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My Weather Diary Of Autumn 2012

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A Winter's Tale


[center][b]SEPTEMBER DICUSSION[/b][/center]

1st September: A bit drizzly earlier, then it turned quite nice and sunny for a spell but cloud cover again increased and much of the evening was wet and dull. Tomorrow should be a better day, beyond this there could be some rain at times, cloudy and the model outlook is for quite a warm looking first half of September.

2nd September: Quite grey and dull in the morning before things did brighten up for afterwards. Some clear skies and nice evening light to the south but always a little cloudier further north the area was kind of on the boundary of cloud/clear skies - nonetheless it was a nice September evening sky when looking south towards Glasgow. It's now cloudy now here, but tomorrow we see winds coming from the west and some rain moving near western areas.

3rd September: It was meant to be a grey day but around lunctime and into the afternoon there was a lovely September's day with blue skies, sunshine and a lovely light to the land and it felt quite warm. Then cloud arrived from the west at around 3pm and soon the rain arrived and it was quite heavy at times as atlantic air replaced the sunny, clear skies. Tomorrow, the central belt/Glasgow area could be on the border line between cloud cover and sunshine.

4th September:

Pretty nice September weather today, on the cool side but lots of sunshine and blue skies with some nice looking clouds too so a fairly seasonal and pleasant day. There was a lovely sky in the evening with a nice light blue sky with the earlier dusk and some interesting colours in the cirrus clouds as the sun sets. The next few days are okay with some sunshine tomorrow but more cloud afterwards with some rain and the possibility of an early frost perhaps.

5th September:

Today was very nice day weatherwise, lots of lovely September sunshine and pleasant looking skies and surroundings too! A lovely evening too with a great clear sky in the twilight and it's a nice night - quite cold looking and there's a different light than the summer light and tonight could be quite a cool one. Rain is expected to be in the area tomorrow and it's not too bad an outlook at all for September but I'll keep you posted on what the weather has been like and discuss and comment about upcoming weather and so on.

6th September:

The cold front arrived in the morning and brought grey skies and some rain for a time. It remained cloudy for much of the day but now the clouds aren't as think and there are a few clear patches.

7th September:

Grey and dull all day with some rain at times - hardly an inspiring day for weather.

8th September:

Today was a lot better. There was still some grey, cool, cloudy weather at times but it wasn't as slate grey as yesterday and there were some nice sunny, clear spells in the sky so an okay day overall but right now there is a cloudy night sky with just a few breaks.

9th September:

Another cloudy and uneventful day and rain eventually arrived from the west but it was quite patchy but heavy for periods. Scotland does look set for yet more frontal rainfall but next week could start quite cool and showery with snow on the hills.

10th September:

Grey and damp earlier but tonight it's mostly clear skies with a few clouds - dusk now much later at before 9pm.

11th September:

A nicer, fresh September day with lots of lovely blue skies, sunshine and some showers so a nice autumnal feel to things today.

12th September:

Another beautiful, cool, clear, calm September day, really lovely and scenic and pleasing! But all good things have to come to an end eventually I'm afraid but tonight is going to be another cool one.

13th September:

Today was an classic example of the windier and wilder side to autumn as we have the remains of ex hurricanes. Calmer now but there were some big gusts and some impressive skies and some rainfall/drizzle throughout the day, tomorrow should be a slight improvement.

14th September:

As I said yesterday, today was meant to be a slight improvement and indeed it was. Some nice, cool, autumnal sunshine and clear skies with plenty of regular showers and some strong winds and always breezy.

16th September:

There was some sunshine and blue skies for a period yesterday afternoon but it go cloudier later in the day. Today started off quite windy and wet but it improved and it was a lovely evening.

17th September:

Quite wet and dreich earlier with persistent showers and cool aswell but now lovely, but cool, perfect evening September sunshine glowing on the autumn leaves with a lovely autumn light and a lovely calm, cool evening blue sky.

18th September:

Glorious sunshine and again blue skies but the light of everything looks much more autumnal now. A cool day with some showers and quite fresh too so quite a pleasant cool September day. And the coming nights look cool, well into single figures and temperatures here could drop below 5C. So a cool couple of days, some rainfall in the form of showers and some but skies should rarely be completely overcast.

19th September:

After sleet being reported at Loch Glascarnoch yesterday, last night was very cold and here in Glasgow it got down to around 4C and colder than that in other rural spots. A lovely day with some and a nice cool, sunny, at times breezy and showery September day. Tonight is also quit cool, calm and largely clear.

20th September:

Well into autumn now and today was largely went and cold and miserable thanks to a front moving in from the south stalling over southern and central scotland. It later cleared so there was an improvement in the evening and not a bad, calm, half-clear autumnal night and cool too - current 7C. The next few nights and days should be dry and with clear skies but cold.

