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Well dragged myself out of bed then set off to see my Grandma with little fella, leaving hubbie to do some work stuff/empty the loft/put the washing out/watch the Grand Prix. I think he did most of the latter :blink: Got to Grandma's to find out that she had suffered a bit of a calmity :D My aunt (who lives with her) had managed to flush her bottom set of false teeth down the toilet :D She has not been to the dentist in years and her dentist has ceased working. As she is 90+ (not sure how old) and house bound, it makes it a little difficult to get new ones. Hopefully, with some of my contacts she is going to get something sorted tomorrow :D On the way home I saw a motorcyclist having been pulled over by a copper on the A170. He must have been coming down the long hill (over 3 miles long) and got a bit of speed up, then saw a white Subaru Imprezza (sp) and thought "I can go faster than you mate" wizzed past and saw the Subaru catching up, pulled on the throttle and.......blue flashing lights from the Subaru :D Lots of bikes get pulled up on that stretch of road as they can really get some speed up (reports of over 115pmh) Other than that a boring day really, sorting out baby toys from the loft. Little fella wanted to play with them all so looks like we will be hanging onto them :o

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I thought you said 'flushed her bottom'.....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That'll teach me to read things more closely.... :rolleyes::rolleyes: :lol:

Oh I am such a child......

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It's funny but not for poor old grandma but luckily she sees the funny side of it :D

She's lovely, can't walk very well any more and suffers lots of sores etc on her legs but she's as bright as anything mentally and loves seeing little fella :)

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Awwww...I love older people who refuse to just give up and let the world go by....

My greatest hope is that I'll be like that when I get older... :)

Tell her I hope she gets a new set of teeth soon.. :)

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