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The Days Of May...

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So then, Spring, the majority of the nations favorite season (I think!) it brings out the new insects, new leaves its all NEW NEW NEW! :D. We all have a secret love for spring, mainly becuase of all the new things and the house martins come back. But what I love about spring is the trees. I am a weather-lore lover, and I have been looking at the trees in my garden and going by the olde saying:-

Oak before Ash we will have a splash
Ash before Oak we will have a soak

There's just something about that saying that really interests me. I know its only a weather saying but hopefully we will get some form of heatwave and not 2 days of heat and rain. I have seen alot more insects than last year and those of you who follow the forum will know that I am quite interested in keeping bee's (ingenious creatures!). But that is still something that is being discussed with the parents!

Anyway, Now armed with my two monitors (one for radar watching and one for communicating in severe weather events) I am ready for anything...so on that note....

[size=6][color=#ff0000]BRING ON WINTER![/color][/size]


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