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  2. Always seems to be the case these days that high pressure brings us foggy, drizzly, murky weather. Traditionally, it used to bring frost and nice blue clear skies and sunshine.
  3. Got my first smell of summer early last night. Eastern Europeans in a house a few doors down from me were having a little bbq. Smelling a bbq on a dark misty cloudy night in Jan felt strange . Lol.
  4. Lucky. Here in East Lancashire we’re to the west of high ground so we get a lot of gloom, low cloud, mist, murk, dampness - esspecially in Winter when we get a W/SW flow like we’re in at the moment. When we get an easterly wind though, it has the opposite effect, so in Spring (our most easterly season) when the North East is covered in fog, gloom and murk, we tend to get a lot of sunny and clear weather.
  5. Oh well, at least the Spanish have some snow: Snowploughs clearing up to 50 cm of snow in north-west Murcia MURCIATODAY.COM It must be nice digging your way out of your drive knowing that in less than 2 months you will be sat in the garden with a beer. BTW these scenes are from the Murcia Region of South East Spain at an altitude of 2000 feet, in the higher Sierra Espuna Mountains 2 meters of snow has fallen above 3000 feet. Andy
  6. God that looks desperate to a man going on a skiing holiday to Austria who would just like to see it snowing once this winter!
  7. As far as 'quarantine' goes our NHS is asking folk NOT to attend surgeries/A&E if you suspect you have 2019-nCoV but to phone your surgery/nhs on 111 Is this a precursor to what we saw in Canada over SARs with buildings/homes being locked down where suspected cases live? How would the UK cope with such measures esp. those in flats with multiple occupancy? Or will we adopt the Chinese method of closing down cities?(now 13 closed in China) Do you live in a city with an international Airport? Hmmmm......
  8. Yup. This has to be the most boring winter ever. It’s just been extremely cloudy, barely any snow, ice or even frost and just dull, gloomy and 5-8c most days. I remember waking up to snow one morning in December, which quickly melted, and the other week I could see a very light dusting on the top of Pendle hill. Even by our standards, that pretty poor. At least last winter we had a couple of colder weeks in January and a very spring-like February. This year though - absolutely nothing. This day (well yesterday) one year ago.
  9. Yup, it’s nearly always light drizzle whenever I’m in Manchester. What’s funny though is that the slightest hint of drizzle and people suddenly get their umbrellas out, and complain that it’s raining, even though it’s not even enough to make you wet.
  10. The suggestion is of another cold March as a growing possibility. But it is a long way off, and Lee himself says that ensemble data moves in different directions in early February. Expectations need to remain grounded - temperatures over Europe look set to remain high in terms of sourcing, and the FEb 18 Beast was the most significant late season reversal impact in the modern record and shouldnt be taken as likely to repeat. The chances of a properly cold and snowy March are not great! However a freakish Dec 2010....a freakish March 2018. Maybe the freak will become the norm....
  11. Listed below, are the Racing Post links to the Final Declarations for Tomorrows' 7 Competition Races. KIRKCALDY WEATHER, LASSIE23 and SUMMER SUN, have already chosen their Selections for Category 6 - CHELTENHAM GRADE 2 TRIXIE and Category 7 - CHELTENHAM/DONCASTER HANDICAP DOUBLE. They will only need to Select Horses for the 2.05 and 2.40 at Doncaster. Please remember to NAP your most fancied Horse of the Afternoon's 7 Competition Races. Your Selections for Tomorrow Afternoon's 7 Competition Races, MUST be Posted on this Thread, by NOON Tomorrow. Thank you. MID - LATE WINTER RACING COMPETITION SAT.25th JAN CHELTENHAM https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/11/cheltenham/2020-01-25/747593/ 1.50 - LEG 1 (Cheltenham/Doncaster Double).Selection - 1. - 2. - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/11/cheltenham/2020-01-25/747592 2.25 - LEG 1 ( Cheltenham Grade 2 Trixie) - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/11/cheltenham/2020-01-25/747595 3.00 - LEG 2 ( " " " " ) - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/11/cheltenham/2020-01-25/747594 3.35 - LEG 3 ( " " " " ) - Selection - DONCASTER https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/15/doncaster/2020-01-25/747588/ 2.05 - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/15/doncaster/2020-01-25/747586 2.40 - Selection - https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/15/doncaster/2020-01-25/747585 3.15 - LEG 2 (Cheltenham/Doncaster Double). Selection - 1. - 2. - Regards, Tom.
  12. Just been out to the garage to cut my wood for tonight..
  13. Lost count of the number of times in the last 50 odd years we have been ready to sow crop in March in nice drying soils in March only to have a sudden fall of dry powdery snow.Springs are often snowier than winters up here.Sea temperatures are at thair lowest and N and E winds reach their highest frequency all the way to June and I have seen ice days in early April with blowing snow.Fresh snow often falls on the mountains round the Firth till June and last year in early May we had a .sharp air frost that knocked out all the apple blossom. One tree had only one apple on it this year. Having joned this forum in 2005 I now understand its the break up of the polar vortex which spillsl umps of cold air south over us in the spring when we can go from 21c one afternoon to -2c the following morning with dry snow falling. Putting cattle out to grass in the third week of April often tempts the weather gods to make it snow. Arctic outbreaks in spring are often characterised by showers of grauple too. Saw the result of a blizzard in the third week of May 1975 at Tomintoul burying sheep and lambs to be followed by doing agri exams 6 floors up in Aberdeen watching snow showers come in off the North Sea on the 1st of June 1975. So lots of time for snow yet. July is probably the only visible snow free month on the mountains round here although I remember seeing pictures of lying snow on the Cairngorms around the 7th of July one year.
