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AWT'S Winter Forecast 2014/2015

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A Winter's Tale


[b]DECEMBER... [/b]A close to or slightly below average month with an unsettled and changeable first half with active weather fronts sweeping the country and areas of low pressure often close by to the north, delivering frequent windy and blusetry conditions, occasionally turbulent and it will be predominately below average in the north with intermittent wintry precipitation, slightly milder and calmer further south with some settled intervals from the SW introducing a few frosty nights. It should remain unsettled into the first part of the second half of the month, with a change to a more pronounced spell of milder weather before becoming colder again with an anticyclonic period preceeding a cold and wintry spell to end the month with an Arctic sourced airmass. Temperatures 0.25C above to 0.75C below average, most likely to below average further north. CET 5.2C. Rainfall 90-100% of the average in the south, 95-110% of the average further north and west. Precipitation coming in the form of rain from active weather fronts and proceeding some blustery and unstable airflows with some intervals of wintry precipitation in the north west and potentially significant totals of snow on the Scottish high ground. Sunshine 5% on either side of the average.

[b]JANUARY... [/b]Colder or significantly colder than average with a return to unsettled and potentially stormy weather for a time after New Year with temperatures generally around or just above average prior to colder, anticyclonic conditions before mid month, heralding a risk of harsh frost and dense patches of fog. It should turn significantly colder for the latter half of the month, with increasing chances of snow in most places but especially in eastern and southern areas with the possibility of some significant snowfalls. Generally drier and more settled further north. At times turning less cold in the very SW but generally very cold, at times intensely cold elsewhere, with widespread and at times severe frosts. Temperatures 2.0C to 0.5 below average. CET 2.2C. Rainfall 90-110% of the average in the east and 75-85% further north and west. Sunshine 5-10% above average in the north and west, 5% below average in the east.

[b]FEBRUARY... [/b]Colder than average, especially in the first half of the month with prolonged and at times intense cold pesisting into the new month. It may become more anticyclonic at times with high pressure close to the north and snow showers becoming lighter and infrequent. However, there may be a few attempts of the Atlantic making enrodes, resulting in a few oppurtunities for battleground snowfall. Eventually, the atlantic should win resulting in milder and changeable conditions from the west, perhaps the risk of a wind event or two before becoming much milder to end the month. CET 2.9C. Rainfall 65-85% of the average in the south, 75-85% further north. Sunshine 5-10% above average.
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