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    Yes. Steven Goddard (no "warmist" he) recently posted this graph.http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/correlation-between-arctic-and-antarctic-sea-ice-anomalies/ Unfortunately he's an idiot, and doesn't actually know what an r^2 value of 0.05 actually means (i.e. it proves there's no correlation whatsoever), hence the misleading headline.
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    I'll cough on the second paper. (if you look above you'll see why -[already posted])
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    Found last Winter archive of randomness... Limpasuvan_etal_JClim_04 The Life Cycle of the Northern Hemisphere Sudden Stratospheric Warmings Limpasuvan_etal_JClim_04.pdf El Niño, La Niña, and stratospheric sudden warmings:A re-evaluation in light of the observational record butler+polvani-GRL-2011.pdf Blocking precursors to stratospheric sudden warming events martius+polvani+davies-GRL-2009.pdf
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    After last year with the EP flux being very unfavourable I think I have come on leaps and bounds in that respect!
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    An overview on the week just passed. (I'll continue to use the NSIDC extent for this as it's more consistent than the IJIS data) The NSIDC extent has continued to fall, and the 1 day mean is now 792,000km2 below the previous minimum, with the 5 day mean now 633,000km2 below the 2007 record. The current daily anomaly with regards the 79-11 average is now at ~2,927,000km2. The average daily change over the last week was about -15,600km2/day, compared to the 79-11 average of -1,300km2. The long term average daily change for the next 7 days is around +24,800km2/day. So unless we begin to see a turn around soon, the anomaly may climb over 3 million km2 during the next week.
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    I am sad enough to have the links to the whole amount of a lot of these papers, l! http://www.nwra.com/resumes/baldwin/pubs/baldwin_dunkerton_2001.pdf I have to say that this one is very comprehensive regarding stratospheric polar vortices: http://www.columbia.edu/~lmp/paps/waugh+polvani-PlumbFestVolume-2010.pdf
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    This may be a vintage paper but it's a goodie.. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/294/5542/581.short
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    Record of Spain was Murcia 47,8ºc Seville record is no valid, for bad instruments and enplacement. Berja is very custionated, at 15 km of the sea. Villes of Huelva, Seville, Cordoba, Jaen and Badajoz, has registred 46-47ºc during 2003 hot wave. www.MeteoHuelva.Blogspot.com
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    Great update Summer Blizzard As we have seen since early April 2012 I always feel that those High Latitude North Atlantic cold pools can act as a wild card which means Britain and Scandinavia can experience decent early cold weather whist the rest of Europe remains in summer like warmth due to the highly amplified Scandi Troughs.
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    Some charts to show the snows progress in the last 4 days then now then now >>>>>>>>>
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    http://jisao.washington.edu/pdo/PDO.latest Very -PDO signal remains and MEI shows that El Nino weakened last month as do the anomaly chart. Ignoring the warm anomalies over Europe i like that chart, especially the cold anomaly to the north.
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    Here’s a list of some data sources people may be interested in. First off, the Arctic Sea Ice Graphs page. This has loads of graphs, images and charts from different groups and individuals. It will have most sea ice measures you’ll need, as well as some Arctic weather and ocean data and links to much more info, some which will appear below. https://sites.google...icseaicegraphs/ The main sea ice monitoring pages are here. They will often have links to other data, and some numbers available to download so you can do your own analysis. NSIDC http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/ IJIS http://www.ijis.iarc...aice_extent.htm Cryosphere Today http://arctic.atmos....edu/cryosphere/ PIOMAS (Volume) http://psc.apl.washi...volume-anomaly/ MASIE http://nsidc.org/data/masie/ The MODIS Arctic Mosaic Satellite Imagery This updates daily and goes back to March 2009. Is composed of numerous images taken from passes of the AQUA and TERRA satellites, which are then stitched together to generate 2 whole Arctic images daily. http://rapidfire.sci...12256.terra.4km MODIS Composite Coming from the MODIS mosaic imagery, the Canadian Ice Service combine 7 days worth of mosaic images to create a composite chart. Very handy for seeing through the clouds! http://ice-glaces.ec...=10110&Lang=eng Weather and SST data DMI Arctic Sea Surface Temperatures http://ocean.dmi.dk/...te/index.uk.php Temperatures North of 80N http://ocean.dmi.dk/...meant80n.uk.php NCEP Reanalysis This is very useful when looking at climate and weather over the Arctic. You can generate maps of numerous variables, and lots of timescales. Browse around the site, there’s an enormous volume of data available. Daily http://www.esrl.noaa...composites/day/ Monthly http://www.esrl.noaa...es/printpage.pl North Pole Webcam http://www.arctic.no...gallery_np.html Sea Ice Forecasts ARCUS Sea Ice Outlook Takes contributions from experts and the public to create a prediction of the September mean sea ice extent, as well as other ice measure, regional trends and overviews on recent weather conditions and how they affected the ice. http://www.arcus.org...tlook/index.php Research The Cryosphere Journal Deals exclusively with the cryosphere and is open access, so all papers are free to view http://www.the-cryosphere.net/ If anyone has any extra links they think should be added, or ideas on how to arrange everything better, just send me a pm!
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