21st September:

It went down to 3C earlier today, lovely morning aswell with glorious sunshine. A few more clouds in the sky later on in the afternoon but I was able to play tennis in lovely evening sunshine before a few showers crossed over. A lovely autumn night too and currently 4C so a frost could be on the cards!

22nd September:

I can confirm that this morning had the official first frost of the winter. Woke up at 8am and the car was covered in a frost and some ice, very slight frost on the grass and beautiful morning. Minimum temperatures between 7-8am were at around 0C across the central belt, -1C recored at Glasgow Airport so I'm not sure whether there was an air frost here but nevertheless the autumnal chill was present this morning with frost and low temperatures. Once the sun was up the temperature rised rapidly, clouds did increase however thanks to a system influencing from the west but it was a fairly pleasant, average autumnal afternoon. Still cool outside right now but it should be nowhere near as cold as last night. Some stormy and unpleasant weather is expected for southern areas of the British Isles tomorrow.

23rd September:

Another cold, sunny, beautiful morning with a low of 4C and with the sun up the temperatures rose. A lovely, bright day with some sunshine, blue skies and fair cloud cover and a nice evening too with an interesting moon. Tomorrow however looks like being a wild day here.

24th September:

A miserable day here, but even worse further south where more than a month's rainfall fell in less than 24hrs resulting in floods. The heavy rain is now moving further north so Glasgow should get some rain but should escape the worst of it but right now the winds are strong and gusty and there is a distinct, wild, stormy autumnal feel about tonight. Tomorrow should be changeable too but the following days should be a lot calmer with some decent but cool conditons at times.

25th September:

Last night was stormy and lots more leaves are on the ground after last night. Today had less rainfall, but still breezy and it became a little brighter but still a classicly set-up unsettled autumn day. Some terrible distruption from the deep low in other areas of the UK with floods and strong winds and in Aberdeen there foam mixed with sand being blown off the sea into the villages. The next few days look better though.

26th September:

Quite pleasant and stunning at times today with some lovely periods of autumnal sunshine throughout the day but quite cool and there were some pockets of clouds moving over from time to time bringing a few showers. Less wind today after the recent low which was the deepest for September in the British Isles in around 30 years.

27th September:

Another cool day, quite pleasant at times with some nice autumnal skies and sunshine in clear periods. Overcast currently and fairly calm too.

28th September:

Showery, fresh and cool today, classic autumnal weather with some nice cool, crystal clear blue skies with some impressive shower clouds bringing short but heavy rainfalls. Cool today but very scenic when the sun comes out. A nice moon and night sky tonight - very atmospheric.

29th September:

Less showers today than yesteray, quite calm too, cloudy right now but there was plenty of lovely autumn sunshine and skies earlier but transitionary between periods of cloud cover and clearer skies.

30th September:

Some rain overnight and heavy showers in the morning but it turned out a very nice autumn day, some lovely sunshine and skies once more and a calm, largely clear night with another bright, small moon.

[center][b]OCTOBER DISCUSSION[/b][/center]

1st October:

The first day of October has been changeable, less sunshine than yesterday with plenty of showers coming in from the west - some very heavy. A recent heavy shower has cleared, patches of fast moving clouds in the night sky with glimpses of a moon in the clear bits. Quite cool at 8C too.

2nd October:

Another showery day, brief periods of some sunshine and the changeable theme looks set to continue this week, some sunshine at times but some rain will be present too and it should become colder as we move go through the week. Possibility of stormy and cool autumnal weather beyond this week.

3rd October:

Brighter today with some spells of autumn sunshine and impressive autumn colours are highlighted in it's full glory when the sun is out. But it was a cool autumn day with showers around and one or two these where pretty heavy but on the whole there were less showers than yesterday. Tonight, it's currently 5C so a cold night is likely and there are less showers around the it's a nice, calm, largely clear October night.

4th October:

Fantastic crisp, cold October morning with temperatures hovering just above freezing and it looked wonderful with the sunshine glowing on the fog. Temperatures were close to an air frost but nonetheless it was a cold, winter-like morning and the second of the type this season so far (although we have had temperatures dip below 5C on no. of occasions) temperatures weren't quite low enough for long enough for a ground frost to form. The flog cleared and temperatures rose quickly as a calm and mostly bright afternoon followed but there were a few showers at times and usually a little cloud cover. The light during the day and night and the weather combined with the earlier dusk/later dawn and the migrating birds signals that we are properly into autumn now. Temperatures have been at 9C for a while now and cloud cover is increasing with some rain approching from the west.

5th October:

Temperatures went down to around 6C here this morning but there was so morning mist/sunshine once more. Temperatures rose and it was a lovely autumnal day some clouds developed as the day went and one moment in the afternoon it was quite cloudy but the evening and night has remained largely clear and cool. The next few days also look quite cool/cold in the mornings and some sunny spells. Definetley getting deeper into autumn now!

