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  2. Looking at the Gfs 12z operational this could turn into an interesting week with bands of heavy thundery rain pushing north at times and turning chilly enough for snow on higher hills in the north..it's welcome rain which will put out all those moor fires that were probably started deliberately!
  3. cannot understand anyone wanting rain, From about Wimbledon time to mid-late Aug, rain gives me a bad chest, fungal spore allergy the warmer and drier the better
  4. How on earth people can enjoy cold and rainy weather is beyond me. What do people actually do outdoors when it's raining and cold? I can understand people not wanting blazingly hot sunshine for weeks on end but to want cold and wet weather, I struggle to understand.
  5. Early cloud clearing here and Radar showing what showers there were and the rogue storm are dying away.
  6. Blue skies fresh southerly wind, RH of 24% and 21c here this afternoon spoilt only by a moderate moorland fire to the SE which created a bank of smoke to the east. Everything is tinder dry again so the rain at the end of this week will be welcome
  7. Plenty of mid-level convection to the SW here with some good wave clouds forming, models suggesting that if the cap was to break today it would be doing so right about this time.
  8. A rather chilly outlier http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/gens_display.php?ext=1&x=264&y=72
  9. The ukmo 12h shows improvement in the weather by T+144 hours, especially further s / se.
  10. Early May looks awful. Not late May and certainly not June
  11. Elevated cloud spilling in from the south, feels really muggy here - wouldn’t be surprised if there was some scrappy elevated stuff round these parts a little later
  12. Nowt much new, with the GFS...Thursday still looks unsettled with average temps: Just how haywire will the longer-term outlook go, though?
  13. Yes, looking quite convective here in Walsall, some dark bases and some pretty large Cumulus about.
  14. Now into high Res so Net-wx take on tomorrow's Cape. Will likely change and the good old radar will be the one to watch as usual..
  15. Reached 23.6°C briefly at 14:45 with mostly sunny skies. It has clouded over now and feels muggier, temp 21.3°C
  16. Today
  17. Lots of new TCu cloud showing over West Midlands and through Wales now. I'd imagine something is going to give shortly.
  18. The 25.3 wasn't official I don't think, perhaps failed qc for some reason, as the Met Office aren't showing it on their extremes feed.
  19. My prediction was 24.6 in Heathrow! Unfortunately I was beaten today and Saturday but I’m amazed I got temp and location for one day at least!
  20. Quite a difference at home compared to a few miles inland where I was, Sunny and warm and must’ve been around 20°C, back at home it’s cloudier and only 14.9°C and appears to be dropping.
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