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  2. Yes if one of these two could get a 70/80+(century)be fab.Then Bairstow and woakes to come,hopefully 350ish. Or bang bang with new ball and 250 all out lol.
  3. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    192/4 at the close with bad lght stopped play....on th balance of things, I'd take that.....get to 300+ and it's game on
  4. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    There is a dusting of snow on the Donegal hills this morning. Definitely feeling more seasonal this morning.
  5. Yes now moderate snowfall and we are properly white for the first time this autumn.
  6. Current Temp: 2.6c Overnight Low: 2.4c Wind: 33mph Wind Gusts: 42mph Wind Direction: West Wind Chill: -6c Rain: 1.8mm Pressure: 987 hPa
  7. its a start from next weekend..... and its very different to what we saw last years
  8. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/17 onwards

    Snowy drive to work, snowing down to sea level Inverness for the first time this season
  9. A dry and sunny start is getting replaced by cloud and some light rain Temp 5.8c
  10. I hate it too. That's why I'm having a week off in Gran Canaria at the moment where there are blue skies and the sun is still setting after 6pm. I'm counting down the days until the 13th too. I know evenings stay quite static for the rest of December and mornings still get darker for quite a while, but at least knowing that evenings aren't getting any darker according to our 24 hour clock is some comfort. I agree that cloud cover makes a huge difference this time of year. I don't really notice the lengthening days until mid February so hoping for lots of blue sky days until then (one can dream...) Just make the most of any daylight is what i would recommend, get outside as much as possible, have your lunch outside if you can etc.
  11. UKMO extended settled and cold for most with a few showers affecting the coasts
  12. Yes the 3 anomaly charts suggest a spell of colder weather. Obviously day to day changes as per Fax charts but the overall pattern does look to be setting up for cold weather for a week or so. Beyond that then best to wait and see for a day or two. links below http://www.cpc.noaa.gov/products/predictions/610day/500mb.php http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html The obvious question that will come, will it snow for ??. These charts do not tell us this, the synoptic charts are for that question, and a need for the main models to be showing very similar charts, upper air profiles, humidity, surface pressure profiles etc. over the same time scales.
  13. Feels colder today. I woke up early in the morning by hailstones and I went to sleep again.
  14. As Oceans Warm, the World’s Kelp Forests Begin to Disappear Kelp forests — luxuriant coastal ecosystems that are home to a wide variety of marine biodiversity — are being wiped out from Tasmania to California, replaced by sea urchin barrens that are nearly devoid of life. http://e360.yale.edu/features/as-oceans-warm-the-worlds-giant-kelp-forests-begin-to-disappear
  15. Snowing here at the coast but not managing to lie, still it's lovely to watch
  16. Hahaha nothing better than wakening up to a covering on snow,we have a wee bit here as well.Chuffed you didn’t have to wait to long to get some snow fall,long may it continue
  17. The GFS going back to amplified northerly feed by middle of next week after this weekend. Whats that now, 3 days of models trending to a cold and wintry solution for the next 7 - 10 days. And a dumping of snow on the mountains in Scotland! Game on!
  18. Nothing to moan about this morning! Great ECM mean which I think looks better than last nights
  19. After a very windy night my local train station had bundles of leaves inside it with a cleaner attempting to clear it all up in his 30 mins allotted time , this morning is calm with bright skies and light winds and still on the mild side . Not getting too excited but i see some models keeping with the wintry precipitation for some tomorrow night .
  20. Thursday 23rd November Weather Observations

    Down at Gatwick this morning. I had 13c in Warwickshire at 4am, it's now dropped to 10c.
  21. The extended eps mean/anomoly pretty solid with Atlantic ridge and sceuro trough. now I wonder where they might actually position themselves .............
  22. Today
  23. Types of Frozen Precipitation, wintry showers, snow

    That really is quite a list, certainly more complex than "Snowflake? Yes or No".
  24. The ECM ensemble mean even at day 10 still is pretty good though, not much different from last night's The ECM operational is a warm outlier, the ensemble is much better
  25. Lovely EC this morning bringing a cold dry end to Nov / start to Dec.seasonal weather indeed.
  26. Just started to lighly snow here with a dusting now, currently 0.5c.
  27. Ireland Regional Weather Discussion

    Hopefully some will see the white stuff over the next few days. Personally, I would rather wait until further into December for the good stuff.
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