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Addenbrookes & Macmillan Cancer Relief

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Flat land Andy


Left at 10.0am to go to Addenbrookes with Wifey-again! Before we went to her appointment we called into the Cambridgeshire fundraising office of Macmillan Cancer Relief to update them on our progress of the Macmillan Way. Again they were very supportive and said that they would contact Anglia TV and local radio stations on our behalf to assist with the fundraising. They still seem to be in awe of Adam's efforts which is nice.Popped into a book shop to get the next 2 maps that we need for the next 2 weekends walking then off to Addenbrookes. Was hoping to have lunch before we went to Sarah's appointment, but was running a bit short of time so we just grabbed a quick drink and then went to see the consultant that would be doing the reconstruction on wifey if we have this operation. Am not sure whether this op is a good idea but he did put our minds at rest about a couple of things so that was good. Wifey was hoping to have a tummy tuck when he does this op, but again, as last time, he doesn't think it is a good idea because of all of the scars on her tummy from some of the other operations she has had to undergo. Never mind, girdles here we come!?!ha ha I don't think so she would go mad if I suggested this.Anyway we await the results from her genetics testing, that was started quite a while ago, to try to help us make a decision about this op. The other one that we went to see a different consultant about last week, we have sort of made a decision on its just a acse of when she has it rather than if. People wouldn't believe the things that have happened if we were to tell them. They would think that it was impossible for so much to have happened so quickly or almost at the same time and to be such bad luck, but she's still fighting!

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