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Week Off Work

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Yeeeaaaahhhhh, I now have a week off work - as you can imagine, I am rejoicing at this fact! (sorry Matt for rubbing it in somewhat!) :) Anyway, we have a couple of things planned (as long as its dry) like a visit to Dymchurch, (beach on the Kent coast) a local Farm and Howletts Zoo. We are also planning on getting mini-raven's school shoes and coat ready for 12th September (eeekk!) and collect her new school 'sweat shirt' (bring back the blouse and tie! )Before 7/7 and 21/7 we were also looking at a trip or 2 to London. (Hamleys being the first choice) and possibly a museum or something? Now, these things require either taking a tube/bus after travelling on an overhead train to Charring Cross. We have looked into driving into the centre of London (happy to pay the £5 congension charge, but not happy to pay the £8 (on average) per hour parking charge (if we are lucky enough to find a parking space) I know that the chances of something happening is minute, but I am not willing to place mini-raven's life at risk unessessarily. (crap spelling - will be one of those words I will be unable to spell until death) Can anyone out there think of any other day trips we could take next week? (if it desides to pour down with rain?)

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When I was last down in your area we went to an old house where a chap collected stuffed animals. No just little things but massive tigers etc :blink:

It would not be very PC today but really fasinating for little ones :D

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well, looks like (so far - but things could change!) we are in for some nice sunny warm weather next week, so should be no problem keeping mini-raven entertained with some days out! (better get a loan from the bank to pay all the entrance fees though :rolleyes: )

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