6th October:

5C was a cold as it got this morning and it was another glorious morning too. Around luchtime and early afternoon it became a little overcast but afterwards skies were mostly clear again and there was fantastic dusk with red/pink cirrus clouds in the pale blue sky. Currently 4C so another cold, clear, calm night is on the cards.

7th October:

Very cold start with an air and group frost and temperatures just below freezing early this morning and glorious day too with fantastic sunshine. Right now, tonight is milder and cloudier now.

8th October:

It's a very familiar story now, as we continue our run of lovely, cold, sunny October mornings. A touch of frost this morning as the temperature hovered around 0C - possibly another air frost - and again the autumnal sunshine was glorious. A bit cloudy as a weak front passed over earlier this evening but it's about to clear and another cold morning should be on the cards for tomorrow.

9th October:

There have been some slight frosts so far this autumn but this morning was the frist proper frost of the autumn so far. A very covering of shinning frost on cars and roofs this morning as temperatures were around freezing so probably an air frost. And again, a wonderful, sunny, calm, cold October day in what has been a spell of lovely autumnal weather. Tonight, it's calm, clear and the temperature is already at 2C so another ground and air frost could be on the cards for the morning.

10th October:

Possibly one of the best days of the year so far, glorious weather until late this evening, a fantastic, sunny autumnal day. And the best frosty morning of the season so far with a minimum of -3C and fantastic morning sunshine and blue skies and quite a hard frost, the afternoon had fantastic sunshine and blue skies too. Really stunning and pleasant autumnal weather, and the frosts and changes in temperatures, daylight and environment shows that we are very much in a different season now. However cloud is increasing from the west as a front approches to push this settled weather east and replace it with rain.

11th October:

A largely grey day which became very wet and dark and dull later on, but right now at night it's the rain isn't as heavy and should be clearing quite soon, but the run of lovely dry, cold days has ended but it isn't bad to get your dreich autumnal day as long as you don't got it 7 days a week lol! A lot milder at night, temperatures by day around 12C, unsettled outlook lets set to continue for a while. Nights are longer now, dawn at 7am and dusk at 7pm, and the leaves have begun to really fall of the trees with increased rainfall and wind after a spell of cold nights.

12th October:

Little sunshine at all today, just a generally grey, overcast and at times damp October's day. But further north and east in Scotland, the front stalled and dumped lots of rain over the area and as a result there was some flooding.

13th October:

Well, we had the cold, sunny, frosty side of autumn now we've got the grey, quite wet side with temperatures around 7-11C and darker alot earlier with the cloudy skies - very few clear breaks today. We also had the showery side of October but we're yet to the see the stormy and windy side but so far it's been a fairly typical October. It should remain overcast tonight but tomorrow should perhaps see some more breaks as the day goes on and tomorrow night may be a cold one. Quite changeable, with short periods of cold nights, sunny days and before fronts arrive bringing cloud cover and rain.

14th October:

After a wet start, skies cleared later in the morning with some sunshine but there were always scattered clouds in the sky and it became showery - some said it was sleetly (however I'll only start the snow diary once proper snowfall is observed) and there was the first risk of low land wintry precipitation in NE Scotland, things then cleared at around dusk with a fantastic sky before some more showers arrived, tonight should be quite clear and possibly a frost. The next few days should have a mixture of sunny spells and fronts.

15th October:

A frosty start today, and a lovely sunny morning with the temperature around 0C again this month. A lovely day too and a cold one, quite cold right now but a frost is unlikely with a front coming in from the west across from Ireland, a cold night further north however.

16th October:

No frost, but a miserable morning with the front moving north, as a result some freezing cold rain at temperatures hovering around 2-5C, more like a January morning with snow on the hills but the front cleared and we had the first sub 10C maxima since 18th May and there was some lovely October evening late sunshine, cold day in Aviemore with maxima of 3C, temperatures now at 2C with ice forming on car but front is approching from the south so how low can it gow before the front arrives?

17th October:

Got down to 1C at Glasgow airport before the front arrived, a very wet and miserable morning, very cold in Braemar with a low of -8C, some snow at low levels in the highlands for a time but mainly above sea level. A wet few days up here possible, possibly an indian summer to follow for the south of England and maybe a taster for winter later in the month?

18th October:

No sunshine or clear skies today really, just grey and very wet and miserable at times. Temperatures reaching max of 11C. Tomorrow should be grey at times, so yes we're currently experiencing the dull, dark and damp side of October, a brief indian summer seems likely for the south of England, potentially a taste of northerly later next week.

19th October:

Grey, drizzle, windy, cold in other words miserable. The next few days could continue to be overcast aswell.

