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    The GFS 06z op run shows high pressure in charge during the upcoming weekend with warm, mainly dry conditions and a good deal of sunshine, a bit more unsettled across the far north / nw of the uk, into next week, warm and settled for the south & east, indeed, trending warmer with a flow off the continent but more unsettled for the northwest, high pressure relaxes it's grip for a time early next week however, high pressure intensifies over the top of the uk during the second half of next week before slowly migrating eastwards and as atlantic low pressure squeezes up against the blocking scandi high, winds strengthen from the South or SE, especially across NE uk. Then it becomes very interesting, eye popping charts if it was January with high pressure to the north and low to the south with a much cooler and strong Easterly flow, by the end of the run there is a hint of HP retrogression as a trough dives south into scandinavia with a strong cold blast in it's wake. So fine and warm through high res but some rain around, especially further west and north, the SE corner looks driest, warmest and sunniest on the whole, becoming very warm with +10 T850 hPa flooding the uk, then cooler and altogether more autumnal later in the run but not from the atlantic.
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    In all of this discussion about campaigning et al, there seems to be a fundamental lack of acknowledgement that the main reason that the majority of people didn't vote for Independence is because they didn't want to and just perhaps they want to be remain part of the Union. It seems that even a week after the vote there is still a hardcore of Yes campaigners who still have not got their head around this and accept it. This is ingrained from the top of the SNP - AS's comment that No voters are deferred Yes voters is a classic example of this.
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    That has been the situation in Scottish Politics for decades, Labour's hatred of the SNP is all encompassing - Labour in Scotland still hasn't accepted that it lost the 2007 Scottish Election, which contributed to it's collapse in 2011. It's why Labour adopts the 'Bain Principle' at Westminster: Labour will even vote against their own policies and beliefs to vote down an SNP motion. This has already seen Labour vote in favour of the 'bedroom tax' when they voted down an SNP motion seeking to amend the relevant finance bill!
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    As it happens a couple of people I know down in the Falkirk area have said Alex Salmond's comments on 'deferred yes' sums them up well. They voted no for a variety of reasons last Thursday, but to cut a long story short they thought it was too big a step at this stage and more devolution would be an intermediate step for them voting YES in the future and they certainly believe there will be a next time. Clearly there is a fair chunk of No voters who are strongly unionist, they believe in the concept of the United Kingdom, they nat ID as British first (or British only), but there is also a significant proportion (perhaps even a majority) of no voters who wish to see much more powers for Holyrood. Combined with the Yes vote that would be a large majority. I see Labour are now trying to run with Willie Rennie's mis-use of John Smith's "Settled will" quote. This lie from Labour must be challenged at every turn, the settled will implies dominant and largely unwavering support for something, this has arguably been the case for a Scottish Parliament that incrementally increases it's powers to bring more of the governance of Scotland home to Scotland. Staying in the UK was the considered will of Scotland last Thursday, it's not credible to argue it's the settled will when the margin of lead for that option was reduced from over 25% to 10%!
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    Firstly I'm not a Unionist and even if I was I think its a little insulting to suggest that the SNP are the only bastions for democracy. If you prefer a straight referendum then theres obviously a reason why you say that. If you followed my views re another referendum I've made it clear that I have no problem at all with this. You seem to be ignoring the views of some Yes voters who would like the dust to settle and be free of yet more campaigning for at least a few years. You seem to be confusing my criticism of Salmond and some in the SNP as some huge endorsement for the Union, maybe this is part of the problem, the insinuation being that unless you follow the line totally then you're obviously from the other side. What I have seen in this thread bar a few brave Scottish souls is an utter devotion to maintain a line that the Yes campaign was absolutely perfect, that Salmond cannot be criticized in any way and that its all the blame of Westminster, media bias etc. I call it as I see it, the BT campaign was dire, saved by fear of change and the inbuilt advantages of the status quo. The Yes campaign right message but failed to alleviate voters fear of change, not helped by a divisive Salmond who forgot that some Scots were worried about Scotlands relationship with the rUK. That's how I saw it, the surprise or not was that this referendum did indeed follow the psychological research in terms of voting behaviour. It's a shame Yes didn't bother to read this or indeed do something to bring those older voters in. I sense a lot of the frustration left over from last Thursday isn't just the loss but the nagging feeling for many Yes supporters that this could have been won.
