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Long Time To Wait

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It's been a while since my last blog entry. Mostly because you had to pay for it! Well what a year 2005 has been, good snow in late February, very hot in June/July (especially as I was in France and it hit 38c!!), one cracking thunderstorm in August at teatime when in went pitch black and there was loads of lightning, very mild Autumn until mid November when it got cold and it's been cold since then. Only 2 days ago the temp got no higher than -4.0c which was apparently the coldest day here since 1997.

So far this winter I have measured about 9cm in total snowfall with a max depth of 8cm and as we move into 2006 what's going to happen?

I reckon (hope) that we will get another couple of easterlies this winter with one lasting a good 2 weeks, more snow than last year and overall the coldest winter since 95/96. Spring will be cooler than average but not by much and I think summer will be a little warmer than average. Hopefully the hurricane season will be less active this year and I expect Mount St Helens to erupt fairly violently this year.

Time will tell.

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