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    UKMO shows pressure slowly rising by mid week ECM isn't so keen GFS try's to follow UKMO Beyond t144 ECM does build pressure
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    Morning all, My thoughts are with Alixzandra at what is a difficult time for you. Keep strong, and if you ever need a virtual hug you have come to the right place. This thread and the community spirit we have on here is amazing all year round, but particularly during the time when some of our members go through difficult times. Weather wise, it's a lovely morning out there - much better already than yesterday was with our promise of sun and temperatures in the late teens by the afternoon! However, I see a change is brewing and we are in for some colder more unsettled weather. In a strange way, I am looking forward to hearing the rain beat on the windows again - but just as long as it doesn't last the whole of spring!!
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    looks like 6-9C in the north with the south remaining in double figures. Yes frosts by night but nothing special for March and still for most at low levels there will still not be any snow. Higher levels again could get some but again they got loads during the winter as they were high enough for the copious amounts of rain to turn to snow. The biggest middle finger from the models this morning is the cross model support for some kind of high to form to our north east with low pressure disrupting and heading south east through the UK. Would be typical to pick up an easterly now as it do nothing but bring in lots of low cloud.
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    At least he constantly posts through the year. He obviously likes his warm weather, but his posts don't generally show a model run perturbation (which I'm not condemning, by the way...) and I, for one, appreciate his efforts.
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    Alix, my thoughts are with you and your father. AS has it right a father is the comedian of the family, it's him that is first to say it will be alright, it's him whose duty it is to make you laugh when you fall and scarp your knee. But at the moment he can't do that, so he properly would just like a cuddle and a nice hug at the moment, I know I would. Keep strong. Cloudy day today, with a heavy dew. Been busy designing this week, had 2 absolutely fabulous days, desk is full of calculations, quotations, drawing, sketches and screwed up bits of paper, been a right old mad professor. Thoughts only on problem solving, and boy are there some problems to be solved. Designed a new evaporator (the bit of kit the cold air comes out off), quiet proud of that. Redesigned everything else, calculated all the volumes and pipe lengths, today's job, is to crack the defrost system. Bet you are impressed as the wife when I explained the ne evaporator to her, thought she could have kept awake. Oh well better get on.
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    I'm feeling pretty numb, my Dad has been fighting hard since August, had part of his throat removed in a major op including voice box, then intensive radiotherapy. Had a stroke today, the nerves in his throat are all burnt out from the radio, it's difficult to take it all in. He has the heart of a lion, and will to stay with us, for the sake of us, but it's not enough. Just trying to draw some strength from somewhere for tomorrow, to make him laugh through the reality (its what me and my sister do, we make him laugh), even though the pain is unbearable for him and us. The weather, it's been cold, with a bitter wind today.
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    I don't remember any cold snaps during the last 4 months, indeed, some parts of the uk haven't had a single snow flake and barely a frost either..that is why I think it's noteworthy that the BBC weather summary for the weekend is :- Chilly Wintry Showers Frosty nights Sounds wintry to me...
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    April CET statistics and trivia 19.7 ... warmest April daily mean (29th, 1775) 16.3 ... warmest daily mean 1-15 April (15th, 1945) 11.8 ... warmest April (2011) 11.2 ... 2nd warmest April (2007) 10.6 ... 3rd warmest April (1865) 10.5 ... 4th warmest April (1943) 9.1 ... average for 2001-13 9.0 ... average for 14 yrs 1862-1875 (surprise?) 8.5 ... average for 1981-2010 8.1 ... average for 1971-2000 (and 20th century 1901-2000) (also 1971-2000) 8.0 ... average for 19th century 1801-1900 7.9 ... average for all data 1659-2013, also 1961-1990, also 18th century 1701-1800 7.5 ... 2013 CET 7.3 ... average for 1659-1700 5.8 ... 18th coldest (tied) 1986 (coldest of past half century) 5.4 ... fifth coldest (tied) -- 1917 (coldest 20th century) also 1743,1770,1799) 5.2 ... third coldest (tied) -- 1782 and 1809 4.7 ... coldest Aprils (1701 and 1837) -0.2 ... coldest April daily mean second half (19th, 1772) -0.5 ... coldest April daily mean (2nd, 1917 and 3rd, 1799) _______________________________________________________ Post your forecast before April 1st (late penalties apply 1-3 April)
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    Possibly, but quarter finalists last year picked up an additional €3.9M in prize money, so assuming similar this year, it'll pay for a couple of months salary for Wayne Rooney. :winky:
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    My memory of the last 4 months is biblical amounts of rain, severe gale / storm force / hurricane force winds..... hardly any frost and no snow worthy of mention apart from the scottish mountains. The next 7-10 days..perhaps longer indicate a higher chance of a snow flake and frost than we have had for the last 16 weeks...weather forecast just said turning much colder during the next few days. :-)
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    Well a week's a long time in forecasting. The dominating AZ high has now disappeared next week. After a brief look the weather over the weekend which is under the influence of the low to the north of the UK, after the cold front moves through today, lying Stornoway to western Ireland at oo, quite convective with frequent wintry showers with snow further north and on the hills in the strong W-NW winds. A weak transient ridge on Monday before a slack period midweek, with the ridge to the west of the UK, but the GDPS and GFS diverge here so best left but just to say quite cool.
