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Are We There Yet?

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Where do kids get it from :o Little fella is totally into the 'are we there yet', just where do they learn this :o What is the correct answer ? nothing, No not yet, almost?

I was supposed to get my windscreen fixed today but the guy arrived and told me that as I have Solarglass (tinted blue windscreen) that the repair would be clear and show exactly the same as it is at the mo, so I opted to pay the insurance company £50 to get a new one but I have to wait for them to order a new windscreen

I've only got two days left at work but I'm not feeling very well and getting a bit worried that I won't be well enough to show the new guy how to do every thing :lol:

Looking forward to moving next week. There is loads to do but it will be nice to not worry about work and relax a little bit. I'm getting very strong Braxton Hicks already (sorry guys lost you on that one) and I don't think that MiniLoo wants to wait until new year to make an appearance :p

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Wow Katie! Braxton Hicks already? How far along are you? Good Luck with the move and don't worry about training the new chap - it's not going to be your problem soon :D ! Look after yourself hun xx

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I'm 28 weeks but don't remember getting Braxton Hicks so early, wasn't sure if it happened early second time arround :unsure:

During the day they can be as often as every 10 mins, making tum go as hard as rock for a min or so :blink: My maternity work trousers are now at their maximum and can only just do up :o

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Katie..methinks it's about time to say 'sod work' and start thinking about Katie for once...you are allowed you know . Sounds as if you finishing work can't come soon enough, and I really hope you'll be getting lots of well earnt rest and recouperation in your new abode...

Take care of yourself, chuck. :D:)

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((((hugs)))) Katie :) Re the Braxton Hicks - yes they do seem to happen a lot more early on second time round - I was experiencing them from 20 weeks or so, and they were very strong too. I think its more a case of you know what they feel like and are therefore more aware of them - also your body knows what its doing this time round, so does a lot more 'preparation' work !!! LOL

Re bump size - again, second time round, the muscles are more relaxed (after the first!) and are more inclined to relax to allow room for the baby, and second time bumps tend to much bigger in size than first time bumps. If you are concerned though, speak to your midwife about it, and they might send you for a growth scan to check the baby's size (with any luck :) )

Oh, and don't stress about work - they'll sort themselves out - the most important thing at the moment is you and Miniloo :) Take care xxx

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