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  2. ECM looking promising into next weekend again this morning....not strong high pressure domination per se, but enough of an influence to drag some fairly warm air up.
  3. Tonight is the first night of lingering twilight down here in Surrey
  4. The ecm quite quickly moves the upper trough away to the east after the middle of next week but further systems track east around the subtropical high so remaining unsettled with showers, some longer periods of rain and sunny periods
  5. A quick glance at forecast sounding indicates the potential for some hefty showers this PM
  6. The long slog is nearly done,less than a month till a slow return journey to those lovely dark evenings in front of the fire and waking up to actually see a sunrise!! Can't wait
  7. Today
  8. Many thanks, Callum and Lassie ^^^^^^^^^^^. It makes my job so much easier and more enjoyable when Entrants to these Competitions, follow the Format to a tee!! I wished I had you guys around when I was "hosting" these Competitions at work, with £100's worth of Prize Money, involved. Even then, I got comments from some colleagues with many years experience of Bookmaking and of being Sport's Fans, like the following, "Tom, I'd like to enter but it's too complicated!!" Pfft, that became a weary "mantra". What they were really saying was, they couldn't be bothered to take a little time to read through the Format. I found it typical of our current, "Fast Food Society". A lot of the population, want things "on a plate", a "something for nothing" and an "everything yesterday", mentality. Anyway, it "cut no ice" with me, as my 18 year old daughter (at the time) Hayley, with very limited sporting knowledge at that age, filled in my Competitions with the minimum of fuss!! As you are probably aware, I've been spending the last few days putting together the Format for a Cricket World Cup Competition. I'm hoping a few of the "gang" on these Racing threads, will enter. Despite not being a fan of Cricket, Callum (KIRKCALDY WEATHER), has already put some entries on the Cricket World Cup Competition thread. See below: Anyway, to return to the up and coming IRISH GUINEAS Weekend, I will post up more details of the Format, after spending a little more time on the Cricket Competition. Regards, Tom.
  9. A cloudy start to the day after an overnight low of 10.0°C @ 00:20, before the temperature rose and it stayed around 11°C all night. Currently 11.6°C
  10. Well today was another long day but we were rewarded with a fairly nice Texas tornado. There was a chance for another tornado which was rain wrapped but did come out of the rain , just after we had moved to intercept another storm coming from the south. Our tornado was on the ground for about 5 to 10 minutes before it became rain wrapped. It was moving to the north east and so we tried another intercept as it crossed the road but had to retreat because it was still partially wrapped in rain. I saw it passing across the road through gaps in the rain, Ended the night in Woodward , Oklahoma. Photo of the tornado supplied by Martin Bunn.
  11. That just seems wrong, would like to know the min data for down here, it must be well below ave here and maybe above further north. However we havent had many temps over 14c until the last few days due to the easterlies, so 15c ave max feels wrong to. Maybe it just goes to show how much the min temps are bringing the ave CET up over the last period of time. I will have to look at the min ave a bit more.
  12. Scored a lovely Cone Tornado SW of Lipscombe today, am sure the lads will put some pictures up as soon as they wake up
  13. The controlling feature for the rest of next week is the movement of the upper trough to the north so continuing unsettled but some light at the end of the tunnel by Saturday as the subtropical high ridges in
  14. © Kevin Bradshaw

  15. The NH 500mb profile and the North Atlantic surface analysis for midnight The occlusion wrapped around the low in the north east will continue to effect the far north of Scotland today although initially just cloudy with perhaps the odd spot of drizzle, But in it's death throes the rain may come back later in the afternoon. Elsewhere patchy cloud, mainly in the west, but during the day there will be a fair bit of sunshine and it will be quite warm, particularly in the south east. And showers will start to pop up by late morning and these could become quite frequent and heavy, with thunder thrown in, in eastern Wales and central southern England Through the evening the showers will die out, they may persist for a time in the far south courtesy of the little occlusion in the Channel, and the rain in the north will again give way to just cloud. So generally a fairly clear night but by dawn cloud and some rain will effect N. Ireland as the warm front edges in from the west The warm front and rain will continue to track ESE through Saturday effecting most regions, but particularly the north of England and Scotland, apart from the south east and south, although some showers may pop up here, courtesy of the stray trough.. All of this results in quite a NW/SE temp contrast. Saturday night and trough Sunday sees the start of the transition into a cooler and potential unstable regime as the upper troughs to the west and north east sort themselves out. The upshot of all this on the surface is that by midday Sunday the warm front is well clear with the cold front tracking south east down the country leaving the waving occlusion to trail all the way back south of Greenland. Ergo the rain belt will track south east clearing to showers behind the front, except possible over northern Scotland. It will also introduce cooler air in it's wake By Monday the two troughs have merged with the main center to the north resulting in a quite complex area of low pressure over the UK with a center of 998mb over Scotland and troughs and fronts within the general circulation. A whole gamut of weather involved here from heavy showers with thunder in the mix to some longer periods of rain. And quite windy to boot. Temps a little below average By Tuesday the low centered over the UK has moved away south east leaving the country in a fresh northerly that could even reach gale force in some coastal regions. Within this potentially unstable environment frequent showers will pop up with again the risk of thunder, and even longer periods of rain as the showers coalesce, courtesy of troughs within the circulation
  16. 4 day's blank, 78 for 2019 55% Solar flux 67
  17. By the sounds of it I've been lucky with the weather down here. I thought it had been fairly bland but I stand corrected we've had some lovely weather in comparison to you. It looks like today will be similar to yesterday here with the only negative being a cool breeze. It's a cool but sunny start looking out towards Harden's Hill near Duns:
  18. A warm start with clear skies Temp 10.9C, Barometer 1016mb rising slowly, Wind F1 W, Rainfall Nil
  19. I find it odd that the two intervals with the worst Augusts relative to July are (a) the quite cool years from about 1870 to 1930 and (b) the very warm years since 2004. Anyone see any logical reason why these two contrasting climate periods should both do poorly in August?
  20. Ar thank you! Sometimes feel I can be a little harsh and have stroppy moments (guess a lot of us do at times lol), but that’s very nice of you to say, Crew!
  21. Yesterday
  22. You sir are a great moderator, if I may say so myself. Always upbeat and fair when sanctions are necessary. Just thought I'd say!
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