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Alps Weather Forecast 27 December 2014

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[b]Current Situation [/b]
Last week it was reported that conditions across the Alps were pretty poor for the time of year. The past week has been very mixed indeed with some snow over last weekend. This was followed by some very mild temps with freezing level reaching over 3000m. However for Christmas it turned colder with a little fresh snow in places.

[b]Synoptic Situation[/b]
However there is a big change for this weekend and into next week already in progress. The Low Pressure system that brought the rain and snow to the UK on Boxing Day is moving South East into the Alps during Saturday bringing heavy snowfall and colder air as it does so. Sunday sees this Low Pressure centre move away to Southern Italy, with North Easterly winds feeding in across the Alps. Some snow will continue for a time but gradually turning drier from the North.
[attachment=235350:Alps 27 Dec.JPG] [attachment=235349:Alps 27 Dec +24.JPG]

Monday and Tuesday sees High Pressure centred over the UK settling things down for the Alps but keeping very cold North to North Easterly winds in place over the Alps.
[attachment=235348:Alps 27 Dec +48.JPG] [attachment=235347:Alps 27 Dec + 72.JPG]

By Midweek, The High Pressure system is set to sink to become centred over the Alps [1040mb], so remaining dry and very cold with Easterly winds.
[attachment=235346:Alps 27 Dec +96.JPG] [attachment=235345:Alps 27 Dec +12.JPG]

Staying dry, settled and cold over the Alps towards the weekend, but signs of the cold moderating towards the weekend.

[attachment=235344:Alps 27 Dec +144.JPG]

This is very much concentrated for this weekend. The above mentioned could front has already pushed in across NW parts of the Alps with precipitation this morning for the French Alps, Switzerland, and SW Germany. This will spread SE during the day, with some precipitation likely across the Alps, heavy in places. Snow levels 1000m to start, 400m later.

Patchy precipitation will continue through Sunday across the Alps, slowly becoming drier from the North later. Snow levels 400-600m daytime, sea level overnight. Up to 20-30cm of snow is possible in places, from the start of the snow on Saturday until it clears on Sunday.

Monday sees another front edging in from the North, bringing snow for Northern and Central areas through Monday and early Tuesday before fading, this falling as snow to all levels and 5cm or so possible.

[attachment=235356:Alps Precip 27 Dec.png] [attachment=235355:Alps Precip 27 Dec +12.png] [attachment=235354:Alps Precip + 24.png] [attachment=235353:Alps Precip 27 Dec +24.png] [attachment=235351:Alps Precip 27 Dec +27.png] [attachment=235352:Alps Precip 27 Dec +33.png]

The majority of the snowfall towards the North West of the Alps.

[attachment=235375:Rmgfs144sum 27 dec.gif]

[b]Freezing Levels[/b] (Based on 6Hz GFS run - Sat 28 Dec)

Sat – 400m-600m Eastern Austria, 800m-1000m for Central areas, up to 1200m in the Far South West.
Sun – Sea Level to 500m Eastern Austria, Southern Germany, and the French Alps, 600m-900m Southern Switzerland, SW Austria into Italy
Mon – Sea Level to 400m Eastern Austria, Southern Germany, and the French Alps, rest of Austria and Switzerland, 500m-1100m Italy
[attachment=235362:Alps Temps 27 Dec + 24.png] [attachment=235361:Alps Temps 27 Dec +48.png]

Tue – Sea Level except 50m-250m Italy
Wed – Sea Level except 0m-100m Italy
[attachment=235360:Alps Temps 27 Dec +72.png] [attachment=235359:Alps Temps 27 Dec +96.png]

Thu– Sea Level to 400m generally, 400m to 700m Southern Switzerland, SW Austria, NW Italy
Fri– Sea Level to 400m N and E Austria, S Germany, 500m to 800m generally but up to 1100m Southern Switzerland, SW Austria, NW Italy
[attachment=235358:Alps Temps 27 Dec +12.png] [attachment=235357:Alps Temps 27 Dec +144.png]

Bearing in mind, these are maximum freezing levels and generally resorts will be below freezing the majority of the week.


Turning much colder with some much needed snowfall this weekend. The cold temps next week mean that snow cannons will be in full operation and the current snow pack will be frozen and this should really create a base of snow for many resorts even at low levels.

Early next week should see the best skiing conditions of the winter [so far].
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