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    anyone giving the detail I heard just listening up to the start of November let alone 3 months down the line is about as reliable, in my view, as a piece of seaweed. To not pick with his start to october, can someone show me how his prediction matches what the anomaly charts are showing consistently. Nope he is peddling what many want to hear, cold and snow, and those who look for this will probably be able to support his overall winter come 1 March whatever the 3 winter months actually give. good for a listen if you are a cold fan rather than someone wanting some science. Sorry I have had a go but after almost 50 years weather watching as an amateur and a professional these folk really are not to be believed in my view.
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    Previously, I have stipulated that there are a number of Scots that wanted to remain part of the Union - no matter what. That is similar to those that want Independence no matter what. It has been the failure of a some on here to recognise this that I have had a problem with. How that translates to me having disdain for the people in Scotland I do not know. Conversely, perhaps you feel that if one disagrees with the Scottish Independence that translates as disdain for Scotland, whereas I think that it just means that I don't suppport an Independent Scotland but still can love the country and people! The comment regarding he cake and eating it is suggestive that there is a lot in the Independence white paper and devo max where the Scots want the best of both worlds and I stand by this. And to illustrate this with an example I will use keeping the pound as Scotland's currency despite wanting to be Independent from the UK. And apologies if I have read you wrong also.
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    Banksy's take. UoE Prof. James Mitchell's (author of 'The Scottish Question') initial thoughts: Independence support currently the highest it has ever been versus devo max. Devo max (with no indy offered) also at new record highs; something that was overlooked in the heat of the campaign. http://whatscotlandthinks.org/questions/what-should-happen-next-if-scotland-votes-no#line Most recent poll has 74(+15)% for devo max vs 18(-10)% status quo (on 2013). This is Scottish natID vs British natID (SSAS forced choice Scot / Brit / Other). So, Scotland closer to independence than it has ever been with the ~70 year drift out of the union continuing. We might wonder whether last Thursday was a dead cat bounce for the union. More devolution of course would just make Scotland more independent. Pensions!!!! wouldn't scare people if the Scottish government paid them. You canny afford it wouldn't either if Scotland was FFA. Really, 2 options are presented; massively more devolution which could end the union in the long term New Zealand style. They're not even sure when it was they became independent. Or the will of 74% of the population is resisted with promises broken and the 45% grows to majority. ---- I'll also add to comments about 'Yes people apparently should just shut up' since Yes didn't win. Scary - is this the Brave New World of post iref Britain? People who support indy are not longer allowed to voice that, not allowed to campaign etc? I read comments today about the SNP "threatening'" another iref. Interesting concept; a free democratic vote on an important and topical matter is now threatening... Democracy is considered dangerous? Why should unionists fear another iref at some point in the future? Surely if people still want the union they'll just vote No. It might be an idea to hold regular irefs. If the union is stable and popular, this would help to solidify it... Much was made of the damage to the economy the iref debate would have. Seems it made effectively no impact at all really. No more so than e.g. a UKGE anyway. -- Oh and out of date now, but... They just keep coming. Sur
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    The Ashcroft exit poll showed that only 25% of No voters cited a belief in the union as their primary reason for voting No. Roughly 50% said it was because of currency, pension scares etc. (I acknowledge a fair few of those were genuinely unionists too but a few were definitely 'I'd like independence but ASDA says my shopping will go up/Osborne won't let us keep the pound/Labour says I'll lose my pension etc.) and another 25%, the crucial late swingback to No (Labour's private polls had us on 53% before 'the Vow), were those who believed we'd get more powers. What the late offer did was to assure those who were leaning towards independence but hadn't fully committed to have a fall back option. In some respects the SNP majority in 2011 came too