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    The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge, North York Moors.
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    this so reminds me of this video!
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    What a beautiful photo. I saw one last week during my before bed dog walk, swooped right over our heads. This is why we all need to protect our hedgerows, meadows and wild areas.
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    Visited a few times, So much history to which was such an important place, With communications with Rome given its isolation and remoteness.
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    The bit of east coast from Redcar to Whitby faces almost north and in summer sun rises and sets over the sea offering potential maximum sunshine hours.
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    It was only visible for maybe 5 mins around an hour after the main squall line passed over, I only saw it because we were outside helping a neighbour replace some lost tiles and repair his garage roof, which had been damaged. It was the first calm spell after the squall. It may have been visible over Beverley but blink and you would have missed it
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    Below right of the moon you can now see Venus in the twilight, setting about an hour after the sun, and further over to the right you might just catch a glimpse of Jupiter. Venus will become much more prominent in the sky in the next few weeks.
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    I lived in Swansea 15 years ago. By the looks of things, a lot of changes!
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    Thanks Polar. Don't worry Allseasons it will be
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    Had a breeding pair this spring just down the road from us and made a large nest in an elm...wow! talk about protective, you wouldn't want to go within a hundred yards of it without the male circling close by. The neighbouring rabbit population took a hit! Nice photo...
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    Thank you! Yes - can’t thank the seagull enough for it's immaculate timing!
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    Wow, that's a gorgeous photo. Perfectly positioned seagull . :)
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    The Camborne ascent at midday quite unstable in the lower regions
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    Watch out mate...Hooties about
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    Looks like Hooty`s getting use to you mate
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    Lovely when a plan comes together
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    It was very impressive. I asked the experts here what it was as I don't know much about cloud formations and thought it might be a lenticular cloud. Still a rare sight here in the UK
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    Nice shot! I have a pair in the field below me. Love watching them hunt during daylight hours.
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    Two gossiping collard doves.
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    Looks like he/she is doing well and feeding a young family. I wonder if the offspring will inherit any of the leucistic/white feather features.
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    It's been an amazing year for Bluebells down here
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    Now careful Chris, you're on thin ice r
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    A very professional taken photo of the sun.
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    Totally amazing and breathtaking picture of the sun.
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    The colour is displaying incorrectly here, it should look like this. But click it as thumb is also desaturated
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    A truly awesome photo taken.
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