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British Snowfall Events 2012/2013

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A Winter's Tale


17th October: Some snow fell in Altnaharra and Aviemore as precipitation arrived from the SW.

25th-27th October: Widespread snow showers in northern, eastern Scotland and northern and eastern England, depths of a couple of cm in places and up to 5 to 7cm in parts of Aberdeenshire. Snowfall led to motorists being urged to drive with extreme caution around Aberdeen later on the 26th, with particularly bad conditions on the A90. A number of routes in the Grampian area were affected by snow.

29th October: Snow showers were observed on Fair Isles in the morning.

31st October: Some snow showers fell in northern Scotland later in the day.

1st November: Some wintry showers for parts of Wales, especially with a little elevation; a dusting of snow in settlements with elevation. Some slight snow in northern Scotland in the evening.

3rd November: Some wintry precipitation for parts of north west England and parts of southern and central Scotland; a dusting of snow in a few places such as Perthshire.

4th November: Channel low brought some heavy snow to parts of southern, south western and central England; depths up to 15cm in places and a couple of inches around the Bath area. Over 5cm of snow fell across parts of Somerset, Wiltshire, South Gloucester and North Dorset. Parts of Oxfordshire also reported snow during the afternoon.

5th November: There was some snowfall across parts of Cumbria and northern Scotland during the day.

9th November: Some snow fell across parts of NW Scotland for a time.

18th November: Some snow fell in the showers in N and NW Scotland during the day.

28th November: Some snow fell in NW Scotland.

30th November: Some snow for parts of Scotland and Northern England - especially with elevation - including Fife, the Borders/south east and the highlands as a result of a front moving south - some accumilations in a few places.

1st December: Some snow showers for northern and eastern Scotland in a northerly wind.

2nd/3rd December: Some snow showers in northern Scotland on the 2nd. Frontal snowfall later in the day and into the 3rd for large parts of Scotland aswell as northern England, some distruption and widespread accumilations, including 3cm over many parts of Scotland.

4th/5th December: A front moving south brought some snow to parts of Scotland and some parts of England. Some accumilations in places. Snow showers in north eastern Scotland on the 5th.

6th December: Some snow for eastern parts of Scotland before midnight as front moved south. Some accumilations in Perthshire and Fife.

8th December: A little snow in Aberdeenshire from a front coming in from the north - it quickly turned back to rain with milder air.

9th-12th December: Some snow flurries, especially in eastern and northern coasts. Some snow showers in northern and eastern parts of Scotland on the 12th.

13th December: An area of precipitation moving north brought some light snow to parts of Scotland leaving a dusting.

26th-27th December: A band of precipitation moving north late on the 26th brought some snow to parts of Scotland. Snow showers were also moving into northern parts of Scotland. On the 27th, the same band was pushed further west but moved back towards Scotland and brought a spell of snow. There was some accumilations in just a few places, especially with elevation.

29th/30th December: Showers driven by a westerly wind in the evening brought some snow to some parts of Northern Ireland and north western Scotland and further inland towards the Cairngorms. There was some snow and sleet across parts of Scotland into the morning with accumilations on the mountains.

12/13th January: A few snow showers in eastern Scotland on the 12th, a band of precipitation brought snow to parts of NW Scotland. Into the 13th and snow fell over large parts of Scotland, some accumilations that varied greatly from place to place. Some snow in NI, parts of Wales, northern England saw snow from the band, extending into Yorkshire, parts of the Midlands and extending further south along the eastern end of England. Accumilations typically a cm or two, perhaps more and in some areas close to 5cm.

14th/15th January: Band of precipitation brought snow to eastern areas of England in particular and parts of eastern Scotland - some accumilations of around 2-5cm and more in a few spots. Some snow showers moved into Wales on 14th. Late on the 14th, snow fell in eastern Scotland with the earlier band of precipitation backing west off the north sea - continued into the 15th - accumilations in some areas as high as 10-15cm locally.

16th January: Some snow flurries in parts of western and central Scotland and later in Wales as a result of a band of precipitation moving in from the west.

17th January: Light snow across a large part of England and Wales and shortwave brought snow to eastern parts of East Anglia and little bit of light snow flurries in some parts of Scotland.

