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Well today was the dreaded scan on my kidney :o Good news is that it's not too bad at the moment. I can't remember the official term but basically it's not got a huge black hole in the middle of it :) as it used to have.Bad news is that the "pelvis"? area of the kidney is starting to show signs of hydro nephrosis (sp) so they are going to have to keep a close eye on things :D Plus point was that she had a quick scan of MiniLoo and he was either having a bit of a boogie, thrashing his arms about or was trying to punch the Radiographer's lights out for waking him up :) I will try to scan in the picture tomorrow for those who like that kind of thing ;) I must admit I did say "awww" when he looked like he was sucking his thumb :)

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Glad to hear the scan went well Katie...

I am one of those people who love to see scan photos and such like (as favourite NW Auntie, I'm sure you'd have guessed that) so I look forward to seeing all your piccies! :)

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