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  2. A rather chilly outlier http://www.meteociel.fr/cartes_obs/gens_display.php?ext=1&x=264&y=72
  3. The ukmo 12h shows improvement in the weather by T+144 hours, especially further s / se.
  4. Early May looks awful. Not late May and certainly not June
  5. Elevated cloud spilling in from the south, feels really muggy here - wouldn’t be surprised if there was some scrappy elevated stuff round these parts a little later
  6. Nowt much new, with the GFS...Thursday still looks unsettled with average temps: Just how haywire will the longer-term outlook go, though?
  7. Yes, looking quite convective here in Walsall, some dark bases and some pretty large Cumulus about.
  8. Now into high Res so Net-wx take on tomorrow's Cape. Will likely change and the good old radar will be the one to watch as usual..
  9. Reached 23.6°C briefly at 14:45 with mostly sunny skies. It has clouded over now and feels muggier, temp 21.3°C
  10. Lots of new TCu cloud showing over West Midlands and through Wales now. I'd imagine something is going to give shortly.
  11. The 25.3 wasn't official I don't think, perhaps failed qc for some reason, as the Met Office aren't showing it on their extremes feed.
  12. My prediction was 24.6 in Heathrow! Unfortunately I was beaten today and Saturday but I’m amazed I got temp and location for one day at least!
  13. Quite a difference at home compared to a few miles inland where I was, Sunny and warm and must’ve been around 20°C, back at home it’s cloudier and only 14.9°C and appears to be dropping.
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  15. Numphties have set another fire going https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-48012193 This is probably just carelessness. However an increasing breeze could be significant.
  16. That 25.3c was being reported in some newspaper/internet sources yesterday.
  17. Point well made Don, I think Mike Poole is seeing a similar scenario. Would be completely amazing if this summer was a repeat of last year! Statistically its unlikely, but like you will be aware, these are not normal times.
  18. Greedy people anyways no doubt the storm shield will power up over Sheffield during Tuesday evening and Wednesday.
  19. Only showers are over the southern Ireland and northern France at the moment. However we've certainly got the high level cloud here making the sun hazy.
  20. Sunny Sheffield at 8.1C +0.4C above normal. Rainfall unchanged.
  21. Convective initiation in a couple of places around Central and Southern Wales by the looks of satellite imagery.
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