early - I don't think there was a genuine expectation that we'd be able to hold a referendum until 2016 at the earliest and we believed that we'd be able to continue to chip away at Westminster from a position of strength as a minority administration to extract more devolution - the gradualist wing of the SNP became the SNP and that strategy of not upsetting the apple cart too much was responsible for the 'indy-light' offering of the white paper offering compared to the 'full independence' of Sillars. Essentially, the perceived (although we did warn people that it wasn't anything like as substantive as it appeared) promise of 'devo-max' along with funding guarantees meant that 'gradualists' felt able to vote No on the basis that it would advance self-governance to a level which was not, in practical terms, so much less than independence, without having to deal with the 'risks' of a Yes vote. Of course, given the sudden addition of EVEL into the equation by the PM without Labour's consent and the setting up on a commission on an absurdly tight timescale which is trying to merge three different offerings along with whatever our input is (presumably Full Fiscal Autonomy), and also the demands for similar devolution from NI and Wales, the constitutional uncertainty remains pretty high, and if the outcome is towards the 'Labour' end of the scale i.e. very little substantive extra powers, then many of the 'more powers' No voters will feel as though they've been duped, given that there is majority support in Scotland for devolution of everything except defence. I genuinely know quite a few No voters who are regretting their decision and would like another referendum ASAP. It won't happen, of course, as too many people would be angered at having the debate again, but we should certainly look to both advance the cause of gaining as much devolution as possible, which is in fact as much devolution as a majority of people across Scotland want and expect, while keeping the referendum option open in case WM does screw up. The soonest I could see another referendum occuring is in 2017, and it would ONLY be under the following circumstances: 1) the extra powers deal, whenever it is forged, is viewed by a majority of Scots as insufficient (if the SNP do end up holding the balance of power at Westminster this is strangely less likely to occur, as this would likely lead to something approaching full devo max given that England now seems to be pulling at the other side of that constitutional thread) 2) the tories get a majority, or at least another coalition with the Lib Dems, in 2015 3) there is an EU referendum called for 2017 4) The SNP win the 2016 SP election on a mandate of another referendum if and only if the result of the EU referendum in Scotland diverges with that of the UK 5) The UK votes out and Scotland votes to stay in 6) polls show a decent Yes majority At that point, the referendum campaign would be swift, maybe only a few months, and I'd expect a Yes vote of around 60-65%. Other than that, it does look as though we should return to pursuing a resolutely gradualist line until such time as there is a genuine mass demand for another referendum. A minor point at this stage too, but the more powers 'timetable' and the Vow were published in the 'Purdah period', which rather suggests that these postal returns up to that point (which they were clearly sampling and using for their own strategy in a legally dubious manner) were not so grand, but also calls into question the legality of these proposals - they weren't offered to those who postal voted early.
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    come on old chap, most of us saw very little rain and the bit that did fall has dried up within hours. its certainly 'bone dry' here mate! and looking at the current outputs theres very little chance of much, if any, of things getting wet. with any rain soon drying up.
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    No. How about SNP concentrating on the issues that didn't attract the NO voters- such as the currency, jobs, defence and pensions. Perhaps if AS hadn't postured on defaulting on Scotland's share of the national debt and had shown a more accomadating attitude to those he was breaking away from, then the vote may have been different. Focussing on the demographics of the vote rather than the underlying issues does the SNP no favours. The same can be said of the labour vote in Scotland.
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    Youv'e missed junk posts in NW.
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    No one knows. lets remind ourselves of the Met Office 'forecast' issued last Autumn for the winter to come: Dryer than average and colder than average. Perhaps they ran out of seaweed.
