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  2. Imagine if there was to be a humongous flip in the next 48 hrs or so lol. I think it would be the biggest epic fail of all time. Anyway gfs 6z carrying on the slight upgrades for me on that run. I just wonder with it trying to bring in the low,sw of us next week if it's up to its normal trick of trying to get the Atlantic back in quicker. Anyway,a blend of the ecm and ukmo runs this morning would suit me. Been a long,sapping week but great model watching. Well all sleep through the snow next week lol.
  3. Cant remember exact date but yeah i remember kilma got buried as well
  4. Interesting to see the emphasis (at the moment) on Suffolk/Essex and London re snow. Everyone bangs on about 1991 but I have no record anywhere of significant snow in Norfolk (including my almanacs) although it was cold. Wondering if this could be the same this time?
  5. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    I'm glad I'm on Annual leave next week , I'll do a supermarket sweep and be prepared ! Hope this winter has saved the best for last šŸ˜. Meanwhile in the mad thread šŸ˜‚šŸ™ˆ!
  6. North west regional discussion

    Met Office App update from Sunday...... Max 0 , 0 , -1, -3 @chris78You can ignore the Apps if you wish but they give a guide and should be treated as such!
  7. There won't be too much melt though as the dew points are going to be so low.
  8. No, because its seen what you do to three legged cats on your garage roof.
  9. Many parts in the East especially, but also other areas, would be cut off if this output is anywhere near correct, quite incredible charts. Model watching will never be quite the same again after all this.
  10. Yep @jamieson87, you'll always get help in here, the Model Thread is a different story half of the time. If you see @Hawesy start talking about his wet baws then don't worry, none of us know what he's talking about either šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
  11. Will post my reply in the media area re BBC as it has already been hidden by mods as being in the wrong thread.
  12. SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 11/02/2018 onwards

    When can we start playing - guess the inches game! Getting a little excited now!
  13. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Don't forget what they say: no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! I'm sure our canine friends will appreciate an extra layer or two, too, since -15 is going to feel cold whether you have a thick layer of fur or not.
  14. With the record of Sheffield City Council, they've got no chance!
  15. If it happens as per this mornings charts Iā€™d say a foot of snow is conservative!
  16. The BBC weather is a waste of time. Stick to the charts šŸ‘
  17. Yep, this is the one we want... 1978 all over again. High(er) risk (very) high reward. How I wish we could bank these charts up to +168.
  18. Guys, actually I have some experience when it comes to sea-effect-snow. I am originally from Istanbul and in Istanbul we generally get sea-effect-snow every winter. The very cold air comes from Russie over black sea to Istanbul and generally black sea is warmer than the Russian air so we always get 10-30 cm of snow in Istanbul. I just checked sea temretures now and it shows that Black Sea and North Sea are same so I assume we will get snow shower bants from North Sea (east to west) and hopefully Brighton will be one of the luckiest places in the south east (fingers crossed)
  19. You loved doing that forecast ! Been a long time coming. C
  20. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Wind chill next Thursday morning. Ouch. Bit stingy that. Short walk for the dog i'm thinking
  21. They describe themselves as "The global weather authority" Yeah, not sure I like that. I wonder what the tender process was at the Beeb? A discussion for another thread though.
  22. He can't discount it as it is a very possible scenario. As per my earlier post - the german weather service is calling for >50cm of "lake effect" snow coming off the Baltic Sea - water temps are 5-6 degrees lower than the North Sea so despite the uppers there being 2-3 degree colder compared to what will sit above us, the difference in temps here is still greater. So >50cm in NE Germany could easily translate to more here.
  23. Another excellent GFS run there and very reflective of the ensemble mean earlier. Epic blizzard being shown at the end of the reliable time frame -that would rival the greats of yesteryear.
  24. Living in Bomo I'm going to say "take the risk"! I think it's the best chance we'll get of significant snow - showers don't necessarily cut it for our area in an easterly. Is it 1978 that this remind me a bit of?
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