20th October:

Mostly cloudy for the morning and lunchtime, sometime sunlight made it through the clouds, come afternoon clouds cleared in the south and east and there was some lovely autumnal sunshine and blue skies and the land looked great with the autumnal colours. A nice evening too, hardly absolutely clear skies but scattered clouds making a fantastic sky. After a max of around 12C, there was a nice dusk and a great moon. Half clear night, the clouds are orange in the night sky with Glasgow conurbation down below, now 7C. Could be a fine line between cloud cover and some sunshine during the next few days. End of next week and northerly plunge into Europe seems likely, Scotland on the edge of it. Snowfall in Glasgow seems highly unlikely but it should be cold for a while, it's great to see potential that was impossibe to get this time last year, I'm fine with seasonal autumnal conditions for now but cold and wintry conditions do have a place in autumnal weather I suppose.

21st October:

Much better day, fantastic sunshine and warm in the sun too, infact it was the warmest day of the month so far with a max of 14C, a lovely dusk too, a different type of colour to the sky at this time of year, and it becomes darker a lot earlier. A fantastic moon too. Got to say that I really love clear evenings at this time of year but in actual fact I generally love autumnal weather as much as the other seasons - all four seasons are marvelous. So today was a calm, sunny day, the next few days more overcast and dull, end of next week is looking interesting with potential in the charts regarding cold synoptics that was impossible this time last year, a real blocked scenario, low pressure over Scandinavia and a northerly so a cold end to next week looks likely and there could be some snow. Fascinating stuff!!!

22nd October:

Started off misty with and very cold with a low of 0C recorded at Glasgow airport. A bone chilling wind too, a mostly cloudy and grey day, and largely calm with a little breeze that felt pretty cold. Mild in the south of Britian, next few days should continue to be cloudy before colder and crisp conditions arrive later this week.

23rd October:

A nothing day is how I would describe today's weather with no wind and just very low extensive cloud cover and poor visibility. But all the leaves on the ground makes things look nicer though.

I'm not expecting any snow here later this week but looking forward to some fantastic crisp, sunny and cold conditions with some lovely frosty nighst too and am really looking forward to hearing the snow reports from a lucky few. What difference a year makes.

BBC says maximum temperature for Glasgow should be 6C for Friday and Saturday, Torrance should be a little cooler than the city and even colder to the north of the Campsies. Lowest temperature this month is -3C so on Friday night the minimum should come close to that. It would be interesting to see what sort of temperature readings we get across the country. One thing that has caught my eye is the rain moving into western and northern areas late on Saturday night, cold temperatures on the ground but I'd imagine that the hills should see some snow. The outlook beyond is interesting, one to follow that's for sure.

24th October:

Sunny and clear skies especially afternoon and evening, some fantastic skies and conditions and colours and great relief from the cloud cover from the past few days. Now a little cloudier hidding the moon. Northerly and colder nights to come after tomorrow for a couple of days.

25th October:

A cloudy and mild start but arctic air moving south saw periods with fantastic, clear, blue but cold looking skies - the sort of air you have during clear northerlies. Sometimes lines of clouds increased because of cold fronts moving further south. Following that, a stunning dusk and incredible clear, cold looking skies with very few clouds and some fantastic colours as the sun set below the horizon. And temperatures took a big fall after the cold front passed, Glasgow airport recorded no air frost today (as far as I know) but here I think there's a frost developing on the cars, certainly by morning it'll be very cold and sunny. Shetland so the first snowfall today, later tomorrow some others will see snow which is great, probably none here but following the temperatures and enjoying the great weather will be fantastic.

26th October:

An outstanding day!!!! Started off cold, now visible frost but I think the temperature droped below 0C. There was a thin cloud cover that sooned cleared replaced by fantastic, crisp, crystal clear cold looking skies with a few small, isolated clouds. In the afternoon/evening cloud cover increased with the remains of snow showers. At 5pm, one snow shower managed to make it down to this part of the world, I could see the dark purple snow shower and a fantastic moon to the east in the cold evening sky. The maximum temperature failed to make it above 7C, and at 5pm a very light snow shower fell here! Not only the first snow event of the season here, but the first snowfall I've ever seen here in October. And that marked the start of my snow diary which keeps record of snow events this season and the winter blog with discussion about winter weather - both this Diary of weather and the winter blog will discuss weather throughout the winter. But what about elsewhere. Well, snow showers were persistent across northern and eastern areas and the met office issued a yellow warning for snow (never seen a warning for snow so early before). Many eastern and northern areas saw some wintry showers and some areas that didn't expect snow showers received some and convection of snow showers exceeded expectations and so did the depths of snow that were'nt expected in some areas - it probably snowed in more places that previous expected. However, NE Scotland and Aberdeen in particular were hit very badly by a very potent snowfall for this time of year, causing distruption and snow measured in inches - very remarkable for this time of year. Last notable snowfall in the British Isles was in April. Definetley a notable period of cold and wintry weather here in the British Isles along with October 2008. As we've seen already this month, you expect a trend for temperatures to generally cool down and to have some cold nights with frosts as we've seen this month but today has been an example of both very cold and wintry weather this early in the season. Reporting Scotland also had some decent coverage of the snow today. This evening was fantastic, a great clear dusk with a fantastic moon, fantastic scattered clouds and a fantastic clear, cold clear sky. A cold night should be on the cards with an air frost, before rain moves in from the west and milder weather intervenes, uncertainty over the details of the unsettled weather to follow and what could follow the start of next week so watch this space! Certainly an interesting period of weather, an interesting October day it has been in an interesting month.