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    I did a wee bit of analysis of Westminster seats and in only 3 was the incumbent's vote share greater than the number of Yes votes - Shetland + Orkney, East Renfrewshire and (probably, based on a rough extrapolation of the Aberdeenshire result) West Aberdeenshire, with Berwickshire. Outside of that, I'd suggest that the SNP/'Yes alliance' has the potential to win anywhere. It depends on what the Labour Yes vote does - a decent proportion of it has full on disowned the party and will now vote SNP, at least tactically, for the long haul. Some of it may yet drift back to Labour though - we have to make it clear to them that As a Yes campaigner, the experience was very rewarding but pretty bruising. Convincing my Labour member dad to finally vote Yes, which in the end he did excitedly and proudly, was a high point, and throughout the campaign it really did feel as though the momentum was with us. Even for the first hour of the count in Fife, where I was doing box sampling, it seemed as though we were on course to win - working class areas of Glenrothes, Rosyth, Ballingry, Lochgelly and Kennoway all came in either narrowly or strongly for Yes. That changed pretty rapidly in the next hour - Dunfermline, mostly because of the new middle class Edinburgh commuter population but also from the older bits of town (maybe a result of the Bill Walker stuff), came in strongly for No while my own constituency of NE Fife, hardly a bastion for us anyway, turned out to be even worse than expected, with better off bits of Cupar and St Andrews running around 75-80% No (the villages I was organiser for were nothing like as bad but of course that was pretty scant consolation). This was pretty much the same everywhere, with the exception of Glasgow, where the middle classes in Pollokshields voted Yes, and a few traditional rural 'nationalist' strongholds like Oban, Wick, Skye, Barra, the Inner Hebrides and Banff and Buchan, all of which voted Yes overall. It was gut wrenching at the time, but in hindsight the result looks fairly reasonable and particularly problematic for the Labour party. Yes won every single seat in Glasgow, some by as much as 57-43, and constituencies with rock solid Labour support i.e. ones they held in 2011 like Inverclyde, Dumbarton, Coatbridge, Bellshill and Motherwell, came out very strongly for Yes. While Yes failed to win in SNP strongholds (Aberdeenshire was almost predictable given just how unionist West Aberdeenshire, 1/3 of the whole council area, is) like Perth and Kinross, Angus and, in my view our worst result of all, Na H-eileanan Iar, Yes support remained at or above 40% in most of these areas, and with the main unionist opposition in most of rural Scotland being the tories or Lib Dems I doubt we're likely to lose these seats, certainly in a Holyrood context but also at Westminster. There's no real sign of a tory surge - they might increase support slightly, and may gain seats as a result of the unwinding of the LD vote, and my own NE Fife could be a fascinating seat to watch, with tories, LDs, SNP and potentially even Labour in with a shot, but I think the generally middle class or elderly No voters will be unlikely to switch to voting tory. In fact, it's more likely to cement Labour's position as the party of middle income public sector workers - we already saw in 2011 that Labour's core vote was vulnerable while in East Renfrewshire, East Lothian and Dumfries and Galloway it found it far easier to defend the SNP, and tory, challenge, and while the tory leadership in Scotland is arguably far less inept than Labour's they still suffer from a toxicity issue which reflexively means that even 'right'-minded voters around these parts are reluctant to vote tory.
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    Holuhraun Emitting More SO2 Pollution than All of Europe By Páll Stefánsson September 25, 2014 10:31 Updated: September 25, 2014 14:57 The pollution in the East Fjords earlier this month. Photo: Zoë Robert. The sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitted from the Holuhraun eruption has reached up to 60,000 tons per day and averaged close to 20,000 tons since it began. For comparison, all the SO2 pollution in Europe, from industries, energy production, traffic and house heating, etc., amounts to 14,000 tons per day. “It’s clear that no eruption [in Iceland] in the 20th century comes close to this one. We have to go far back to the 19th century, to find eruption as voluminous in gas emissions,†Þorsteinn Jóhannsson, a specialist at the Environmental Agency of Iceland, told visir.is. Morgunblaðið reported this morning that the scientists at Holuhraun had to evacuate their base at Drekagil in the Askja region, 25 km (15 miles) northwest of the eruption site because of a gas cloud hanging over the area. What if the Eruption were somewhere else? By Benedikt Jóhannesson September 25, 2014 19:18 Updated: September 25, 2014 19:44 What if an eruption had started in Central park. Composite image made by Páll Kjartansson. The lava flow since the beginning of the Holuhraun