18th January: Significant snow event with band of precipitation moving in from the west bringing heavy snow to Northern Ireland, Wales and much of England with depths up to a foot in parts of Wales - very significant and widespread distruption with school closures. Heavy convective snow showers for NE England and eastern Scotland with accumilations as high as 15cm and squall line bringing snow into the highlands and reaching Lochaber. Snow in southern Scotland moving north from England.

19h January: Snow shower across eastern parts of Scotland and England and some flurries and local snowfalls in various parts of the UK.

20th January: Heavy snow for south east England, spreading northwards along eastern England and affecting parts of the Midlands, north Wales. Some snow for parts of Ireland and flurries across Scotland.

21st January: Heavy snow across large parts of Scotland, especially eastern areas. North east England and the Borders hardest hit with depths up to a foot. Some snow showers in NI and eastern parts of England.

22nd January: Snowfall continued across eastern parts of Scotland with depths over a foot in Deeside, some more snow for the Borders and snow in southern Scotland during the early hours. An area of low pressure brought some snow to southern parts of both England and Wales, spreading northwards towards the midlands.

23rd January:

Heavy snow showers in southern counties of England and also Wales, some snow showers and flurries for north east England and east Scotland.

24th January: Some snow showers in the early hours in parts of eastern Scotland. A few flurries in some eastern parts of England and a little bit of snow in parts of western Scotland later in the day from a front moving in from the west.

25th/26th January: Heavy and widespread frontal snowfall across large parts of Scotland and northern England and in other areas too, some significant accumilations and also distruption in places. More than 10cm of fresh snow fell in some locations. Snowfall continued into the night and the morning of the 26th in eastern parts of England with depths over a foot in places and some significant distruption.

27th January: Some snow showers fed in by a fresh westerly wind into parts of Scotland - especially across parts of the highlands.

31st January: Some wet snow across parts of the central belt and southern highlands of Scotland.

1st-2nd February: Snow showers across northern parts of Scotland in a northerly wind and lasting into the morning of the 2nd with some snow showers across parts of eastern England.

4th/5th February: Heavy snow showers driven by a strong westerly wind across large parts of Scotland, northern Ireland and northern England with accumilations in many places. The snow showers continued across many areas in the northern half of the British Isles with depths of around an inch in many places aswell as some distruption.

6th February: A northerly wind brought snow showers to exposed parts of northern and eastern Scotland and eastern England.

7th/8th February: Patchy, brief and light snow in some locations as a weak band of precipitation moving east brought a little bit of wintryness to some areas. This continued into the 8th and there was some snow showers in the morning across a few eastern parts of England

10th/11th February: Some heavy wet snow as a band of precipitation moved in off the atlantic. There was snow in the morning and afternoon across a number of parts of Scotland aswell as parts of northern England then into the evening the Midlands, east of England, Yorkshire and even parts of the SE saw some snow. Accumilations mainly on higher ground. The snow continued overnight before fizzling out but it left accumilations across eastern parts of England, ranging between typically 2-5cm and as high as 13cm at settlements with elevations.

12th February: Some snow flurries in eastern parts with a south easterly wind.

13th February: Heavy snow from a band moving in from the atlantic - mostly affecting the northern half of the UK. Some significant distruption in places with widespread accumilations and depths over 5cm in many areas and over 10cm in a number of areas.

21st/22nd Febuary: Light snow flurries across some parts of south eastern England. Some further snow flurries into the 22nd across eastern parts of England with a dusting in some locations and light snow grains down the eastern side of the UK.

23rd February: Quite widespread light snow showers/flurries across eastern parts of England, Scotland and Ireland in particular and there was some heavy snow showers in north eastern England. A covering in some locations. Snow flurries also ending up in more central and western areas aswell.

24th February: Further snow showers and flurries, particulary in eastern areas in south eastern parts of Scotland, some locations had up to 2-3cm of snow in the morning.

9th March: An area of precipitation pushing south from Scotland turned to snow across some areas in southern Scotland and some eastern parts of England such as East Anglia.

10th March: Heavy, frequent convective snow showers in eastern parts of Scotland in particular with depths exceeding 5cm in parts of north eastern Scotland. Depths of a cm or so in other eastern and central parts of Scotland and some more snow showers for parts of eastern England.