27th October:

Droped to -3C at Glasgow airprort, since 1999 there has never been an October with as many air frosts as 2012. A fantastic clear, sunny and cold October's morning. Cloud gradually increased and so did the temperature and later some rain arrived with low pressure moving from the west. An unsettled few days seem likely.

28th October:

A mostly cloudy, grey and at times damp autumnal day. However right now, there are a few breaks in the night sky, and a fantastic moon in the dark clear patch is reflecting its light on surrounding clouds, further towards the city however there's a classic orange glow of the night sky. A calm night too with a coating of water over plants and trees, temperature now somewhere near 7C after being stuck at 8 to 9C for much of the day. Now the moon is visibile but a thin layer of cloud cover is in front of it. A very typical night for this time of year and the typical autumnal, mostly unsettled, changeable and mostly cool weather should continue - an interesting period of weather to follow.

29th October:

A chilly day today with a bone-chilling breeze. But cloud cover was thinner with some clear spells and during the evening the clear spells become more widespread and it was a nice autumnal evening and another good moon. However cloud cover has increased somewhat recently. An autumnal week infront of us but Hurrican Sandy is causing alarming problems for the east coast of America.

30th October:

A grey, dull and a classic atlantic day in autumn with rainfall coming in from the west. And some more rain to come as this atlantic, unsettled weather continues overnight and tomorrow but some clear spells and some showers in the following days seem likely with some cool night - so a cool, changeable but quite sunny few days of autumnal weather to come I suppose....

31st October:

A band of rain brought damp, dull and heavy overcast, grey skies for the day with an atlantic aspect of our autumn weather with slate grey skies, steady rain at times and a bone-chilling winds making things feel quite raw. As the front cleared, a mosaic of strips of thin cloud cover with a tint of purple against a backdrop of the black autumn evening night sky and it's now mostly calm and clear and a nice unique sort of night sky and colour that only really happens at this time of year. A cold night too with temperatures at a few spots in Scotland below freezing, here it's at 1C, with some most so a nice cold night in what has been a frosty October. On this Halloween night, we conclude what has been a fascinating and enjoyable October but I wonder what November will bring - nonetheless I'm looking forward to it.

[center][b]NOVEMBER DISCUSSION[/b][/center]

1st November:
Showery but cold wi
th an air frost recorded at Glasgow Aiport during the early hours with mist too. Really cold air throughout the day with maxima of only 7C and the light now during the day has a wintry element to it now and it's getting darker earlier - with dusk at 5.15pm. A lovely evening and afternoon and skies cleared and a fantastic pale blue sky becoming darker as the dusk neared and clouds increased from the west bringing an organised area of showers - quite dreich and raw, wet weather has followed later this evening a cloudier autumn night - some heavy showers at times too. The cool and showery regime looks set to continue for the next few days so not a bad start at all to November.

2nd November:

Temperature rose to 8C in the early hours before dropping a bit then rising again in the afternoon. There was a particulary heavy shower here at 10am but thereafter it's been another nice, generally clear November evening with a few clouds and nice colours and tones of blue in the dusk sky. The temperature in the evening dipped to around 2C and the temperature at Glasgow aiprort is close to freezing now. The showery and cool regime should last for a couple of days before we should enter a period of transition/change to milder westerlies but what will follow that remains uncertain but there's a lot to look out for during the coming days and weeks.

3rd November:

The temperature in the early hours dipped below freezing before a more organised area of showers arrived. Snow was reported at 6am at Faifley, unfortuantly I wasn't there to confirm whether it snowed here but the presence of snow in the area would be enough to make snowfall no.2 of the season so far. Snow also fell across Fife, Perthshire and Stirling earlier in the morning. It was a cold morning here, mostly sunny with a few scattered shower clouds moving in off the Firth of Clyde from the south west - maximum temperature failed to make it above 7C as it was a lovely cold, sunny November's day with some light rain showers at times. I went for a drive at around 4pm as some more rain showers arrived. Some snow on the northern side of the Campsie Fells and some lovely clear, cold evening skies with stars when showers cleared. Further into the evening, it was cold with temperatures around 3 to 5C, showers further west so drier with some scattered thin clouds that fade as they move further east across the cental belt, a lovely cold, calm night too with the sound and smell of fireworks, an evening chill and a mostly clear, dark evening sky with a few clouds reflecting the orange glow of the city - fantastic November weather. Not a bad start to November with cold days and nights, some showers but also some nice skies and sunshine/clear spells. The next few days should stay on the cold side, perhaps becoming a little milder then it's anyones guess as to what comes next....but it'll be interesting and exciting to watch how things unfold.