eruption covers around 40 square kilometers (15 square miles) and comprises a total volume about 500 million cubic meters and is one of the biggest in Iceland in such a short time. Yesterday we showed how much of Reykjavík the lava would cover. Many of our foreign readers may not relate to Reykjavík so we calculated how much of Manhattan the lava could cover. It turns out that the lava now could cover almost the whole island. The picture on the left shows how much area in Manhattan the lava would cover now. The cube on the right show how many Empire State Buildings the lava could sink now. Illustration: Jóhannes Benediktsson. The volume of the lava is one of the greatest in recent history. It could contain over 150 Empire State Buildings, 100 Eiffel Towers, over 200 Khufu Pyramids, etc. The volcano has even produced enough lava to build the Great Wall of China 1.5 times over. The lava could cover: The Eiffel Tower 107 times The Great Wall of China 1,6 times The Empire State Building 154 times The Taj Mahal 13.500 times St. Peter's Basilica 450 times The Great Pyramid of Khufu 209 times In our story yesterday the original heading was: A Volcano in Reykjavík? The Lava now covers almost the whole City. The story was accompanied by a photoshopped photo of Hallgrímskirkja church, a Reykjavík landmark, in front of an erupting volcano. A handful of readers thought that ‘other readers’ could be misled by the story (but they themselves understood that it was only to paint a picture). So for ’the others’ we state: The Eruption is north of Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland and not in Reykjavík, New York, Paris, Rome or any other place. http://icelandreview.com/news/eruption ok thats now my lot its just shows how large this is
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    I remember reading something years ago that predicted that future generations would curse us for burning something as precious as oil.
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    Kilauea volcano update: Lava front stalls, breakouts widen to the north Thursday Sep 25, 2014 05:26 AM | BY: PO NASA satellite image of the flow area provided by USGS-HVO, showing "hot" areas widening the lava flow field on September 22, 2014. USGS-HVO tilt plot on September 24, 2014 showing decrease in summit tilt during the same period as decrease in surface activity, but a puzzling lack of decrease in tilt at Pu'u 'O'o cone. In the past few days, the front of the lava flow heading towards Pahoa has stalled its forward progress. There is still lava activity at a decreased level, but this is only widening the lava field instead of advancing further. There is an interesting, perhaps coincidental correlation between the drop in surface activity and a decrease in summit tilt (presumably tied to pressure). Unusually, there is no corresponding decrease on Pu'u 'O'o's tilt signal, and the public is not in a position to decipher whether this is due to an unusual eruption geometry, or whether there is no real correlation. If surface activity increases within a day or two of the next summit tilt increase, that would suggest some correlation, but for now certainly Pahoa and its infrastructure have been granted a little extra time. All news about: Kilauea volcano Information about: Kilauea volcano
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    Quite possibly - but then again, Westminster HAS to deliver meaningful new powers to Holyrood AND the finance to fund it. It's no use saying we will allow you to control XYZ without the cash. For instance, just suppose for sake of argument that X is on the table and Westminster keep the taxes raised from Scotland as at present (that is, the finance is not returned). Scotland then has a castrated power with no hope of carrying out the extra work. I simply do not trust Westminster. Cameron's Vow was Cameron's - he could be deposed (stabbed in the front) by the grey men of the Conservatives tomorrow and his so called binding promise would be void. This is why Scots MUST keep the pressure on for a further ref if things go to hell in a handbasket.
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    There wont be another referendum vote for at least 12 to 15 years imo.
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    Brain is already in the Bar, come 4:30 I'll have a drink for everyone in the LakeYard overlooking Poole Bay, happy days
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    I have no idea how this post responds to the post to which it putatively replied.
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    Tonight's anomalies are still similar but the HP in North America and to the east appears to be lessening in intensity and much the same applies to the mid Atlantic trough, This the seems to tend to a more zonal flow between low pressure over Greenland and HP pushing south in mid Atlantic with a weak jet between systems. As shown in the later ecm surface chart. This would seem to indicate periods of settled/unsettled weather in the UK of no great extremes and temps around average.A not unseasonable scenario.
