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Autumn House Clean

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Dear Diary

Today we are changing the longue round and having a spring clean - in autumn. Or more rightly I am the lazy man moaned just about taking the bloody rubbish out let alone help me move heavy furniture around ... I am just taking a break from moving the tv and dining room table around. An am waiting for the man to move the sofa ... hmm I'll be here forever always best to do it yourself ...

So far this weekend I have:

  • Put washing away and done more washing
  • Had haircuts and done food shopping
  • Cleaned the bathroom walls and sinks (mould removal from walls and bath)
  • Pruned a bit too well a plant then decided I better conserve some of the bits I chopped off so repotted them!!
  • Cleaned all shoes and the shoe rack
  • Tidyed house
  • Hoovered a bit
  • Tidyed and cleaned some of the kitchen
  • Cooked and ate pizza
  • Cut my toenails (haha u so wanted to know that didn't you!!)
  • Had a bath and washed my hair

Not necessarily in that order mind!!

So far the time change has really kicked my stomach out of sink - doesnt no what time it is and ive been starving all day!! Still one this longue is finally done its time to cook a roast tea (God where do I get the energy from ... need to find some quick!) and them I think im going to be lazy. Got tons of other small jobs and big ones including sorting out cupboards, cleaning walls, and getting winter clothes out but I think they can wait until another day!!!

We are also moving daniels computer into the longue as my sister may be staying with us. Before it was definate but now she has found a room with some guy to rent and is moving in on 1st December. So if dad gets 1 weeks notice or has to move out before then - then she will move in with us until that date. I start college tomarrow night on a 4 week Aromatherapy course. I'm well nervous and mildly excited aswell. Right better get back to it ... wanna rest before tomarrow going to be a very hard week as im covering someone elses job who is away as well as my own. Then we are off up to daniels parents to Blanckburn on Friday so a nice loooooong trip up!!

Love to all XX

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