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Hey everyone!!

Hope you all had a great weekend,i did! it was really good fun.

My bro picked up me and my o/h on sat morning early and we went up to exeter to see the kit car and builders show,it was great,not as big as i thought it would be but it was good,my bro was lost in it! it was really good if you were building a kit car as there were alot of trade stalls,he got a few bits for it,its still a very long way off being finished mind,but they can take a couple of years to build! :D

Got some good photos too,so all in all was a good day,and i got to spend time with my bruv!! :)

We got home at about 2 and then my bro went home, so we decided to go look at this clio i have been nagging my o/h about! :D

We went straight there and when we got there it was outside waiting for me!haha and its gorge! absolutly love it so there we have it i have got a car!!!!yey!!!!! :)

We are picking it up on sat,im really excited!and chuffed too cos its got p/steering haha!

Yesterday we spent the day at home,i organised everyones christmas pressies,what to buy who etc! nightmare!! :)

Then in the afternoon we went out to the garage and we fitted lexus lights on our scooby and clear indicators and side repeaters,it looks loads better!

That was a laugh,although it was sooo cold!! :unsure:

Then just chilled in the evening and watched im a celebrity ha wat a laugh! i dont really like it to be honest its just something about it, you feel you have to watch it cos everyone else seems to!

Anyway,im off into town in a bit to pick up a few things............

Hope your all well and happy!! :(

B xx

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