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Lots Of Uncertainty

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In the middle of the second Easterly in as many weeks :) I am looking forward to next week and beyond. Currently the models are pointing at a zonal spell of weather but hope in the shape of some LRF's are pointing at mid month for a prolonged cold spell, I am a little dubious. If I am wrong then I will gladly eat my words, and as I am in the middle of my diet I will, quite frankly, eat anything at the moment. Sooo hungry!

On another topic, I slept in this morning :D ! I was supposed to be up at 7.45 to take mini A-M to nursery but I slept through the alarm and none of us woke up (2 x daughters included, Mrs A-M already at work) until 9.03!! Shocking! Lots of late nights to blame as I'm still on holiday until Monday. At least I got a bonus morning with the kids, they're now out with their Auntie.

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