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  2. ^^ Not one selfie stick or smart phone in sight - heaven. If i didn't know any better i would say Tall Paul Newman the Dj - but its not - not sure who but either one of the dj's listed - i would go lisa loud but not sure.
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  4. @Roger J Smith It's quite normal for anomalous warmth to become the norm in a warming climate. This is because the temperature distribution gradually shifts to a warmer base state, so that temperatures that used to be warm and infrequent 100 years back are now close to average and relatively common, while the old average temperatures are slightly cool and less common. Here's a handy little animation to visualise the effect. Even if you can attribute local warming to an increase in southerly winds, isn't it the basics of atmospheric circulation that if you see southerly winds in one area, you're gonna find northerly winds in another? This redistribution of heat is completely different to the prolific accumulation of heat that's occurring across the planet. That stuff is kinda redundant though. As I tried to explain previously, we can measure the difference in energy reaching the Earths surface and leaving the atmosphere. A clear imbalance is evident and we can tie this the GhGs. We can then measure the resultant accumulation of heat throughout the climate system, from the oceans to ice sheets to the atmosphere. We can also see that the pattern of warming has the distinct fingerprint of GhGs also. Numerous proxy records have noted the cooling over the last 8,000 years or so too, from the early Holocene warm period right up until we started pumping significant amounts of GhGs into the atmosphere. This really isn't even an area of controversy. It was a slow, long term cooling that we've already more than made up for globally (although the Arctic is still cooler than it was back about 10,000 ago.)
  5. Imagine dropping in Doop into a fairly progressive 94 house set - notice as well not one smart phone or selfie stick in site - pure heaven.
  6. This will be the year of another poor summer, and probably the poorest overall since 2012. January : A slightly colder than average month overall, after a mild and damp start. From the 5th until 20th a cold spell will set in, but turning bitterly cold around the 15th to 18th with frequent heavy snowfall, and becoming more widespread between the 16th-18th. Some areas will record record levels. Windchill and low overnight temps will affect the most vulnerable. The month will end on a mild and wet note. Feb: Overall average, with a very mild middle, but cold start and end of the month. Duller than average, and no complete sunny days. It will be a dry month. March: Wetter and slightly milder than normal. After a cold start with snow, temps will start to recover. We will see a pleasant warm early spring spell with daytime maxes reaching 18-20c for a few days. Nights and mornings will still feel cold and fresh. April: Warmer and drier than average. A cold cloudy start, with rain and snow showers in some areas. The second week will see the arrival of thunderstorms mixed in with some drier and warm sunny days, with daytime maxes reaching 20-21c, but london seeing its first 24c. This will be the first warmest day spell of the year. After mid month, all areas will be cloudy and cold for a little while. Nights and mornings will still be on the chilly side. May: overall a poor month, and slightly below average temps. Early month will see dull and cool days, but it will remain dry. Most of the month will see little rainfall, even in northern areas. After the 20th, temps will rise into the mid 20s, with london and the southeast reaching a warm or hot 27-28c. Nights and mornings will start to become warmer, and days will move from feeling warm and dry to warm and humid. Thunderstorms will arrive between the 25th until 31st. June: a poor month. Thunderstorms becoming widespread, some violent. Feeling warm and humid to begin with, but by the second week, daytime temps struggle to reach 16c. Staying cloudy and damp all month. July : another poor summer month. Temps remaining below 20c everywhere, including london and the southeast. No sunny days, and a few thunderstorms breaking out, some violent, despite the low temps. August : another cool month, but the first ten days will see lots of sunshine and warm or hot temps, reaching 29-32c across many parts of the uk. This will be the hottest spell of weather for the summer. Thunderstorms will usher in a change to cooler conditions from around the 14th. The rest of the month will be cold and rainy. It will feel like autumn has already arrived. September : A cold and dull month, with a sunny warm start. The last week will be very wet, but overall a dry month. October : A sunny dry month, but mostly cold. Temps will struggle to reach 15c all month. No Indian summer. November : a very mild wet and windy month. Gale force winds and rain for the first week, with mild nights, and daytime temps of 13-17c. It will remain very wet, with rain every three days until the end of the month. December : A cold and dry start, with severe frosts. After mid month temps will be mild or very mild. Staying dry and mild until Christmas, but temps will drop to very cold conditions on Boxing Day. Close to average temps.
  7. Jan, average temps,unsettled overall. Feb , coldest month of the winter,dryer and frostier,perhaps a decent chance of a cold spell from the east. March,first half cold and often dry, second half, mild more unsettled. April, average overall, perhaps a cold snap or 2 from the north. May ,warmer then average with summerlike weather at times,often dry. June, first half warm and dry , second half cooler and unsettled. July, average temps overall, the odd very warm day but nothing special. Often unsettled. Aug, average temps, often unsettled. Sept, cool , average rainfall. Oct, average, reasonably dry overall. Nov, fairly cold overall with the odd cold snap, not overly unsettled. Dec , cold month with cold snaps, chance of a decent cold spell at the end of the month.
  8. Dry with mostly cloudy skies and a south westerly wind gusting to around 40mph Temp 4.4c
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  10. I've never seen you and crewecold in the same room..... Just saying Seriously though yup it is not great but I don't subscribe to its complete doom for weeks guaranteed.
  11. January Metrological bore February Metrological bore March Metrological bore April Metrological bore and so on and so forth lol
  12. Big fat, slow falling snow here at the minute. Covering the ground well.
  13. Fun day in the snow today, up on the Ochils. Never ceases to amaze me how experiences like this are less than an hour's drive up the road
  14. Quite a hail storm here, everything is white. Closest we will get to snow this year. Thunder too.
  15. A really dull GFS run to look at until at least D10 but if it's any consolation at least we see some chilly uppers moving in on Christmas Day for the briefest of times Need a good set of ensembles as the previous set really did like the idea of milder weather to me
  16. Crazy crazy crazy weather.. Intense Hail storm just went over here.. That was proper!
  17. At least that hurricane isn't there on the 18z Christmas list.. i would take the 18z simply for the drying out but there is no credibility in the models at that range and there is still a whole range of possibilities regarding Christmas week.
  18. Including mince tarts dressed with icing or with nothing on top.
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