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  2. The 00z GFS is a bit progressive over night- however excluding that the 192 -228 mean / UKMO / GEM are EPIC in terms of -AO & polar profiles. Some serious tropospheric wave 2 action with a vortex split !
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  4. Listed below, are the Current Declarations for all 3 Legs of Category 9, the RUBY WALSH TRIXIE. Select one Horse, in each Leg. Your allocated "Virtual" Stakes for this Category will be £2, in 3 x 25p E.W. Doubles and a 25p E.W. Treble. NO WIN Stakes will be accepted, in this Category. EARLY-MID AUTUMN RACING COMPETITION Category 9 - RUBY WALSH TRIXIE. SAT.26th Oct. CHELTENHAM https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/11/cheltenham/2019-10-26/741004 2.00: - LEG 1.("Matchbook Betting Exchange" Handicap Chase) https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/11/cheltenham/2019-10-26/741005 3.10: - LEG 2.(Randox Health Handicap Chase) https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/11/cheltenham/2019-10-26/741007 3.45: - LEG 3.(Pertemps Network Handicap Hurdle (Pertemps Hurdle Series Qualifier). Copy/Paste your Selections into the Boxes, provided below. I will Post up a Betting Guide for these Races, later on today. In the meantime, below is the link to the Odds Comparison Website, Oddschecker. You will find Odds for the above 3 Races, on the link: https://www.oddschecker.com/horse-racing/ante-post-racing/national-hunt Category 9 - RUBY WALSH TRIXIE. LEG 1: (2.00 CHELT) - Selection - LEG 2: (3.10 CHELT) - Selection - LEG 3: (3.45 CHELT) - Selection - Listed below, are the Current Declarations for both Legs of Category 8, the MID AUTUMN 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE. In Category 8, Select 2 Horses in each Leg. Your allocated "Virtual" Stakes for this Category will be £2. You will have the choice of Stake Option 1 - 4 x 50p WIN Doubles (2x2), or Stake Option 2 - 4 x 25p EACH WAY Doubles (2x2). You decide. Category 8 - MID AUTUMN 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE NEWBURY https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/36/newbury/2019-10-26/740902 2.50: - LEG 1. Cancom Stakes (Group 3, 2 Year Olds). DONCASTER https://www.racingpost.com/racecards/15/doncaster/2019-10-26/738065 3.25: - LEG 2. Futurity Trophy Stakes (Group 1, 2 Year Olds). Copy/Paste your Selections and your Stake Option 1 or 2, into the Boxes provided below. I will Post up a Betting Guide for these Races, later on today. In the meantime, below is the link to the Odds Comparison Website, Oddschecker. You will find Odds for the above 2 Races, on the link: https://www.oddschecker.com/horse-racing/ante-post-racing/flat Category 8 - MID AUTUMN 2 YEAR OLD DOUBLE LEG 1: (2.50 NEWB) - Selection 1. - 2. - LEG 2: (3.25 DONC) - Selection 1. - 2. - STAKE OPTION - Your Selections for both Categories 8 and 9, MUST be Posted on this Thread by NOON, Saturday 26th October. Thank you. Regards, Tom.
  5. Well, I got woken up by what sounded like a positive CG strike and got treated to a spectacular lightning display outside! There’s even some hail falling too!!
  6. if the gfs is right things could get very interesting in fantasy world and this place could get a bit nuts!!
  7. Dry and cold.Coldest night of the month so far Temp 5.2C, low 5.1C, Barometer 1021mb steady, Wind F2 WSW, Rainfall since midnight Nil
  8. Some very interesting weather possibly on the cards for the end of this week then! It’s been a while since I’ve posted in here. But that little low will need to be very closely monitored. A potentially nasty little feature that could surprise quite a few from very strong winds to early snowfall. Especially in Wales, the Pennines and Peak District areas. Haven’t even mentioned the possible Stella outcome into next week, with that big greeny high possibly becoming established, and the potential early freezer for Scandinavia and Europe! Storm season coat is now hung up! Let’s watch the winter dramas roll out!
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  10. the GEFS 18z are crap up until 144 though, much warmer than the 12z.
  11. If,and its a big if, the GFS is sniffing the correct progression then the 1st half of Nov will be well below average. The big blue blobs across much of Europe will ensure that and prevent a quick route to Atlantic weather.
  12. Just for a laugh, and it's based on 18z GFS, this is the raw data for my location on Friday, bonkers. Low ground Lincolnshire. Of course it will change, but certainly seems to be some trend towards a spell of sleet/snow for some on friday
  13. Fantastic 18z so far if cold frosty foggy weather is your cup of tea!!i cant wait for those crisp mornings and evenings!!
  14. Dry and calm with clear skies giving a cold night. It could be the coldest night of autumn so far here Temp 3.2c and falling
  15. Greenland profile good for another go late on.
  16. GFS looking lovely tonight, lots of dry cold and possibly foggy/frosty weather to usher in November.
  17. Doesn't surprise me sadly. We only have to see how certain teams in the Championship bent the fair play rules to see how bad the EFL are at times
  18. nice frost in the valleys round here this morning. car was reading -1c at one stage.
  19. Definitely a subtle shift south with this vigorous wave depression with the heaviest rain now shown for the Midlands and Southern England gales restricted to the far south east and southern coasts, snow still progged mainly for the hills but perhaps like others have said the north Midlands and north Wales instead of northern England this would bring a real soaking to England and Wales though and exacerbate any high river levels currently.. but if this trends any further south which is a possibility then hills further south may get the wintriness and gales remain to the south alternatively it could trend further north and if that's the case then wind would probably be more of a talking point.. this needs watching very closely will not be suprised to see this being a named storm if this came off but that's not definite and intensity will fluctuate.. just needs more aggreement from other models.
  20. It is but it will need another go afterwards to get any cold this far West, so i am looking at whats happening over Greenland - the problem is cold cannot go around corners, you need perfect timing to get a proper Easterly, cold ait has to be on the same lattitude as the UK exactly at the point any high latt block orientates favourably - ie a rectangular shape West to East.
  21. Some wet snow for the top of Snowdonia and the Pennines. Cold rain elsewhere.
  22. First potential now for the upcoming season! Circa week 2 or less!
  23. Can that little shortwave south west of uk undercut?
  24. WOW! - Surely that is just the GFS bias towards snow on the PPN type charts - hope not of course but that is heavy PPN, surely we cannot get pumpkined this early in the season??
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