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Memories Of Christmas Past V Now

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Flat Land Andy's Goffer


Well my little man did it! He walked another 15miles today of the Macmillan Way. To be honest I was concerned that his ankle was going to give him problems, but on the contrary. In his normal determined manner he just got on with it and came home and relaxed afterwards!

The trouble is that I am spending the whole day travelling from home to drop them off at their last point and then driving home again to try and do all of the other things that I help with in the village. For example various fundraising things that need planning and executing for the PTA and the numerous cards that need collecting, sorting and delivering for the local beavers/cubs/scout group. I get a couple of hours at home and then I have to leave again to get to where they need picking up from and then I have to drive home again, so I am trying to do all of our own christmas preparations in the evenings, after work and when little man has gone to bed as well as the things for the village/school.

We were talking this evening about our memories of christmas when we were children and what our parents did for us. My Mum and Dad were fantastic and my memories are all of fun and my Dad winding my Mum up, her buying a turkey that was to big to fit in the oven and the brussel sprouts always being boiled to a pulp. Even when I was 27 and staying at my parents on Xmas eve, my Dad still came in(as he always did) between 3am and 4am and say "he's been Sarah Darea" are you getting up. I always did and my Dad and I had a special couple of hours together just cuddled up in front of the fire watching TV until my Mum got up and started getting all stressed about the fact that the turkey had only been cooking for 12 hours and it wasn't going to be ready on time! I DO MISS THEM SO MUCH

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