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  2. Hurricane Maria

    Mission 07 currently leavin Curaçao and heading for Maria. Personally, I'm leaving the land of wakefulness and heading to sleep.
  3. September 23rd The End?.

    It's called the lag effect, a bit like with solar activity. We all died in December 2012 sadly.
  4. September 23rd The End?.

    Oooh but hang on! Where is this taking place, on our blue marble or the flat earth?
  5. Hurricane Maria

    Yes if it continues on at this rate it will be looking at sub 900 by landfall potentially, eye now just about visible on the San Juan radar: https://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?rid=jua
  6. Hurricane Maria

    Mission 05 is bugging out. Mission 06 has taken some time out from travelling in the shape of a penis to drop down to the south of the hurricane and is currently having a look. If we're lucky, it might try to take a pass or two at the eye. I still want to know what these missions that drop sondes at regular intervals in advance of a storm's path are gathering data for.
  7. Hurricane Maria

    So this is pretty rare no? tops at almost 70,000 feet.
  8. Hurricane Maria

  9. Yesterday
  10. September 23rd The End?.

    There's some nut jobs on this forum lol
  11. Hurricane Maria

    I don't think it's going to have time before landfall... which is no bad thing, to be fair. It's going to be pushing for sub-900 intensity though. That said... Latest VDM: Looks like the pressure plateaued there for the last hour or so... or there's an anomalous reading from the sonde, but that'd be unusual.
  12. Hurricane Maria

    Crazy, and still plenty of time to go lower. Do you think this thing could hit 190s sustained?
  13. Hurricane Maria

    Pressure down to 906 according to the latest HDObs (905.7 mb). SW eyeway has 10 sec winds of 155.4 mph. What I'm shocked at is just how consistent these winds are right around the eye.
  14. Hurricane Maria

    Just like to thankyou all for the info on these hurricanes of late,if i had the time then i would do the same,keep up the good work guys
  15. Hurricane Maria

    Yes it is an absolute beast unfortunately, I hope those in its path stay safe. 905.7mb?
  16. Hurricane Maria

  17. Hurricane Maria

    Well, this is all getting a bit serious... Dvorak: Funktop: In particular, note the growth of that massive green band of highest intensity in the funktop, and the matching grey band in the Dvorak. Neither of these bands existed a few hours back.
  18. Hurricane Maria

    Edit:sorry not live
  19. Hurricane Maria

    Recon literally flying into the eyewall right at this moment! Oh, the joys of modern technology! Wish I'd had this 12 years back when I was watching Wilma, but Maria mostly makes up for it I think.
  20. Hurricane Maria

    This guy has just said RhodaHarley:-There's been a 168 knots sonde -- that's about 195 mph
  21. Hurricane Maria

    Me too just going on what these guys are saying,tut
  22. Hurricane Maria

    *nods* Fair enough. I just can't find any record of it, flagged or otherwise. Not saying that you're not seeing it of course... just that I can't see it, and I'm interested.
  23. Hurricane Maria

    Looks flagged,i did say not comfirmed.
  24. Hurricane Maria

    Not sure where you got that from? Can't find that anywhere in the data.
  25. Hurricane Maria

    WOW,latest recon found 193mph winds in Maria,i don't know yet if comfirmed.
  26. Hurricane Maria

    Recon (Mission 05) is heading in for a (somewhat unusual) 5th pass at the eye as we speak. Can't imagine this mission has a hell of a lot of fuel left at this point, so it may well be the last... or we may get a 6th afterwards, if we're very lucky. Mission 06 is drawing a penis with it's flight path, as seems to be a thing that Recon does with one mission per day, and as such isn't going into Maria. (OK, not really a penis, but I've seen them do this a good few times now, and the flight path by the end looks vaguely like a penis, and nobody can tell me otherwise!). If anybody knows what these missions are for exactly, I'd be very interested to know! In any case, this might be the last vortex data of the evening.
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