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A Wild Night Ahead!

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Looks like we could be in for some pretty appalling conditions up here later tonight and into the early hours.

SE-E winds are forecast to reach Storm Force with gusts between 70-80mph. As if that weren't bad enough theres a possibility that it could turn to snow again for a time between about 2100 and firt thing tomorrow sop we could well see some really atrocious blizzard conditions for a time.

On top of all that is the highest astronomical tides of the year tonight so we could have a wind-over-tide effect with coastal flooding. The Local Auhtority has already deployed sandbags in vulnerable places and SEPA has a flood alert out for here.

Being a weather fiend this of course makes for an interesting night to say the least, assuming the boradband and power stay on! More importantly I hope my colleagues at work don't have to deal with anybody in difficulty tonight. Effecting a rescue in those sorts of conditions can be difficult to say the least.
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Well, stay safe is all I can say. We get similar weather on Skye and have had some stonking storms in years gone by. If we don't hear from you later in the day we'll know the Storm fairies have stolen your leccy.....

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Quite! If it does snow then its likely to be quite wet and sticky which is ideal for bringing down power lines but the wind might just do that anyway!

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