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Well what did we get up to todayHubbie and little fella went for a long overdue haircut, I should also have one but find lots of excuses to get out of it. We ended up have a Barber shop conversation about children's TV programs :D You had to be their but I was crying with laughter at the older Barber's comments about drug enduced kiddies programs in the 70's (to which I had to agree) We then went to the Designer Outlet on the outskirts of York. A safe place to take a pregnant woman as they do not sell any clothes that fit me :blink: Did treat myself in the Cadbury outlet shop :o and bought some makeup in the Bodyshop :D Then went to Sainsburys and spent a small fortune on not very much :D bought little fella Robots on DVD (which he said was good)I then went to Argos and treated myself to a new alarm clock. My current one is impossible to see unless you pick it up and hold it in a weird way. So I now have a projection clock which automatically updates the time/date, tells me the temperature and changes colour :D I looked at some in the Outlet but was getting drawn to the £250+ weather stations :D Having Chinese Spare ribs and Cous Cous for tea (fusion cooking :D )

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