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    Tonight's GEFS 12z mean shows warm anticyclonic weather lasting well into early october across the south & east, mainly dry with sunny spells and light winds with temperatures into the low 20's celsius but as time goes on, probably an increasing risk of overnight fog patches and single digits celsius minima, eventually the high bringing all the fine weather drifts away further east and the atlantic tries to make inroads southeastwards with temps by day slowly drifting down but it's a very slow process. More unsettled atlantic weather with stronger winds for the far northwest of the BI with temperatures closer to average.
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    If we did, we would have a 'how many feet of snow will we get this winter,' thread! Instead we are at the mercy of the atlantic most of the time!
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    Each to there own, every body is aloud to have there own predictions/opinions, we all know its hard even impossible to predict the winter. But i think its a bit unfair for people to write other people off when they havent got a clue them selves. Whats the point in having a forum when its not even considered right for you to give your own opinions. i predict a colder than average winter based on what i have read so far E.G. Eastern QBO, El Nino and many other factors which could go our way.
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    Part of the problem is the current regulatory structure and grid access charging. Scottish Hydro Electric's Peterhead gas turbine station runs at reduced capacity (and it's max capacity has been cut) as a consequence of the discriminatory grid access charging regime in place. In SE England producers are subsidised to connect to the grid, with connection charges rising with distance from London in a policy which takes no account of where electricity is used. In the first period of privatised electricity companies the vertically integrated Hydro Electric and Scottish Power had the lowest charges in the UK by some distance. Because of the Labour Party reforms artificial firewalls were put in to the vertically integrated structure of the Scottish utilities to prevent 'cross subsidising' which means the discriminatory grid access pricing results in us in the North of Scotland having the highest bills now instead of the lowest, well done Labour - bloody genius, you can forget trying to run with your price freeze crap in Scotland, we know who forced our bills up artificially!
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    ^^^^^ I really like the sun's light on the clouds. Great catch. That's the third sunset I've captured this week, though I think the lens flare ruins this one a bit...
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    I saw council staff picking the berries near my parents doctors on Weds. Must have had more sense than yours...lol (although I don't think that is classed as working).It is dry here today and I am just recovering after the weekly grass cut. A few light showers dotted about. It canrain now.Dry tomorrow please as we are at the Little Gransden airshow.
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    Lots of beautiful storm clouds spotted on my journey around the eastern M25 and southern M1 a couple of hours ago.
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    Evening in the east (of London). Edge of a rogue large cloud. I am hoping for a storm tomorrow.
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    Lots of in cloud action and nothing with the wow factor like last night in the storm that just passed. Just a little rain too. I am impressed with the lightning camera app, saved me setting up my proper camera. See pics below, not exciting, but captured. I hope the storms in France don't get here until tomorrow awake hours (I want some sleep).
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    things starting to look lively here. We have an evening planned of watching the new series of House Of Cards but all I really want to do is sit in silence and listen to the wind blow. I dont think OH will be up for that somehow Just have to wait until he goes home!!
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    all I can say about it out there now is YUK! got soaked and blown about like a rag doll and the wind hasnt even started yet! I do hope people choose to have romantic nights in tonight rather than romantic nights out. I have a feeling its going to be ugly later
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    just came back from early Valentines lunch and saw some AMAZING black skies. Didnt have my camera I managed to get a pic as it was trundling off in the distance when I got home. It dumped a load of hail but no rain. I just said to the OH I hate being indoors when its like that outside and he said I was mad, most people are the other way round! Looks like a Summers day outside now.
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    Still very quiet here, outside anyway. Inside The Police and Hall & Oats is blaring and Stella flowing nicely..
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    morning all, grey, damp and generlly miserable here at the moment. I dreamt last night that the whole of the UK was under a Met Office Red warning...this weather is even plaguing my dreams now! I see the rain is on its way, its going to be a wet one! I hope everyone has a great day. The kids have generously given me their lurgy so I shall be indoors under a blanket with copious amount of tea, biscuits and chocolate, windows open and listening to the rain.
