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Sunny Scotland...

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Well, I'm back! And what a lovely time we had....10 days of sun and relaxation at my parents lovely home in SW Scotland. They live in a converted school on top of a hill (nearest neighbour 1 mile) and have an acre of land, a big barn, a bothy (workshop) and have lots of lovely walks and views all round their house.... it's heaven! :D We had a great few days: the weather was marvellous with only one day of rain, but the rest sunny and hot. We managed to get out and about lots, paddling in the sea, going for walks, boat trips on the river, paddling in the local river, sunning ourselves, eating loads, etc, etc....FAB! :D:D And now we are home again...boo hoo! But today our house completes so we will be home owners! Argggghhhhhh! Looking forward to it, but won't belive it til it actually happens.....And then we have to start preparing for the arrival of mini-roo (I'm 28 weeks, and it's all starting to feel a little close now! :o :blink: )....Ah well, at least after such a nice holiday we're feeling better prepared than we might have been.... :D P.S. We went to the most amazing bakery whilst we were in scotland. It is a proper old style one, and the chap bakes all the bread (all organic flour, plus lots of nice varieties) in a wood fuelled oven, so all the bread has a lovely texsture, and a slight hint of wood smoke smell.....He also makes the most amazing veggie pizzas, and rolled pizzas too.....YUMMY! So if you're ever in the vicinity of Moniaive I really do recommend a visit.....

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Hi Roo... :D

Glad you had a good holiday in Scotty... :D 28 weeks eh? Not long to go!!! :D:D:D

Bad news: Ken Ring's back after his supension! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: :lol:

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