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  2. Dry clear and calm with a fairly mild night after a warm Friday Temp 8.8c
  3. Reached 23.8°C here this afternoon and it was still very pleasant up until it got dark. Down to 12.1°C now.
  4. Now that was more like it! Max of 22.0 °C today, so easily the warmest so far this year. Almost unbroken blue skies and lighter winds than yesterday. Really did feel summery -- I went outside briefly just now, and though it's only 11 °C it still feels very pleasant.
  5. Hurricane Michael upgraded to a Category 5 at time of U.S. landfall Post-storm analysis estimates sustained winds of 160 mph "Scientists at NOAA’s National Hurricane Center conducted a detailed post-storm analysis on all the data available for Hurricane Michael and have determined that the storm’s estimated intensity at landfall was 140 knots (160 mph). This final wind intensity is a 5 knot (5 mph) increase over the operational estimate and makes Michael a category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale at the time of landfall on October 10, 2018, near Mexico Beach and Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. Michael is the first hurricane to make landfall in the United States as a category 5 since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and only the fourth on record. The others are the Labor Day Hurricane in 1935 and Hurricane Camille in 1969. Michael is also the strongest hurricane landfall on record in the Florida Panhandle and only the second known category 5 landfall on the northern Gulf coast. Michael’s central pressure of 919 millibars (mb) at landfall is the third lowest on record for a landfalling U. S. hurricane since reliable records began in 1900, trailing only the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 (892 mb) and Hurricane Camille of 1969 (900 mb)." https://www.noaa.gov/media-release/hurricane-michael-upgraded-to-category-5-at-time-of-us-landfall?utm_source=Social media&utm_medium=Twitter&utm_campaign=Hurricane Michael News 20190419 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47991658
  6. Today
  7. 108mm since 23 December, 107mm this year. 3mm this month. Only the first half of March was wet.
  8. 16C max here but felt good if in the sun and sheltered from the breeze. My daughter messaged to say that she got very sunburnt in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow this afternoon plus had the added excitement of watching riot police on horseback charging in to break up a mass fight of teenagers who had congregated there to take in the sunshine in the holiday Friday.
  9. A high of 22C today, good for April. I know many hate heat but 22C ought to be pleasant to the vast majority, especially in April when the sun is weak compared to June and July. Evenings remain cool too.
  10. I think the domesday book is the gold standard, and not the 'modern' day (1965) changes.
  11. Butterflies fluttering wildly about, cats sprawling in the sun, and down to a t-shirt in the garden before lunch. 21C according to two thermometers that don't usually agree about anything (one voted leave, the other remain). A splendid day.
  12. Sat at 291mm for 2019 so far. A few of my graphs..
  13. The week started feeling like winter, mid week was more like spring and today - well, summer! Got to love the Scottish climate. Max temperature of 19.5c with unbroken sunshine until the evening, bit breezy in the early afternoon but the warm sun more than compensated.
  14. Warmest day since 3rd September, 24.5c max. Still above 17c at nearly 22.00, been sat out enjoying it and thinking how perfect it is!
  15. It's been a cracking good start to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend here in the Hastings area with light winds, wall to wall sunshine and temperatures locally around 22.7c. It's great news for local businesses but unfortunately there is a downside. Local infrastructure has failed to keep up with the demand in recent years, and it's really beginning to show. Sadly another example of lack of forward planning which is so prevalent in this country.
  16. Humm, I'm guessing not. UHI is about concrete, stone and tarmac absorbing solar radiation in the day and then reradiating it again at night? Warming up and then cooling down. There isn't much of a heat sink ( mass I guess?) in a solar panel, there is in a concrete, block, or stone building, or road? Also solar panels tend to have grass not concrete under them. Finally, solar panels are taking something like 15% of the solar energy and moving it elsewhere as electricity.
  17. And confirmation of a beautiful day here in the East today. https://twitter.com/danholley_/status/1119305473373687810
  18. Still not enough grass in fields for cattle to go out full time although its taken off a bit today in the warmth so domestic grasses will have to wait another week. Basically when cattle are out and feeding themselves I have time to cut grasses . Also cutting grass acts as a stimulant to faster growth which requires even more frequent cutting. The problem we have with field grass is we have wintering sheep until 1st of April and so the grass has to start from scratch at that point and since it was fairly cool then growth has been slow up till yesterday. Spring barley jumping up to today as well and brown fields turning green .Beech trees now bursting into leaf as well. No swallows as yet.
  19. The Gem 12z also shows high pressure building in again later next week following an unsettled blip and it warms up again too..in the meantime, plenty more very warm, dry and sunny weather to come from the current lovely summery spell!
  20. Interesting analysis from Weatherquest that shows the average date on which 20C (or higher) is reached in East Anglia is progressively moving forward by 4 days per decade. In 1990 it was the 23rd April and by 2018 the 8th April. As it happens, this year it was right on the longer term average date (1981 - 2010) reaching 21.6C in Cambridge and Monks Wood yesterday (18th April). Source: Dan Holley, Weatherquest: https://twitter.com/danholley_/status/1118942681974104064
  21. Just as I have mentioned before very good/drought years tend to come in pairs.Here we had a very wet couple of days a few weeks ago but has been very dry since on the back of the very dry 2018 and winter as a whole.Hopefully another dry warm and sunny summer to come.
  22. 78/79

    In Memoriam

    Very significant raid, not for the material damage caused, but certainly for the psychological aspect. I t made the Japanese realise that they were vulnerable.
  23. Don't quote me on that Heathrow thing, I looked it up and found it ultra-confusing, there used to be a smaller county of London, then a bigger greater London that swallowed up Middlesex and some parts of Surrey. Northolt also could be taken as Middlesex or greater London. I said Middlesex not even realizing that it wasn't considered to exist any more, and when I looked at the map, where I thought would be Middlesex is actually partly Hertfordshire or southeast Bucks. But Northolt and Heathrow often top out if isn't Gravesend or central London.
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