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  2. Couple of observations from the 12z gfs suite 1) the Alaskan/Aleutian ridge is back big time as week 2 progresses 2) chances of at least one recurving typhoon in the nw pacific through week 2 ………….. that could have a notable effect on the NH profile if one gets effectively absorbed into the general WAA which is ahead of the building ridge
  3. Well it’s been a bit Harry Tatters again here in Locksbottom.max temp of just 4.5 degrees and felt raw in the south east wind but at least it was dry.only one day out of 21 days of november has hit 10 degrees or more here which in recent years is unheard of.
  4. Missed the 12z runs and just caught up . OMG the gfs 12z was so close to a stonker . UKMO looks very good at T144 , let’s hope ECM goes the same way . Got a feeling the ECM will bring in a potent Northerly. Not long to wait .
  5. I was asking on behalf of others. I knew what it mean't myself.
  6. Deary me, atrocious reporting from the Inverness Courier, looks like they've been taken over by the Express....Foot snow for Inverness Had to laugh at this part "with a huge red and orange snow front heading towards the UK from the Arctic on the second day". Anyway, back to reality. Grey day with a stiff southerly breeze making it feel cooler than the recorded max of 8.0c. Some rain since 3pm but this is off for now. Outlook looks a tad damp though.
  7. Agreed. All looks very knife edge for early Dec- we could be looking at a prolonged freeze from the north, or we could see a brief toppler and the jet being pushed north and things turning very ugly, very quickly. We do have a ticket for the lottery at this juncture though.
  8. If those models were to came off in february 2013 around the same time as 1985 classic blizzards. That would of been the more severe easterly blizzards and drifting snow and huge depths causing widespread country chaos the most severe spell since 1962-63.
  9. The METO long range suggests a colder to start December(nice surprise as I just checked) , so the current pattern showing this does look quite likely, and I’m sure open to improvement .
  10. The area of well below average heights (usually with a surface shortwave sticking out West) covering Scandinavia and Iceland.
  11. A 5/6 day cold spell is starting to look more likely, maybe not snow cold, but it will be noticeable in a northerly wind , especially up north!! Beyond the cold spell (if it happens) is open for anything, a standard affair is most probable but these type patterns can quickly become very cold, get the heights into Greenland and a Northerly can topple into a beast FTE in as little as 72 hours!!
  12. Yeah I know, but for other's who won't necessarily know what these abbreviations of names mean.
  13. Ref the Azores high in FI, only 2 or three ENS with that scenario , the Mean is obviously a washed out mix of charts but it defo doesn’t hint at a high in that area - albeit nothing noteworthy for coldies neither
  14. He is referring to Scandinavian/Iceland trough. latest full ens,my word. off to nip out for tea just in time to get back for an epic ecm,I HOPE.
  15. Last year the Spanish met were bang on the money with their winter forecast of drier than average winter..
  16. Today has felt like winter cold easterlies with a 3c max. Coldest feeling day so far,yesterday certainly felt cold too with a SSEly at 6.1c max.
  17. May be worth explaining what you mean by the word sciceland as some users won't know what that two word combination is.
  18. This I will watch when it comes out eventually.
  19. Great to see the forum so busy, shame I can't really join in the fun due to posting restrictions but I'm liking the ukmo 12h @ day 6 with the door opening to colder weather from the N / NE in less than a week from now..plenty of cold potential elsewhere too so I have my fingers crossed for early Dec cold and hopefully some snow!!!!!
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