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  2. North west regional discussion

    Be greedy , have two.
  3. North west regional discussion

    Hopefully this time round we’ll all get a decent amount of snow. obviously it’s not everyone’s idea of fun but the mild lovers have held the default button for far to long. now it’s our turn even if it’s a blink and you miss it affair.
  4. I’m honestly expecting to get snowed in up here, Sod’s law I took a weeks holiday from Tuesday when I probably wouldn’t have been able to get in anyway 😂
  5. I disagree, their forecasts, especially after day 3 are usually very suspect. They must use a blend of models, but their forecasts often mirror GFS output, and I bet it does today!
  6. Well, shouldn't be long now. Did a wee bit o' panic buying today. Looked out candles, torches, batteries and scrounged around for some Prozac just in case it all goes Pete Tong at T24.. Speaking of which, I am extra prepared with a choice of pics for 101's predictable response to either scenario................
  7. What app is that u r using. ?
  8. Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Try the same thing tomorrow night!
  9. Still not convinced the models have our cold spell ended right. We could quite easily be going into mid March Just as much chance of cold extension into Week 2 as ending , just don't believe the breakdown by some gfs But hey, I'm going to enjoy what we get. I'm off to the regionals now, good luck everyone. And please, nobody on here in daylight hours next week - enjoy the snow, here and now with friends, families......we have been waiting this for years.
  10. Well you have called it with breathtaking accuracy so far. Far as I am aware you called this SSW event many weeks ago and remember when you said it may go South, then the models almost did, so if you say it wont break down on Friday it probally wont lol. Yes hopefuly just another wobble.
  11. They have access to better data.
  12. I'm still convinced that pic was from a summer's day in Tow Law.
  13. They don't just use GFS, far from it. They use quite a few models. Check their website. Their forecast is mostly right on the money.
  14. Hi, yes all the way out to the week after next. Rule A: ignore the doomsday merchants in the Mad thread. Rule B: take posters who say we’re going to get buried in snow with a pinch of salt. If truth be known no one knows how much or where at the moment so best to start checking on Monday. 👍
  15. Well it wasn't shoved aside because the blocking high obligingly moves west to NE Canada which allows the energy leaving the eastern seaboard ti slip the trough in through the back door, so to speak.
  16. https://www.buienradar.nl/ alli say is all eyes on the dutch radar and my rain alarm pro from sunday !!
  17. ICON bringing snow quite far north well into the Midlands at T120
  18. Well if they turn out to be right , then big praise as right now they are in no mans land. ( in other words on there own).
  19. Loving Met Office's confidence for continued cold and snow for this period. They used to be so timid!
  20. Has it all gone tits up? Dont make me read through 10 pages of posts by negative Nellys please. ⛄️
  21. @johnholmes sounds like a mini ramp tonight John. You seem to be of the opinion that the cold will hang on beyond Friday
  22. North west regional discussion

    The mad thing is it actually isn't out of the question. A foot of snow fell here in 63, I have a pic of the Wirral on my comp, i'll try find it tmr.
  23. Wouldn't be netweather without the drama would it?
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