  14. To be honest though i was never quite on board in December, it never looked quite right, added to the fact that we have only just started using the GFS op for this purpose so its inherent biases are not yet fully understood, i am more hopeful with this upcoming event but concerned about the timeframe, also will the displacement SSW be enough to influence the trop favourably? It does displace the SPV into a favourable position but would we require a subsequent split to really have influence and also if we did get a split then where would the daughter vortices go?, the one thing on our side though with it being late in season is it might only need a significantly weakened stratospheric vortex in order for the tropospheric vortex to be able to do more of what it wants with the usual seasonal wavelength pattern changes late Feb.
  15. We just dare not go there! The 2018/19 'Spanish Flu' death toll was centred around the young/able bodied as their 'super fit' immune systems went rogue leading to the body destroying itself (once H1N1 had 'lit the blue touch paper'?) My concerns, whilst Luke was still around, centred on the the struggle the then NHS would have in dealing with numbers presenting. The NHS is much worse off today than through the noughties I can assure you! As it is we have a new pathogen (Novel) that humanity has no natural defense from, has no cure for and is passing H2H even through protection I'm keeping a weather eye on it for sure!
  16. Today
  17. The rain isn't even a problem much of the time here in the east of Ireland. Much of the "wet days" are drizzle or light rain for a few minutes due to low lying stratus cloud. Rarely get a proper wet day. The problem with Ireland is the lack of sunshine (have you seen the articles of people lacking vitamin D in Donegal) and if you want extreme weather or seasons, probably one of the worst countries in the world then.
  18. I don't intend my reply to be callous but those who are dead go to the morgue and don't put pressure on critical care facilities. This virus, as recorded, has a 25% critical care requirement: can you imagine what that statistic will do to the NHS bed situation?
  19. Definite trend downwards starting to show in GEFS in early Feb, some members going negative, but we've been down this garden path before in December at that range, need to get into the reliable to start getting interested
  20. According to certain posters, then yes! I only really start to take notice when certain people start mentioning it.
  21. I think the folk trying to understand why some folk are getting spooked do not understand viruses or the rate that they mutate/evolve They talk as if 2019-nCoV is a 'static' thing and not a rapidly evolving entity which is adapting to a new host? The biggest leap is not the transfer from critter to human but the first Human 2 Human mutations? Restrict the spread and you limit the chances for this mutation to spread. As it is it looks very much like they did not 'restrict the spread' esp. as Wuhan is an international transport hub? Over the weeks post identification the communist govt. had two annual conferences in Wuhan (ending Jan 17th) with the potential that folk attending the 2 week conferences took the virus home to every part of China prior to the CNY festivities seeing millions travel around China to visit home towns/family. Folk chiding others about 'numbers' and how they wrack up to other C.O.D.'s miss the point completely (IMHO)? Wait until week 2 in Feb before you enter into the fray as that will be when any 'CNY surge' become apparent? As for 'reports' coming from within Huwan? Well they do not appear to tally with the numbers we are seeing released? This may not be folk being naughty and hiding news but just the scale of the issue overwhelms any efforts to capture accurate stats? Initial 'R0' numbers put it between 1.6 and 3.3 meaning it is more catchy than the seasonal Flu....but these numbers do not take into account the full scale of infection in Huwan where we are learning of many medical staff now succumbing even through protective gear. In the early days of the outbreak a Beijing respiratory specialist visited the Wuhan wards and though protected and in the early days of the h2h mutation, managed to catch the virus via ocular transfer (got the virus on the mucus membrane of the eye?) We are over 2 weeks down the line & h2h transfer will have mutated further with adaptations making transfer easier bound to be in the mix (ability to survive outside the host for longer/easier transfer between hosts) Anyhoos, until we get the shakedown from the CNY mass transit we will not know if this will become pandemic. If we find such before week 2 Feb then we may already be in dire straights as we will have had a 'Super Spreader' infecting travel hubs and disbursing the virus globally
  22. Brighter this morning after some more rain overnight.Still mildish at 8.5c Countryside really greening up. Ground surface muddy again.
  23. Maybe so.... but this is something that the Chinese are taking very seriously by the looks of it, so they must feel it has the potential to be very bad. If it was just a standard flu virus they wouldn't put whole cities in lockdown. Sadly we've had many situations before where authorities have said 'this is going to be really bad' and it hasn't....so many people now shrug their shoulders. But that doesn't mean this one isn't going be big!
  24. A nothing day here really. not bright but not dull. not mild but not cold. Rubbish basically. gonna spend the weekend looking on the internet to see if i can find a long lost family member that lives in Yellowknife or some place similar.
  25. Just putting the numbers in perspective.
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