4th November:

During the early hours of this morning, the temperature was a couple of degrees above freezing and some thin cloud cover and a few light rain showers persisted through the morning and early afternoon. Later in the afternoon the cloud cover began to break up before sunset as the temperature maxed at 7C and it was a very cold evening. The temperature hovering around 0C for much of the evening and a largely clear sky with calm, cold conditions and starry sky with fireworks and distant thin clouds in the southern horizon moving westwards as the wind changed to an easterly. Current -1C at Glasgow Airport so tonight could be a very cold one and then we have the last of the cold spell for Bonfire Night - hopefully another calm, crisp and mostly clear night for fireworks - lovely November weather when it's cold and clear, especially in the evenings. And I also have to mention that there was a potent snowfall for parts of the south west England this morning with a channel low and some accumilations up to 15cm in places. Milder weather should arrive after tomorrow but what will follow this - as I've said before an interesting period of model and weather watching is upon us.

5th November:

Bonfire night! Had some average fireworks earlier but it was a cold evening with a frost developing in frost and temperature hovering around 1C. It was a fantastic day too with a very cold morning and a low -3C and a lovely sunny day before dusk fell and the starry night followed with some mist. Turning milder tonight with a front coming down from the north west.

6th November:

A milder day today after a low of 1C in the early hours. Also quite cloudy too with just a few spells when there were breaks in the clouds in the westerly wind and there was some rain at times. Tomorrow should have some ligh rain during the day and a mostly cloudy day with the westerly theme continuing for the next few days.

7th November:

Temperature reached a maximum of 11C and minimum of 9C so much, much milder today and also yesterday. On top of that, the westerly winds have brought windy, mostly cloudy conditions with rain - some breaks, but also some heavy downpours at times. There were a few clearer spells in the evening amongst the fast moving clouds moving further east. Tomorrow may be drier with some sunny spells before another front arrives on Friday followed slightly cooler, possibly drier weather for the weekend with a few sunny spells.

8th November:

Some pleasant spells of autumnal sunshine and many patches of clear skies earlier today with just a few clouds blowing over at times. Temperatures still milder than the first few days of the month although it felt chilly in the wind at times. Cloud cover increased in the evening with less clear spells, now mostly overcast with the orange glow of the city and quite calm too before the next front arrives.

9th November:

After the frontal rainfall this morning, the rain eased but skies remainded quite cloudy into the early afternoon before more clear patches developed in the afternoon but there were also a few showers too. Right now there are patches of clear skies and cloud cover, largely calm. Cool, dry and possibly sunny weekend before a more unsettled start to next week.

10th November:

Throughout much of this morning and into the afternoon, it was a fairly overcast and grey day with some light/rain drizzle at times. Quite uninspiring and it seemed really dark early in the afternoon. However things thankfully did clear up later in the afternoon and the evening with a lovely clear, autumn evening/night's sky with wonderful stars insight with some scattered areas of cloud cover. A calm night right now with the temperature at Glasgow airport at 0C, some mist here and a half-clear skies.

11th November:

It was quite bright earlier in the morning with temperatures of 3C but skies were mostly grey until later in the afternoon when some clear skies developed as dusk approched. With a front coming in from the west tomorrow should start off wet.

12th November:

After a low of 2C in the early hours, the depression brought much milder, atlantic weather with cloudy skies all day and plenty of wet weather in the morning. Mildest day of the month with a high of 13C, tomorrow should also be mild with further rainfall in the coming days. The outlook for November is uncertain but should be fun to follow and GFS 18z shows perhaps the start of the big freeze 2013....??!!

13th November:

Grey, dull and damp day which made things even darker earlier in the afternoon. Very mild too with maximum temperature of 14C. Tomorrow also looking damp, grey and mild too and after that things are looking changeable but I'm really looking forward to what's yet to come this month as the models are catching attention and should continue to do so - I'm intruiged to see which sort of synoptics evolve in the runs during the coming days and weeks. With a bit of luck we should be in a very good position to start the winter off.

14th November:

Another mild, grey, overcast and wet day with some unpleasant conditions to be out in earlier but the rain did ease for periods but conditions remained damp into the afternoon and skies mostly overcast since. However right now it is foggy but looking up I can however see a star so it could be a little clearer. Tomorrow however is looking like a murky sort of a day.

