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NOGAPS The End of An Era

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[center][size=6]1982 to 2013[/size][/center]

[size=4][b]The Start:[/b] NOGAPS came into the world in 1982 it's job was simple give the Navy a weather forecast. It impressed people by going to 180 hours and bringing in 4 updates per day.[/size]

[size=4][b]It's Prime: [/b]NOGAPS did have a prime moment when it was new and updated reguarly it could compete well with the other models at the time.[/size]

[size=4][b]The Mocking: [/b]In the past few years NOGAPS has become very outdated compared to the other weather models, members of the weather communities would often mock it for being a terrible model and not even worth looking at. However NOGAPS always had some hardcore fans who stood by it through the tough times to give it hope for a better tomorrow.[/size]

[size=4][b]The end Is Near: [/b]A few months ago NOGAPS received the worst news in it's life it's younger wiser brother would be replacing it in February 2013. It shocked the weather communities around the world and tributes poured in.[/size]

[size=4][b]The End: [/b]NAVGEM it's replacement has arrived at the moment NOGAPS is still going it's just showing NAVGEM around the place to get settled down but soon NOGAPS will be switched off for good.[/size]

Thank you NOGAPS I hope you enjoy you're retirement.
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