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Only 5 Days Left !!!!

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I know you must be thinking "well she can't count and she's an accountant" but I managed to negotiate an early finish today, so 2 days less to work...........YIPPEE :lol: I can't wait, I thought on the way home that my life has been totally taken over by this job and I don't feel I'm allowed to enjoy life at the moment :p But this is going to change, I'm going to enjoy myself more and enjoy time with hubbie and little fella :o Last day for little fella at one of his childminders tomorrow, so we need to do a thankyou card and maybe some choccies (she's pregnant so I don't think a bottle of wine would be appropriate :o )Week off next week, then 3 days at work. I know I will get upset when I say goodbye to the other childminder, she has looked after him since he was 4 months old and I think of her as part of our family :D .....aww, I'm getting dewy eyed just thinking about it :o

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Good to hear this Katie- it has certainly sounded at times like your job has taken over your life. There's a thing called "work-life balance" that some employers just don't seem to understand.

I'm not even convinced that making employees work such ridiculously long hours actually yields more output. It's well known that students revise less productively when they spend long hours revising- why don't people in industry recognise that a similar thing may also apply with employees? Another thing we got from the USA methinks...

Here's hoping that your "work-life balance" becomes real in future, rather than being massively weighted towards work.

It sounds like sad times with the childminder, but many such good things unfortunately come to an end. Then again, there'll be plenty of positive memories to take away from it and if you really wanted this not to be a big goodbye, you could keep in touch afterwards, as with any immediate family that you'll also be moving away from.

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Work life balance - what a joke :rolleyes:

I realised a while ago that this particular organistation was not for me but to be fair I have used them ;)

With all bad experiences in my life, I look at them as a learning experience. I often refer back to previous jobs for examples of both good and bad working practices :)

Idealy I would like to set up working for myself, eventually employing others but long way off at the mo :unsure:

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Your countdown is making me smile... it reminds me of when my boys were very little and everything was timed in sleeps... "How many sleeps til Christmas/my birthday/insert fun activity here!

Take care... and keep smiling! :)

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