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Spring 2012 Forecast

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A Winter's Tale


[u][b][u][u]CSS Spring Forecast 2012[/u][/u][/b][/u]


With Winter being many Atlantic dominated with a persistent Azores High, I believe that a very interesting Spring is on the cards. I believe that March will start of Atlantic Dominated but I do believe that we will see it become quieter - I believe that his could result in a mixture of cold and warm spells for March and April with plenty of sunshine and increasing the risk of drought although showers may still be possible in the NW. I believe, usually, we'd atleast expect a decent warm spell between Mid April and Mid June so I'm confident that May will see periods of warmth, sunshine and potential thundery breakdowns but it's a question of whether May would continue being generally warm and dry or will the Atlantic return bring wet conditions but with a possibility for cool, showery conditions. I believe that this Spring will be pivotal in the summer that we get - particulary April and May so a warm theme of May well carry on into June but eventually the Atlantic may return leading to poor periods in summer.


March is set to start of a wet, windy, unsettled and mild not with some sunny, showery spells between fronts. However as we progress through the month, I expect there to be an increase in northerly outbreaks and potential easterlies as we see height rises return either over Iceland or Greenland. This would mean that the jet stream will move south for periods resulting in spells that include northerlies with snow showers to the north but generally sunny conditions, however the Atlantic will intervene at times. Towards the final third of the month, I expect to see some warmer days mixed in with the northerlies, fronts and a continued sunny flavour.

[color=#FF0000]Generally incaccurate - Wet, windy, unsettled start is quite accurate with some sunny, showery spells and fronts also accurate. However my referrence to northerlies isn't accurate. However a hint at warmer days at the end is quite accurate.[/color]


I expect April to start on a showery note with westerly winds, these generally cool but there may be the odd warmer day thrown in. However, eventually I see winds turning to more of a northerly setting up and cool-cold early-middle part of the month with a continued risk of snow to the north. Following this, I expect a return to fronts from the west breaking up long, periods of generally sunny conditions with a mixture of settled to showery, cool to warm. During the final part of the month, I expect temperatures to be on rise and more undisturbed periods of sunshine.

[color=#FF0000]Accurate - My forecast of showery, cool, northerlies, snow, fronts, showery is accurate although a warmer end and some other details aren't perfect. [/color]


I expect the very early stages of May to see sunny, but pleasant to warm temperatures with the odd cool night as the April shower regime begins to fade out. As we progress, we'll see an increase in temperatures but there may be the odd front to break up seperate periods of sunshine and warmth. Towards the middle of the month, I expect the Atlantic to return and subsequently there may initially be some thundery conditions. Following this we may see a period with low pressure systems crossing over the UK bringing rain, but clearing quickly to introduce cooler but sunny conditions with the threat of wintryness on the northern hills. There may also be the odd day thrown in. This shouldn't last too long as to finish off the month, I expect a trend for a return to sunnier conditions with warmth but these periods may be regular - but short lived.

[color=#FF0000]Not Wrong but Not Accurate - The very early stages of pleasant-warm temps is relatively accurate, an increase of temperatures is wrong, but the return of the Atlantic, wintryness on hills, low pressure and cool is correct. The warm end to the month is also accurate.[/color]

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