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    Cheers pm..I'm glad you agree. Its all relative of course as we are heading towards april but wintry showers and frosty nights is good enough for me..with the increasing convection we should see some beefy wintry showers with thunder developing well inland.
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    All our love and best wishes to you and your Dad. Some people are just so awesomely brave, keep positive for his sake... he doesn't need to laugh, just to know you're there is enough. And we'll be here thinking of you and your family.
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    Alix my thoughts are with you this morning. As hard as it is keep smiling and keep fighting, unfortunately my dad passed away 2 years ago now with dementia. No-one prepares you on how to deal with this difficult situation, all i can say is that my prayers and hopes that he is as comfortable as he can be, with his loved ones around him being there with him, making him smile and even if he isnt smiling he will know that you are there. Take strength from memories that you have of him and the wonderful times that you had with him. Weather today is cold and breezy, am not liking the thought of a temp plunge as i am about to take the little one to Peppa pig next week end no snow please.
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    Temperatures will drop like a stone when the wintry showers blow through but then recover when the sunshine returns...I love spring..
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    Morning all. Clear skies here at the moment and birds are finishing their dawn chorus. Best wishes to Alixzandra today, during an undoubtedly very tough time.
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    My thoughts are with you and your loved ones, Alix, at this most sad and difficult time.
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    Yes Frosty, even the experts are calling it a wintry spell, why folk have to keep playing it down is beyond me... it is what it is a short Wintry spell. And the charts also paint a period of cool and unsettled weather well into the start of April.
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    How can we enjoy a wintry spell in late March, especially after a winterless winter!! All we want now is a nice spring, a summerey summer (heat, fine barbie days and storms) and a winterey winter 2014-15!!
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    It's funny isn't it how a Dad's job is to make his children laugh, to be daft, to be strong, to make out like everything will forever be ok, yet as time refuses to stand still the balance shifts so that the children become more and more like the Dad, looking for the lightness and the light but increasingly aware of the gathering dark. My huge sympathies to you A. My dad, nearly 80, is still going very strong but he's on his own now and misses his wife so much, and we are doing for him now what he did for us then and what others will, hopefully, do for us one day. AS
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    talking to yourself is the first sign of madness gavin
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    Lol Pete, for someone who apparently doesn't like all the political spin which goes on, you do a good job of spinning things to suit your political viewpoint! Currently ~3% of £1 coins in circulation are fake (about £45 million worth), and due to it's design and age it's not something that can be changed without changing the coin itself and using a harder to counterfeit design, I'll think you'll find that's the reason for the change, not just because someone in the treasury decided they wanted to chuck a load of money down the drain on making a pretty new coin.
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    Or ex-partners who don't pay the mortgage for over nine months, and then blame it on you for "your financial mismanagement" cos you were off sick from work and had your CSA liabilities cut...by the CSA. I could write a book about the way my ex has acted, she hasn't worked for ten years, claims incapacity benefit for being too ill to work yet magically is fit and healthy enough to go out partying almost constantly and live a fully active life, apart from the work bit...and then tells the kids that the job I have "isn't a proper job". I sense a need for a new thread to rant about this as a separate topic
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    I've been thoroughly enjoying the spring like weather. It marks the beginning of my camping season where I can star gaze and take some nice star trail photos in comfortable temperatures. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge cold/snow fan and a snowboarder but I'm in my warm/sunny mode now. Tomatoes, chillies & peppers amongst others are planted and some have germinated well in the poly tunnel. I really am hoping for a good spring/summer. Here's what I got a few days ago on my first camp of the season thanks to the nice weather. Taken from the summit of Mynydd Mawr looking over Nantlle ridge. https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19661-/
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