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Oh my life is either too boring to comment about or too ******* that I can't comment about.Things are a bit stressful at the moment, on top of trying to handover my tasks, trying to move house, my kidney being a total pain (literally) I have other "things" which are doing my head in :D Sorry, this is getting very kriptic but hopefully things will improve when there is space between me and other people :blink: But it seems that everythings is progressing on the house front. I'm looking forward to it but don't want to get too complacent as I know things can go wrong :D So there you go, nothing exciting to report. Off to Scarborough tomorrow - oh joy :o

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Oh Katie...I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad time....

I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed it all sorts itself out soon....

You need to tell 'em all to bog off, and retire to a bath and then telly with a big bit of choccy tart and a glass of fizzy something non-alcoholic, but enough to look like it's an alcoholic drink.....

Deep breaths.....it'll be all over soon.... :)

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