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Partner's Class....

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well on saturday, myself and Mr Roo went to our partner's antenatal class, which was great fun. There were three other couples, all of whom were a giggle, and apart from Mr Roo embarassing himself as per usual (when asked who would like to cut the cord, he says yes, to be told that it might be harder than he thought and could sometimes be a little 'chewy'...to which he replies: 'I thought I could use scissors'......oh the shame! :blink: :o :D ) it was a good afternoon spent having a laugh and learning all about ventouse, forceps and other fun things you really never want to see....Also got to have a better look around the birth centre....extra added attraction is that it has a sensory room with lots of lovely lights, a rocking chair, birth ball, bean bags, soft music, etc, etc..... I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to this kind of stuff usually, but after 5 minutes of being in there, came out feeling very relaxed and calm. Still desperately want to get into this place...it is marvellous....Also had my friend round on friday....her friend is slightly better than she thought he would be, which is brilliant news and we had a great evening chatting about life, the universe, 72ft yachts, hurricanes and babies!I do know some fun people! :D

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