15th November:

Quite dense fog during the early morning and visibility remained poor into the afternoon. An entirely grey, dull quite murky and dreich day with some unpleasant conditions with periods of rainfall with wet conditions throughout. After a chilly start temperatures got milder later maxing at 10C. I think the rain has stopped here for now and possibly some rain tomorrow but I think there could be brighter and colder weather for the weekend and possibly some wintry showers in a polar westerly flow but it would be marginal for this part of Scotland. Staying unsettled a bit beyond with low pressure close to the British Isles and high pressure further east but there are signs of developments which could lead to blocking - certainty a period of transition is developing later on the model runs.

16th November:

Grey all day and wet too at times - a bit drier now. Tomorrow should be a sunnier, cooler day with some showers - hopefully wintry.

17th November:

A lovely sunny start with some light rain and a hail shower in the morning. Shower activity increased in the afternoon with some heavy showers and fewer clear spells. During a drive around the Campsies there was some sleet around Fintry and also some bits of sleety rain in Lennoxtown and Bearsden. The temperature had dropped to around 3C. With less shower than earlier, skies are clear and conditions are calm.

18th November:

A nice sunny November's day. Went for a walk in the afternoon and it felt very cold with largely clear skies as the sun began to set. A few showers at around 3pm with a bit of hail. Since then, cloud cover has increased throughout the evening - the signs of change to what is looking like a mild, wet and classic autumnal affair this coming week.

19th November:

Very mild today with a maximum of 13C and very heavy rain and unpleasant conditions in the morning with flooding across parts of Scotland. There was a little brightness in the afternoon as the rain eased but skies have remained mostly cloudy.

20th November:

A mild day with southerly winds. The morning was cloudy but there was some pleasant sunshine and clear spells during the afternoon and early evening, a pleasant sunset and dusk and a good view of the moon too with a largely clear sky. Now it's more overcast.

21st November:

It felt cooler today, but it was a lovely day. Particulary lunchtime and afternoon in what was fantastic, clear sunny and calm November weather as the sun stes earlier and the moon comes out earlier too. Some lovely looking scenes and skies. It was a great night sky after dusk, but a front moving in from the west - set to bring rain tomorrow - has led to increased cloud cover here. But, northern blocking could return in 7 days time, with some fantastic charts today - shades of November 2010, very exciting but need more runs!!!

22nd November:

Severe, wet and windy = unpleasant conditions for many parts of the UK today. An incredible squall at 7am with very heavy rain, winds too, loss of tv signal it fel like the world was ending and everybody here noticed it. Thereafter, it was cloudy with spells of steady rain throughout the day feeling chilly but max of 11C. Showery and a little cooler weather in the next few days. Nothern blocking likely to set-up and a cooler/colder period next week but at this stage, of course, there is a lot of variability regarding the details of the cold spell but the potential remains, as I've said we are in very interesting and exciting times to start winter.

23rd November:

A cooler and fresher day today with plenty of showers and intervals of clear skies and sunshine and clouds in the westerly wind. But generally clear spells developing during the evening and now it's mostly clear other than a few clouds passing over and there is a moon, that was visible in the sky since the afternoon. Regarding the cold spell later next week, the blocking pattern is there, however the details of the blocking and the weather associated with it at this stage aren't at all clear but it's exciting to follow and the scenario we are in now is a good one to start of December. I wonder what the coming days will bring with regards to the development of mapping out the details of the cold spell. It's early but exciting times on the winter rollercoster.

24th November:

Coldest day of the autumn and coldest since February. At 11pm, the temperature at Glasgow airport has reached it's maximum of 4C - could be the first sub 5C day of the season but that needs to be confirmed. Another air frost this morning with a low of -1C, ice on the cars and the temperature was at 2/3C throughout the day. A calm day too, with thin cloud cover during the afternoon after a sunny start. But now it's raining as a big system is moving northwards so tomorrow should also be wet, cloudy here. Colder spell is coming, details are far from being clear, a few models showing some spectactular charts. Trend for northern blocking also in place, to end the month and start December. It's far from clear, but it is interesting and hopefully as details become clearer we'll be rewarded with fantastic winter weather.

25th November:

Started off wet and raw, before skies cleared in the afternoon and it was a lovely, cold, clear and starry evening with fog patches developing later. Maximum temperatures of 6C and temperature dropped to -1C at 11pm. With the floods in England, this week is looking better with drier conditions with winds turning to a northerly after the last of the wet conditions tomorrow - but it looks like we'll have a cold end to November with seasonal conditions which I'm looking forward to. We'll have to wait longer to have a clearer idea regarding synoptics - quite volatile variations - blocking is a certainty but the details regarding the nature of the blocking and the weather associated with it are very unclear, but day by day we should be gaining a clearer idea. Great times for model watching and for following the weather. Plenty of potential regarding the weather that could be ahead of us -we should find out a lot more during this week and I'm looking forward to the weather this week and following how things evolve. Very foggy outside and cold - great late November night.