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    afternoon all. Total change here in the weather now. Grey, raining and really gusty. Wind tried knocking me off my feet just now when I popped out for some shopping. Glad to be back indoors thats for sure. My hair is way past distressed....
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    Soo, lucky girl here has just got her first DSLR for my Birthday on Friday!! After testing them out in the shop I went for the Canon 600D with the basic kit lens (18-55mm IS) I've drawn up a little wish list of lenses which I would like... 50mm 1.4 and 75-300mm for a start. I'd love a Macro too but I think that one might have to wait until next year as they're super expensive so I'll wait, save and by then I should be confident with my baby. I need a little help on what else I'll need. Has anyone got any good suggestions of things I could get? I've been looking at tripods but I have no idea what to get. I'm only a shorty 5"1. Will this make a difference when looking for them? Do I need lens hoods? Filters? I don't want to buy a ton of stuff that I wont really need. Any help/answers greatly appreciated x
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    thank you all. Just seen all the replies! I did get a zoom and have a nice little kit going on now. I got a Macro lens for Christmas so I'm having fun with that. Just need it to snow now for some awesome Snowflake Pics
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    the huge trees out the front of our house are cracking. I had a look out the door and could hear them with every gust. I've moved the kids to my bed in the back of the house, not taking any chances because if one of those came down towards the house we'd be in trouble. I cant imagine what its going to be like if it gets worse?!
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    time to order that SAD lamp, cannot cope with anymore grey
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    Morning everyone Bit chilly out there today although not as chilly as I thought it would be. The moon was huge this morning so I grabbed a couple of pics. I'm looking forward to the Snow Cup. Hopefully we'll have something to stick our rulers in very soon I've banned myself from the mod thread this year. The last 2 years have been so emotionally stressful just reading it so I've not ventured in this time. This thread is full of excellent posters with all the info you'd ever need anyway. Happy, non argumentative, sane(ish) people with straight up weather info in here and not a pram or strewn toy in sight. Just the way I like it Have a great day all
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    Evening all I'm So hungry after reading the last couple of pages!! Tonight's menu sounds delish. We had good ol shepherds pie and veg, perfect food for a chilly evening We had a great day enjoying the autumn sunshine. we went out to collect a ton of twigs and leaves to make new trees as lots were broken in the storm. It was my sons idea (he is only 5) so with a little help from some Sellotape we now have a house full of 'trees' it's like the great outdoors in here. It was a beautiful day, some gorgeous clouds in the sky which we layed and watched for a while
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    It's still rather blustery out there! We've been out twice, once to look at the poor trees and second time to collect my bank card which I apparently dropped whilst looking at the trees! Took a few pics. These were in the park which is outside my house. We were lucky that the big tall trees on the doorstep held their ground well otherwise we might have acquired a new house plant. There are trees down all over town and someone's car was squashed by a falling tree in my Dads Road No idea why they are sideways, this always seems to happen with iphone pics?! I feel shattered after all that excitement and staying up most of the night. Might as well get used to it though, it will soon be Snow watch
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    Afternoon all I hope everyone is good, I haven't posted for ages! All eyes to Monday. I have to say it's looking rather concerning. Obviously I'm really excited about it but also worried. Back in 87' (sorry ha) it was all about the excitement and as I was only a wee one I didn't have the worry and trouble of cleaning up the devestation it caused. Now I'm a big girl I'm actually worrying about the house etc. I live on te edge of a park and there are lots of trees on my doorstep. They're in full leaf and already swaying with the light winds today. God only knows what they'd be like in an 80mph gust?! I've been following everything here closely and giving friends and family the heads up. Some people are so blasé about it though and scoff at the idea of it being anything more than a storm in a teacup. One can only hope that if come Monday things are flying past their windows they actually take heed and stay in until it's blown over. I've got my candles ready, books, sweets and blankets so we should be alright
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    A pic I took today. I think its a Harris Hawk
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    Thanks guys. I'm going to do lots of free photography workshops that thy run around kent and I'm also going to Camera club when it starts up again in a couple of weeks so that should help ALOT lol
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