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4th August Through The Ages

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Severe Blizzard


Heavy overnight rain, from slow moving shallow depression near S.W. areas, was preceded by downpours in Cornwall and Devon. There were rumours of holidaymakers making a 'massed exodus' out of Teignmouth the previous (Friday) evening. 29.5 mm rain fell at Fleet.

A vigorous depression brings some very unsummer-like weather in a return to poor summer weather after a reasonable July. 14.5 mm fell at Fleet but totals were much higher in local areas such as Alton, Hants, where orographic factors contributed to the heavy rain. An amateur radio caller was talking about 'horizontal rain' in South Wales during this Sunday morning.

Last day of 30 deg.C+ heat at Fleet. Max. temp. was 34 deg.C. Return from Cornwall holiday on that Saturday evening. Internal walls in the upstairs of the house were hot from the heat, not just the walls adjoining external walls. Much heat stored up.

A very warm night. Min. temp. 20.2 deg.C at Guildford. Some impressive lightning overnight, especially before 0200. Very little rain.

Thundery showers in evening after the thundery frontal weather positioned over S.W. England since Saturday 2nd starts to move north and east. A friend flying into Gatwick airport reported lightning flashing in clouds below the plane when approaching the south coast. This suggests altocumulus castellanus medium level instability. The showers were very localised with 4 mm rain at Fleet but only a few spots at Guildford.

Guildford: Moderate / heavy rain 1845~2150 GMT. Thunder 2045 & 2108 GMT. Torrential rain 2131~2134 GMT. 15.5 mm rainfall.

Guildford: Cb with dark base encroaching from N.W. from 1330. Surface wind direction was light S.W. Heavy thundery showers, with some very heavy rain from 1425 to 1503. Squally wind at times. In greater detail: Thunder approaching at 1425 with continued moderate thunder at 1428,1429,1431,1432, [i]1432[/i], 1433, 1435, 1437, 1440, 1441, 1442, 1444, 1447, 1453, 1455, 1457, [i]lightning only – horizontal blue CC fork to S.E. 1501[/i], 1503. [i]Lightning observations in italics. [/i]Heavy bursts of rain at 1426~1429, 1430~1433, 1434~1436 and large droplets at 1441~1442. Surface wind was north at 1455 and remained N.W. in the wake of the cold front. 2.5 mm rainfall. This was only the [u]second[/u] thunder event of 2010 here - another extremely poor year, like 2011 and 2012, but with much more of the country also receiving less thunder unlike in 2012 when it seems local areas are apt to miss all the events.
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