way. He's already done a few in England so I'd expect a few more, perhaps a revisit of some he did earlier along with some seats not previously polled. I was out canvassing tonight in Ladybank, not one of the best villages for us in the ward - the Yes % was fairly respectable for NE Fife at the referendum at around 45% but it's always been pretty much a Lib Dem stronghold. Tonight however it was a different story - almost every door I knocked on was voting SNP, and the few who weren't either weren't interested or wouldn't say. Our overall numbers, out of nearly 150 responses, were 56% SNP, and that included DK, refused, won't vote etc. I've never seen numbers that good for a canvass sample of over 100 in NE Fife, and while we maybe did just get lucky it's still staggering to me that relatively affluent areas with no history of voting SNP up to 2011 are moving to us in such large numbers.
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    Just catching up. Jeez, been a bad headline day for McMurphy.
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    From the album: Dribbley 2014 SC

    © Richard Mott

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    Putting aside for one moment the nonsense terminology I see on reason whatsoever why I ( I obviously cannot speak for anyone else) should should accept opinions such as this: To dismiss the opinion of a senior scientist at NASA as garbage, without a hint of any scientific justification, is not only ignorant but, dare I say it, breath-takingly arrogant.
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    I had white pointed shoes and i wore a white skirt with a over sized orange shirt with a belt round it and bag to match. It was all matchy. And yes I had the perm too. I was dead trendy, me. And the orange trousers too with orange and white deck shoes. the joys.
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    Yes and a new brabus mercades , well I can dream ,and cucumber on a bap , yuk !!..
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    Didn't know this! Super helpful tip!
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    BOM now joined CPC http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/archive/ensowrap_20150414.pdf
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    Blitzen, I think there's another 'Scottish leaders' one at the start of May, only a few days before the election, maybe the Monday?
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    I think the answer to that Mardatha is Labour's central Office: http://caltonjock.com/2015/04/14/labour-in-scotland-leadership-campaign-gerrymandering-and-nepotism-central-office-in-london-decided-upon-murphy-and-so-it-was/?fb_action_ids=1634391016806194&fb_action_types=news.publishes&fb_ref=pub-standard I seriously hope that Murphy has been 'slapped down' enough to allow us all to listen to a well organised, reasoned debate on Thursday night. (All pigs fed and ready to fly sir!)
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    This actually works -- Because it's a cell wall. Well okay..........perhaps not
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