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Well, arrived back from Dymchurch unscathed (but a little sun burnt). We were, however, lucky to get there at any point today.Mr Raven, (the know it all that he is) knew the way to Dymchurch, so I thought, fair enough, he knows (as usual), I'll leave it to him.Well, I nodded off to sleep at Ashford, and awoke in Dover (of all places). The FOOL had driven on the wrong motoway. We needed to be on the A20/M20. He went on the A2/M2. We don't have an A-Z in the car because we don't need one (apparently) what with the know it all guru I am married to. So we drove round Dover for a while (the castle is a lot bigger than I thought it would be) and eventually found the M20 and started the journey in the right direction. Arrived in Dymchurch at 2.20pm.Had a lovely day otherwise - weather was perfect (clear blue skies and a lovely cool sea breeze (hence the sun burn) and I had some quality time to myself whilst my children (well, mini-R and Mr R) had a little paddle in the sea and built sand castles.Still, the day out has given me an excellent idea for a Birthday Pressie for Mr R - an A-Z.

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Ahhhhh Romney Marsh! I spent far too many months there, living in Littlestone and working all over the Marsh looking at Medieval things......

Lovely in summer, but the bleakest, coldest, wettest, most horizontal-biting-wind-inside-your-waterproofs place in the winter.....brrrrrrrrrr!

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Get him Sat Nav instead... it's a gadget, so he'll feel manly using it!

actually, good idea Lady P... does anyone have any idea where I can purchase such a scary, technical contraption?

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