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I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired today

I went up North with Milo and Tilly on Saturday to see my Grandma who is not too well. She's 99 on Friday but had a bad fall and is now laid up in bed but she was over the moon to see Milo and have a cuddle of Tilly :blink:

Unfortunately Milo's little snivel turned into full blown Man Flu when we were staying at my mum's :blink: So I had 2 very sleepless nights with my mum snoring in the other room, Milo telling me that he needed to blow his nose every hour during the night. Only Tilly managed to get some sleep <_<

Came back yesterday through awful weather and got home just in time for Milo to open his birthday pressies (he's 4 - how time flies)

Managed to give Tilly a bath in the disaster zone of our bathroom :nonono: Hubbie spent the weekend ripping out the old bathroom and tiles to put the new bath suite in. He did warn me it was not connected, so I had to buy a baby bath on the way back so she could have a bath when we got back. It's an interesting experience trying to dry off a baby surrounded by bits of pipes, spanners etc :unsure:

Hubbie also gave me some not too good news about work last night but I shall save that lovely news for another blog entry :nonono:

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