11th March: Further heavy snow showers for south eastern Scotland and eastern England in a north easterly wind and plenty of snow showers affecting many other parts of the British Isles away from north western Scotland. Some more accumilations for some eastern parts of Scotland. An area of low pressure brought a snow storm to the Channel Islands - believed to be the worst here for possibly decades - with some significant accumilations as much as 14cm aswell affecting south eastern parts of England too with some travel distruption.

12th March: Snow showers for northern and some eastern parts of Scotland, some other snow flurries in north eastern parts of England. Heavy snow clearing south east England in the morning but accumilations of around an inch or so brought distruption to counties such as Sussex.

13th March: Further wintry showers in a northerly wind for northern Scotland, eastern counties aswell as further inland in England and in some other areas.

14th March: A few flurries in northern and eastern areas into the early morning before patchy light snow from the west fell in some areas of Scotland for a time in the morning.

16th March: A period of snowfall mixed within an area of precipitation moving northwards into Scotland. Some accumilations, but mostly on the high ground.

17th March: Some snowfall in various areas of precipitation across parts of eastern England and eastern/central Scotland with some accumilations locally, especially on the high ground.

18th March: Snow throughout the day in north eastern areas and into central areas but during the afternoon and evening various bands coming off the north sea brought some significant snowfall to eastern Scotland and north east England with accumilations of 3-5cm in many affected areas and up to 10cm or more in others.

19th March: Further snowfall across much of eastern Scotland and north eastern England and with snow showers making it into more central and some western parts, and a few wintry showers elsewhere. Some significant and distruptive snowfall for south eastern Scotland, with depths of 10-15cm+ in places.

20th March: Some snow flurries in eastern areas and in some other locations too.

21st March: Further snow showers for eastern Scotland and north eastern England - locally some accumilations. A band of heavy rain turning to snow in NI and parts of N Wales and England late in the day.

22nd March: An area of low pressure resulted in fronts stalling and bringing heavy snow to many areas including: Northern Ireland, southern and western Scotland, north Wales and north England. Accumilations in many areas with snowfalling for much of the day - depths as high as a foot in worst hit areas and even larger depths in dfifts. Significant disruption to travel, sport and many tens of thousands of homes without power. Some snow showers in eastern parts of Scotland in the easterly.

23rd March: The front fizzled out during the day, further snowfall for south western Scotland, eastern NI, parts of northern England, north Wales, the Midlands and into some southern parts of England. Further accumilations, drifs of many feet in worst affected areas. Snow showers in south easterly wind for parts of north eastern Scotland.

24th March: Light snow flurries for eastern Scotland. A weak band of snow moving south brought some snow to parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and some other regions.

25-30th March: Snow showers for eastern, central Scotland, north eastern England and parts of eastern Ireland. Some accumilations in places, especially before dawn.

2nd April: A few snow flurries in some eastern parts.

3rd/4th April: Light snow for south eastern England, settling in some locations.

6th-7th April: Snow to lower levels across northern parts of Scotland from a front moving south.

8-9tth April: Snow showers across northern parts of Scotland. Some wintry showers also reached some eastern parts of Scotland on the 9th.

1st May: Some snow showers In the Shetland Islands.

2nd-3rd May: Some snow to lower levels in the northern and western highlands and islands on the back edge of a frontal system.

14th/15th May: An extensive area of persistent and heavy precipitation across southern parts of Britain late on the 14th and into the 15th saw snow fall across upland areas and in some lower elevations and towns. There were accumilations of snow of up to 5cm in some places, snow depths in parts of Shropshire and Devon

22nd May: A northerly wind brought showers to northern parts of Scotland with a wintry mix. Some snow was observed in some places including Lerwick.
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My daughter living at Bedmond in Herts told me that there was a covering of snow first thing in the morning but it soon melted.

It seems that snow in October is becoming more prelevant.

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it was a surprise on sunday morning ,i half expected some sleet but not 5cms of wet snow ,even made a snowman for my grandaughter . but had to get up early all gone within a few hrs .some places higher up had less ,but we were in the right spot for the hvy presipitation .cheers

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