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December 2005 Summary

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Thundery wintry showers


Here is a summary of what happened in Cleadon, Tyne & Wear, during December 2005.

Mean Max: 7.1C

Mean Min: 1.6C

Mean Temp: 4.3C

Highest Max: 13.2C (11th)

Lowest Max: 0.9C (29th)

Highest Min: 8.3C (11th)

Lowest Min: -6.0C (29th)

Air frosts: 12

Note that the lowest max was recorded using the standard Met Office 0900-0900 recording system: using an 0000-0000 system, the temperature on the 29th got no higher than -1.2C, the lowest day maximum for exactly 10 years.

Precipitation: 35mm

Days of falling sleet/snow: 3

Days with hail: 2

Days with more than half cover of snow at 0900: 4

It was the coldest December since 2001, and after a wet start, was generally dry with generous amounts of sunshine. The 'beast from the east' may have disappointed for some, but it certainly didn't disappoint here: the 28th to 31st all had lying snow although by the 31st this had turned to a patchy covering of ice. The mean temperature was certainly below the local 1971-2000 average, and may have also been a fraction cooler than the 1961-90 average- making it two below average months in a row at this location.

In terms of quantity it was only the snowiest December since 2001, but the persistence of snow cover was the greatest since late December 2000.

I awarded the month 63% overall, which is pretty good for December.

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HELLO YANNEEEE, how come you were writin a blog on new years eve and not getting merry like the rest of us..

and ive noticed that cleadon seems to rain most when i set foot out the house, is there any chance of a prier warning mate. :angry:

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