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    Ant and Dec: You win a trip to Florida to say thank you for your hardwork for NHS, your charity work, you helped your brother recover from a brain tumour.........because.you slipped on mud and it was viewed 4 milllion times on Youtube.....WTF?!
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    Sad news about the death of Heather Couper. An astronomer but one meteorological connection, she narrated that memorable Equinox episode "Electric Skies" back in the mid 1990s about lightning.
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    Guess who can start playing sports again after recovering from a broken collarbone!
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    A shot of the satellite image today over the Canary Islands and Morocco. It interestingly shows some dust that comes from Morocco/Western Sahara and travels over Fuerteventura and other islands. From what I saw it is called Calima, a type of dust storm.
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    While I was working in the garden, two enormous formations of grues/cranes came over. Really loud calls...
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    That's quite a nice storm over in Poland at the moment. Haven't seen a storm as big as that there since September! Anyway, who's excited for storm season lads?
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