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  2. Sleet (UK definition, not US). I hate sleet. Especially when it's really chucking it down. It's nature telling you it's SOOOO close to snowing heavily but it's not going to. Heavy rain in winter is bad, but at least it's not teasing you by being *almost* snow.
  3. Wind has round more to the SE and we are now enveloped in blue coloured smoke. Roll on the rain tomorrow. Currently 20c
  4. It's a bit of a fudge. It's not been the hottest easter ever, but was the hottest easter sunday (in places) and easter monday ever (just about everywhere).
  5. Canada sounds pretty terrible climate wise, especially in winter. Can you imagine getting frostbite 15 minutes after walking outside in winter? Absolutely desolate, much rather the more temperature climate here in the UK.
  6. It would be better if you didn't, Mark...yours truly copied entirely the wrong image!!! I knew I should have googled 'Plasticine'!
  7. A warm dry sunny April in 1984 wasn’t followed by a cool wet summer. 84 was hot and 2003 had a decent April if memory serves me well, but I take your point about 1987,2007 and 2011 being followed by poor summers. I still feel 2019 won’t be as hot or sunny as 18, but not as poor as anything between 2007-12, but perhaps on a level with say 1994, giving us one hot month(August this time). Just a guess.
  8. Same here. I’ll take a 2018 summer over the rubbish of 1985-88 or 2007-12 summers. All of those were damp and cool.
  9. Yes it’s very weird. Especially when this country gets so much of the cold damp wet chilly variety between mid October to late March/ early April. Even during mild winters, like the one just gone, there were plenty of coolish and cold damp days. Had enough of that weather until next September or October time.
  10. I understand that Pete. But i suppose my question was how sure are the experts that if we do reduce our CO emisions will the levels drop to acceptable levels?. could there possibly a tipping point that we have already passed that we have done so much damage already that this is now our base level. maybe we will slow down the rises but natural co emmisions will still cause it rise
  11. I find the reports about it being the warmest Easter a load of tosh. I remember Easter 2011(which fell at the same time as this year, to be much warmer). I’m sure I recall temps of 27-28 at some point over the Easter period, and thunderstorms. Easter 84 and 87 were probably just as warm as this past weekend.
  12. Absolutely amazing when I heard this today, the plonker gone, biggest shock ever in championships
  13. Also the fact that August heat is often more humid and thundery, whereas earlier in the year there's a fresher feel that I personally prefer. On top of which, I can have a beer in the garden without attracting thousands of wasps! Yesterday crept into top spot for me in 2019, with the max of 22.5 °C just one-tenth above Sunday's high. Cooler and quite overcast today, though still just reaching 20 °C. Also feeling a little more humid -- no sense of thunder approaching just yet, but it'll be all change tomorrow!
  14. I just notice you seem to do this topper behaviour all the time. If someone says it’s cold here or hot here, you then throw in the usual ‘it gets much warmer over here’ or ‘10c is bbq weather for me’ response. Yes we get it! It gets much colder in dear old Canada, I lived there for almost 2 years, so I should know lol. i just find your comments a tad condescending at times, even if you are using the sarcastic approach.
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  16. Fat lady already tuning up although she's not been invited to the party really.
  17. After a fine morning Cs and Ac have now encroached as the trough and cold front creep closer from the south west (midday sat and sounding) The showery rain will arrive in the far south west by early evening and move slowly north east, and with increasing intensity, overnight and through tomorrow morning. Not without interest watching the temp progression tomorrow morning as the fronts track north east and the wind backs over the North Sea
  18. Here's my suggestion, Mark: way back then, the continents were not arranged as they are now, giving rise to an entirely different set of both oceanic and wind currents...?
