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  2. Not on the indicators I use mushy and the ext EPS certainly isn't although it does warm a tad by the end And the GEFS is only around average
  3. Nice day for voting - whatever your take on politics always important to exercise your right which is denied other countries around the world
  4. iN Interesting a low forming over Spain due to cooler air moving south. - good ingredients there
  5. Lovely jubilee Karl, the garbage can be taken out with the trash tonight. Fab charts, keep em coming
  6. Can you tell me a bit more about this station? It looks great! Is it accurate? Did you pay any import fees? Where have you located the outdoor sensors?
  7. Taking a snapshot at T+240 hours the GEFS 6z mean is in good shape and there is some really summery potential..there is some garbage too but I'm not wasting my time posting that!!
  8. do you know where the riff comes from in 'love story'?... (great track btw) post punk band 'devo' with a song about 'downes syndrome'.
  9. Decent set of GFS 6z, brief miserable spell then the Azores ridging in. Here's hoping.
  10. Talking of which has any learned person have figures to hand. I think it would be a very big difference esp compared to recent times, as it always seems the night time temps which bring up the CET these days.
  12. Yes, it may have been slight above average in some areas, but apart from the warm spell in mid April, the spring has been quite chilly at times. The lack of a sustained warm spell has been more noticeable this year.
  13. prayers go out to all those affected the sounds on that last video are terrifying! 30 + tornado reports https://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/190522_rpts.html
  14. Aye HC, it looks like we have descended in to the auld boak enducing North / South divide! This week they have been enjoying 21-24 Deg C doon the Sooth East and it's taken for granted and no headline news, unless it's the High 20's tae Mid 30's Deg c!!! Big Vomiting Innes
  15. Yes I’ll agree with you there. May 2013 and 2016 were much worse and 1996 was awful.
  16. On Saturday it rained most of the day in Ampthill whilst 10 minutes down the road it was dry. A rare event, but the BBC were mentioning on Friday evening that showers would be slow moving and stationary. Linslade has been bone dry for weeks? Wow.. I need to nip that Spanish holiday in the head and drive down to linslade to play in the dust. You managed to avoid all those downpours last week as well?
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  18. Ah - that was always my worry....ECM OP miles outside the rest of the pack. We could look optimistically and say its a trend setter i guess!
  19. Following a cooler more unsettled blip early next week the GEFS 6z mean improves and then improves some more with an increasingly settled and warmer trend, which has been the case in recent days too!!
  20. Tuesday 28 May - Thursday 6 June Tuesday will see sunny spells and showers for many areas, the showers initially in the north and east, then developing widely through the day. Some showers will be heavy with thunder possible, merging into longer spells of rain in places. The showers then easing from the north later. It will be breezy with a risk of coastal gales in the southwest and northeast. Temperatures will be cooler than average and feeling colder in the breeze. The changeable and rather cool weather is likely to continue through the following week. There will be showers or longer spells of rain at times, including the odd heavy or thundery shower. However, there will be some dry and bright spells too. Friday 7 June - Friday 21 June The general trend for this period is currently for a more settled picture across the UK. However, there remains the potential for further areas of low pressure to bring spells of rain or showers at times with some stronger winds. Confidence is low by mid June but the most likely scenario is that overall more settled weather is likely to prevail. Temperatures will start a little below normal, slowly trending to normal of warm. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast
  21. No, I hate the sun and warm/hot weather in general.
  22. It's another fairly bland weather day, bits of sun, breezy, warm in the sun but cold in the breeze. Here's the Blackadder as it flows east away from Greenlaw: I hope everyone's been and voted, not going to get into a political discussion but at the very least everyone get out and vote.
  23. I think you are describing what already happens - the year runs December to November, and the annual winner is announced.
  24. Gorgeous Spring day, 20C currently and sunny skies. Perfect
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