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A new place for those in the Southeast of England, London and East Anglia to chat about the weather and their daily lives.
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  2. just some where ..but its snowing ..i would be over the moon to see rain where i am ..anything ..literally isn't doing, has done nothing for seems like ages
  3. i can only imagine ,i cant (even though i like a bit of snow ) could handle day in day out of frigid temps ,when you look at cold places on webcams etc ,cars lorry's are up and down as if its not there ,us here in SE England it is sometimes so marginal its slippery as anything ,hit the brakes to hard your in the ditch ,talking about Prussia ,her friends in Berlin didn't know about upper /lower Silesia, which is now bit of Poland, Germany ,Czech republic ,and they live there ..but how long before the only remaining evidence of Middlesex is the cricket team ,sad
  4. Berlin ..they have not had that much ..colder and a covering a few times ..nothing major ..for there i guess ,for us ide bank that call it a winter ..then we can move on
  5. Lol, take away the P from Prussia and you get the county Karelia is in, it's essentially on the tip of Scandinavia but the Russian part. They usually have pretty dry Winter's but when it snows boy does it snow. My friend from there was having to shovel snow every couple hours. If that isn't enough the local lake is still frozen over in March but with a very thin layer of ice usually so it's deadly to go anywhere near it. Over in Russia its a long Winter and depending where you are a strong storm season.
  6. call me an idiot but i just had to look that up..call me old fashioned but i thought that was Prussia lol , well least they had something ,my daughter lives in Berlin and tbh ,she said i promise dad i send photos if it snows ,which she has, but its next to nothing for there ,swath of nothingness is where are
  7. I take it you didn't get much last February?...a bit of an over exaggeration about the easterlies since late 80's if you don't mind me saying: 2002 and 2003 had a very brief day or so, 2009/10 had a few spells, Dec 2010 (more of a GH episode), 2012 here in the east (not sure if you were effected in Sussex), 2013 easterlies of sorts in Jan and Feb, Feb/Mar 2018 and last Feb, so never mind the 90's! unless you have a lot of fingers But yes they are a rare beast particularly in January - the last time I experienced snow on the ground in this month was 2013 which really is poor.
  8. Frost is a terrible substitute for snow, like ordering freshly squeezed pineapple juice and getting concentrate instead
  9. exactly, I thought nature was giving us the sunshine we didn't have in december but it seems she has a big hatred towards us for a long time now which some of us doesn't deserve
  10. Yeah the frosts were nice, along with the sunshine. Has made January an improvement on December but that’s really not saying much
  11. Even if no snow on the horizon anything is an improvement on this boring chilly cloud fest we have now. Featureless grey skies and barely fluctuating temperatures really is the worst IMO and seems to have become the default weather here since last summer with regular extended periods of overcast boring weather. Metoffice app showing zero sun all week, just endless cloud so any pattern change is welcome even if no snow.
  12. I don't know about that. Can't see a month ahead with any clarity. A few are seeing something completely less discouraging. Jury is still very much out. So no write offs just yet thank you.
  13. Another snowless Winter beckons for the SE its unbelievable we can hardly get one decent long fetch Easterly in Winter anymore. You could count on one hand how many Easterlies we have has since late 80s. March has delivered more for our region in the last decade at least where I live Utterly woeful Winter again for snow.
  14. My friend sent me this of a snow squall line from Karelia, they're even getting snow squall lines and we just get cloud
  15. Faint tinge on the clouds in the distance past 6, I'm counting that as my sunset picture of the day just a little late, you can't even see it on the picture it's that faint
  16. Well I thought for a brief moment it had snowed overnight, as even the pavements/roads are white around here, but just a solid hard frost on all surfaces this morning, dont know what the temp went down to, but currently -1c, looks like a winter wonderland, if we cant have actual snow, this is the next best thing.
  17. Another frost here and currently -2.7 but only a slight frost which indicating sky has only recently cleared here.Temperature has dropped 0.1 degree since 7am but now it is light we have probably reached our minimum which is quite off our lowest minimum temperature of -3.8 this winter.Although would have preferred a bit of snow this last two weeks have been next best thing with quite a bit of sun and many frost mornings.Little or no chance of snow the models would suggest for next 14 days and LRFs look bleak as well so could be a snowless winter for most in SE thread.
  18. No frost this morning here and thankfully and because I put my wellies on just in case, no ice either. Currently 1c.

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