26th November:

After a low of -1C, there was thin cloud cover during the morning which broke up in the afternoon to leave a pleasant sunset with the fantastic colour of the sky with the blend of the blue clear sky and the red on the scattered clouds reflecting the light from the setting sun. Right now the sky is half clear/cloudy but the moon is visible through the thin clouds - calm with temperatures of 5C. I'm looking forward to some pleasant and seasonal weather during the rest of the week with potentially the coldest day of the season so far - possibly the coldest this year. As I tend to enjoy the weather for what it is, I particulary love cold, crisp weather at this time of year but it would be fantastic to have some snow to top it off, perhaps during the coming days as the model begin to have a grasp on the outlook later this week then perhaps there could be a brief taste of something wintry. The model rollercoaster and see-saw continues but it's looking like a generally cool/cold outlook (for Scotland at least) regardless of whether it's zonal or blocked and the potential for further blocking througout December which is a pretty good place to be - it should be interesting to see what sort of weather we get and what the developments regarding the stratosphere and the NH are during December. You never know, we could well be in a big freeze come Christmas with it a bit of luck (hopefully we'll have more solid blocking firmly over Greenland rather than having a block that's under pressure from the jet stream) and with yet more potential for later on in the winter. We are in a much more promising position than we were last year - having said that last December was very good for wintry weather here in Glasgow.

27th November:

A lovely crisp, sunny winter's day with a fantastic colour to everything with the sun so low in the sky. Absolutely fantastic looking sky this afternoon as the sun sets, and the dusk was breathtaking with an incredible orange glow looking south west on the horzion - totally clear, cold looking skies as the night's draw in with only a few thin strips of cloud on the horzion as the city begins to light up during the rush hour. Temperature dropped to 0C this evening with the 20th air frost day at Glasgow airport this autumn. Temperature has risen now to 3C before midnight, a clear night other than a few clouds and a fantastic starry sky and a great moon. It's feeling like winter again. A cold week coming up, the weather during the next few days is looking nice with possibly the first ice day of the year on Thursday according to the BBC and maybe a little snow for the weekend. But considering how we are in a particulary tricky period for forecasting - even at a short-range- many details will change but this is making for an enjoyable and interesting week for following the weather and the models. At the moment it seems likely that for the first part of December there could be a cold pool to our east, and favourable background signals for blocking so there's a lot to look forward to into December on the model front and on the weather front.

28th November:

Stunning winter's day, sunshine and great colours in the afternoon and evening as the sun sets, a wonderful reflection the landscape and the clouds and the tones in the clear sky are amazing at dusk as the stars and the moon come out early. Very cold this morning with low of -3C, high of 5C and frost remained all day in sheltered spots. Currently -4C which is the coldest it has been all season - I wonder how low it will go. A fantastic, calm, clear cold night. The next few days are looking good with the possibility of perhaps some snow on Friday and during the weekend.

29th November:

Very cold this morning with -5C reached for the first time this season and the coldest temperature for this date in my lifetime. Another great winter's day with cold, crisp, calm and clear conditions and maximum temperature at Glasgow airport was 3C - now back down to 0C. A harsh frost with a very cold morning, everything white and the frost lingered very well in places all day. Some cloud cover in the afternoon and evening with a few clear patches, temperature hovering at -1/0C but right now there are a few clear spells and I can see the fantastic stars. Cold, -2C and another cold night on the cards. Tomorrow and the weekend should be cold to finish November and start December. There could be some snow for some, even here in Glasgow tomorrow and maybe even some wintryness on Sunday. A fantastic end to November and start to winter, very seasonal, wonderful winter weather.

30th November:

Last update of what has been an enjoyable and a cold autumn 2012. Another very cold morning with a low -5C with another great, quite hard frost. The view this morning was umbeliavable as the sun was barely above the horizon, a red sky in the morning as the sun rose, a fantastic slight mist in some of the valleys and the entire landscape looking frozen. Frost lingered into the afternoon and in some shaded areas the lingering frost looking more like a covering of snow. Wonderful sunshine and blue skies later in the morning and into the afternoon but cloud cover increased in the afternoon with a front moving southward. This evening the temperature was at 1/2C (2C the maximum temperature and the joint coldest high of 2012) and there was heavy cold rain and very cold air making incredibly raw conditions. It was so cold that a kind of steam/mist was rising off objects. Snow flurries this morning in the east and this front has brought some accumiltions up to 3C in a few places in south eastern Scotland snow showers are following behind in the north east. But for the start of winter, I imagine that ice will be a very big hazard. Looking outside, it's clearer with some scattered clouds and I can see the stars in the clear patches - calm. An interesting way to end autumn 2012. Next - Winter 2012/2013.
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