  19. IIRC back in the mid noughties the paid deniers made it plain that those who followed them should 'disrupt' any climate debate they encountered so as to make it unpleasant for anyone looking in. We all know what this meant in here! 15 years later and this is what you still see, be it in comments of MSM , be it in forums like this, be it in blog comment sections be it wherever? The work done by XR has again raised the profile of AGW and the dangers it poses to our continuance, as is, on this planet? Expect a backlash of hard core deniers again trying to disrupt any discussion on every platform! Just seen weirpig's post so I'd like update his CO2 rate to 410ppm+ and rising. The rate we have pumped GHG's into the atmosphere is over ten times the speed of release we see in the PETM so 'Yes' we are playing 'catchup' with the potential temp current levels of GHG demands we see? When we look at the Arctic this year we see Extent/Area at record low levels and likely to remain so for all of April. Weather up there has not been that of a 'perfect melt storm synoptic' yet still we sit lower than any other year including the 'perfect melt storm' year! Since the flip of the Pacific naturals , back in 2014, to a positive sign ( augmenting AGW) we have witnessed top 5 global temps each year. The Southern Hemisphere just saw a record warm summer season so what do we , in the N. Hemisphere think our summer will end up being for us? With record global warmth and the Pacific areas impacted by the flip in the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation (IPO) now flooding the Bering/Beaufort side of the Arctic basin how do folk think melt season will go this year? To be record low at this time of years means stretches of open water early in the season so warming potentially higher than ever before. We will see a 'ring of fire' develop around the remaining ice that will rapidly melt out any ice floated into those regions..... So what do we think a 'blue Ocean event' will mean for global temps/circulation? Change is here and the cascade events will only become ever more impacting as we move forward
  20. Tbh Karl I don't think some of the main senior forecasters take to much notice of the 6z and 18z runs, apperantly they have the least amount of data input, and also worth noting that the Americans pay more attention to the ECM than the GFS! In all honesty I think the CFS will sniff out a pattern change better than the GFS. I think it just goes from one extreme to the other! Has for the FV3 the less said, the better. Not sure if you agree, but that's my take on it.
  21. It's Saharan dust blocking out the sun down here, haven't seen it this hazy for ages. If it rains anywhere, the stuff will come down in bucketloads! Slightly warmer than yesterday, which surprised me, touching 22 an hour ago.
  22. This is a crucial point - becoming ‘woke’ (hate that term but hey it works) to climate change means going through a dramatic shift in thinking - it’s not pleasant realising all the reassurances previously held are based on untrue expectations and facing the grave reality of a world warming scarily quickly. I can totally understand why sceptics cling onto their beliefs - it’s more convenient and means they can still do all the wreckless things they shouldn’t be doing without the guilt or the need to mitigate. Having the backup of figures to prove the reality is essential, but also being reasonable and supportive to anyone yet to enter - or going through - that process of the belief-shift is also critical. I can think of many, many anxious nights after having read this or that report thinking “no there must be some misunderstanding”. There isn’t, we need to look after the planet, because up until now we’ve not been doing. There’s still hope and a world of options to change our behaviour etc. once you’ve made it and overcome your own scepticism, but you have to come to terms with some sobering s**t first
  23. Sunny Sheffield now on 8.4C +0.6C above normal. Rainfall 5mm 7.9% of the monthly average
  24. Hazy sunshine and warm still but much cooler than recently Max temp so far 18.8C now 18.3C, Barometer 999mb falling, Wind F3 ENE, Rainfall Nil
  25. as i understand it the current level is around 400ppm which is around the same amount as in the Pliocene era many millions years ago. The only difference was that Temps at the time were much higher which caused the Artic to melt and cause much higher sea levels. I often wondered why the difference in Temps were so different to now?. It seems that however there could well be a lag in the effects of the ppmm and we are not seeing the true effects this will come some years after. The question i pose is this. Global warming isnt going to be solved in the next few years infact by the time the world gets its act together i expect PPMM levels to be much higher. If eventually we do meet our current targets (which is a big if) Then allowing for a lag effects we may already be doomed. As there been any scientific papers published that state that levels will drop to acceptable levels if we reduce our carbon levels? or is a case that the damage as been caused and that co levels will continue to rise ( as natural progression) and 400ppmm is now just our new starting point
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